Elden Ring Multiplayer Co-op Guide: How to Play with Friends

One of the fun features of Elden Ring is co-op multiplayer gameplay with friends. It makes the journey through the Lands Between a fun experience, allowing players to help each other in conquering enemies. However, multiplayer in Elden Ring works differently than other online titles, requiring players to fulfill specific steps. Unfortunately, these steps can confuse a newcomer to the game who wants to co-op with their friends. This article aims to make the process simpler, covering the steps for multiplayer co-op in Elden Ring.

How Does Multiplayer Co-Op Work in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring’s multiplayer co-op follows the fundamentals of every other multiplayer co-op title currently available. What separates it from the other games is the way it works. Since the time of Dark Souls, the co-op in games by FromSoftware has always been tied to the storyline of that particular game.

Elden Ring Co-Op (Image via Xbox Wire)

Activating co-op in an area requires players to interact with the Effigy of the Martyr. Doing so enables the multiplayer functionality, allowing you to summon other players or friends. Yes, one of the unique features of Elden Ring is the ability to play co-op with anyone playing the game.

With the usage of a few items and following some steps, players need to make themselves discoverable and can then summon others in their game. You all can then work together to vanquish boss fights.

Prerequisites for Multiplayer Co-Op in Elden Ring

To perform co-op, players need to complete and follow a few steps in Elden Ring before calling in other players and their friends.

Ensure The Effigy of the Martyr is Activated

The Effigies of the Martyr are statues usually found near a Site of Grace in various areas. These statues allow players to activate the multiplayer in a particular zone and even at the start of a discovered dungeon. Once activated, players can drop the cooperative or competitive sign, and other players can interact with it to commence multiplayer gameplay. It also helps players looking for multiplayer to get summoned into a world with the statues activated.

An Effigy of the Martyr

Using a Furlcalling Finger Remedy

Once an Effigy of the Martyr is Activated, use a Furlcalling Finger Remedy from items. Furlcalling Finger Remedy allows players to discover all the golden or red signs dropped by the players in an area, letting them either call in the person for co-op (through a golden sign) or play PvP encounters (through a red sign).

Furlcalling Finger Remedy

Crafting a Furlcalling Finger Remedy is simple. Players need to collect Erdleaf flowers found blooming all around the map. Once collected, players need to visit their crafting and craft the item and the number they require. Do keep in mind that one Furlcalling Finger Remedy is used for each co-op encounter. So, if a player dies during co-op, they use another Furlcalling Finger Remedy after respawning to make the signs discoverable to themselves.

Tarnished’s Furled Finger and Small Golden Effigy

Tarnished’s Furled Finger is a co-op item used in Elden Ring for players to play beside each other. Without this, one player cannot join another player’s world for online play. Players will find this at the Stranded Graveyard. After waking up in this area. Exit the room through the first large door. Near the end of the hallway, interact with the dead body and receive the item.

The Small Golden Effigy is another item that players can pick up to play co-op. This item sends a summoning sign to the summoning pool of that area. Using this, however, requires a player to activate the Effigy of the Martyr. Players can find this item east of the First Step Site of Grace, near the first Effigy of the Martyr or at any Effigy of the Martyr summoning statue.

While these items work similarly, the application is quite different for them. Tarnished’s Furled Finger will allow players to call in their friend at a specific location. This requires both players to be in the exact location in an area. Small Golden Effigy allows players to send a summoning sign near the Effigy of the Martyr and is used if either of the players has not entirely discovered the area.

How to Invite Friends or Get Invited to Co-Op in Elden Ring

Once everything has been gathered, players can summon their friends through the following method.

  • First, open up the multiplayer option in the pause menu. Ensure that cross-region play is enabled under the Online option in the settings if your friend lives in a different region.
  • Enter the multiplayer option in the pause menu. Once here, press Y on Xbox Controller, Triangle on the PlayStation controller, and right-click on a mouse and select the Y option to enter the password menu.
  • Inside the password menu, set a password for the multiplayer session. Remember that both players need the same password to invite each other for co-op.

Once the player follows the above step, there are two ways in which they can summon their friends for co-op.

If Both the Players Have Discovered The Entire Area

  • Head to a particular place on the map in an area and ask your friend to reach that place. Make sure the Effigy of the Martyr is activated in that area.
  • Drop a sign using Tarnished’s Furled Finger. Doing so will make the dropped sign discoverable to the other player using the same online password.
  • The other player uses a Furlcalling Finger Remedy to make the sign discoverable to them.
  • The other player interacts with the sign, which will teleport the player for co-op.
  • Both players can now explore the area until one of the players dies and finish a boss fight.

If Either Player Have Not Discovered an Entire Area

  • First, activate an Effigy of the Martyr at the beginning of an area. Doing so opens up the summoning pool in that entire place.
  • Once done, use the Small Golden Effigy to drop a summoning sign near the effigy statue.
  • The other player has to activate their Effigy of the Martyr and use a Furlcalling Finger Remedy to make the signs discoverable.
  • The other player interacts with the correct summon sign, teleporting themselves for co-op.
  • The players can now explore and participate in boss fights together until the area boss is toppled or one of the two-player dies.

Following the above steps should allow players to try co-op in Elden Ring. While you are here, we recommend you check out the best Elden Ring classes and the best weapons in Elden Ring as well.

How to Co-Op with Random Players in Elden Ring

If players want to help out random travelers of the game at their hardest times, they need to follow the following steps

  • Ensure no multiplayer password is set in the game. If there is one, remove it by going to the multiplayer menu.
  • Once done, activate an Effigy of the Martyr statue in a region of the map or at the beginning of a dungeon.
  • Use the Small Golden Effigy to drop a summoning sign near the Effigy of the Martyr statue and wait near it.
  • If a player uses Furlcalling Finger Remedy and interacts with your sign, it will pull you into their world to perform co-op.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Players Are Allowed to Co-Op at a Time?

Like past FromSoftware titles, Elden Ring allows players, called the host, to summon a different player or their friends to aid them in their journey. At a time, three players can join a game and take part in co-op. The activities range from partaking in PvP against other players, tackling boss fights, and clearing out whole areas.

Is the Multiplayer Co-Op Crossplayable

No. Multiplayer and co-op in Elden Ring are entirely system specific. Hence, every player who wants to co-op with each other has to be on the same system and not on separate systems. So, PC players cannot co-op with console players and vice-versa.

For How Long Do I Co-Op in Elden Ring

Co-Op in the game lasts as long as players explore a particular area together, till they defeat the area boss or until one of the two players dies. The second a player leaves the area boundaries or dies, the game ends the co-op play.

Can I Use Mounts During Co-Op?

No. While playing multiplayer with another player, the game does not allow the usage of mounts until one of the players leaves for their world and ends the co-op session.

Does Progression Carry Over for a Visiting Player in Co-Op Gameplay?

The progression does not carry over for a visiting player during co-op gameplay. So, if one player helps their friend to defeat a boss but has not killed the same boss in their own game, it won’t progress their savefile. Once the multiplayer ends, they will have to kill the boss in their world.

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