EA’s Largest Team Ever Working on the next Battlefield Game

EA Battlefield 2042
In Short
  • As per the latest EA quarterly financial earnings call, EA boss Andrew Wilson recently got to play some of the Battlefield projects in development.
  • Based on his play time, he is positive about the work being done, claiming them to be great live service.
  • The EA Battlefield team comprises DICE, Criterion Games, Ripple Effect, and EA Motive. They create single- and multiplayer experiences.

DICE and EA’s Battlefield franchise has flopped quite substantially in recent years. When Battlefield 2042 launched, the game was critically panned for its problems. After years of post-launch development, the game is in a better state. However, it still lacks the sauce that makes a Battlefield game what it is. From the recent news shared by EA, it now seems the next Battlefield game plans to rectify the mistakes of 2042.

In the recent EA Games quarterly financial earnings call, the company boss, Andrew Wilson, claimed he’d played some of the Battlefield projects currently in development. From what he played, Wilson is excited about what the teams are building. He further mentioned that he recently played in a project built by the collective team, and he is positive that it is a “tremendous live service.”

This is the largest Battlefield team in franchise history. A few weeks ago, I was visiting with the teams, and I couldn’t be more excited about what they showed and what we were able to play,” Wilson said.

It is worth pointing out that EA’s primary focus is revitalizing the Battlefield franchise. The company earlier announced that EA Motive will join the larger Battlefield team to create a Battlefield universe across connected multiplayer and single-player. The Battlefield team consists of Criterion Games, DICE, and Ripple Effect.

It is clear that EA wants to fix the face-loss it had with Battlefield 2042. The disastrous launch and inconsistent communications have always caused issues for the game. While the game has been fixing most of its problems, it hasn’t gained back the lost goodwill. Hopefully, the next few projects will help revitalize the franchise to its past glory.

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