This $1200 Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Comes with Tank Tracks Instead of Wheels

Dyson 360 heurist feat.

We have seen an immense development in home appliances and one appliance that has developed at a rapid pace is the vacuum cleaner. We saw “Lucy” with integrated AI, and now Dyson has come with their own tank…literally! The Dyson 360 Heurist comes equipped with actual tank tracks instead of standard wheels.

Dyson, who recently entered the beauty market with the Dyson AirWrap curler and the Corrale straightener, originally is known for its vacuum cleaners and air purifiers. Are they wallet-destroying products? Sure. But are they good products? Absolutely. We have tried the Dyson V11 in the past and we just loved it. And giving tank tracks to a vacuum cleaner is a thing that only Dyson can do.

What the Tracks!

According to the company, the tank tracks that are attached at the bottom of the 360 Heurist instead of wheels, provide better mobility in tough terrains. The real tanks also have these types of treads as it provides much better mobility in any terrain.

Dyson says that these tracks allow the vacuum cleaner to easily march on tough terrains like a multi-layered carpet or any type of curbs in the house. If you are thinking about the 360 Heurist falling down from stairs, then stop. It comes with two drop sensors that prevent the Heurist to stumble down from atop.

Apart from these unique tracks, the Dyson vacuum cleaner comes equipped with a huge amount of tech. It has quad-core silicon chip inside to control all the CPU functions, it has a LED-lit 360-degree camera for better night vision, it has 10GB of memory to store information and so much more. Now, however awesome the specs might be, it cannot beat the tank tracks. Just imagine the look on the faces of your guests when you tell them that your vacuum cleaner has actual tank tracks!

As expected, the Dyson 360 Heurist comes with an expensive price tag of $1,199 (~Rs 90,150) and is only available in Canada, China and Japan. You can check it out on the official website of Dyson Canada.

Also, let us know about your thoughts on the appliance down in the comments. Would you buy a robot vacuum cleaner with tank treads instead of wheels?

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