Dragon’s Dogma 2 Nameless Village Quest Guide

In Short
  • To start the Nameless Village quest, talk to Brant at night at the Vernworth tavern and select the false Sovran option.
  • Take the forest route on the east of Vernworth and locate the Nameless Village. Now find the Old Noble Manor, speak to Flaude and find the ladder to finish the puzzle.
  • Finally, ask Srail about the decoy Sovran and Darragh, then report back to Brant to complete the mission.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 comes with a plethora of quests that are, most of the time, quite simple to complete. However, then there are some that require players to do some digging. One such quest is ‘The Nameless Village,” a mission that appears once you enter Vernworth. While there’s a lot of mystery that surrounds this village, the rewards of finishing the quest are well worth the trouble. Thankfully, we have made your job easier. So keep reading and follow along as we show you how to do the Nameless village quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

1. Take up the Sovran Mission

Before you can wander into the wild to find the Nameless Village, you will have to take up a quest from Captain Brant. To do so, first, go to the tavern at Vernworth at night. Talk to Brant and ask about the false Sovran. Then, select the Agree to investigate option. Keep in mind that he will give you different quests during the day.

  • Talk to Brant at night
  • Agree to Investigate

2. Find the Nameless Village

Once you accept the quest, you will see a marker on your map to the Nameless Village. Finding the village is a bit of a struggle. While there can be multiple ways about it, I found a quick detour. To do so, walk towards the marker on your map. You will encounter a road blocked by boulders.

Minotaur Forest Detour

Now, go further south, and you will end up in a green forest. Remember to rush through this place soon, or you will be destroyed by a huge Minotaur and its minions. Find a narrow lane in the forest leading to the Nameless Village. If you’re still confused, check the image above for help.

3. Complete the Quest

Once you are in the village, you will have to do certain tasks to complete the quest. Follow the steps below to do so:

  • First, go to the Old Noble Manor and Talk to Flaude. The manor will be in the north of the village.
  • From the options that appear, ask him about the false Sovran, Arthur.
  • Once you’ve done this, leave the Old Noble Manor and look on the left for a ladder.
  • Below that, you must complete a small obstacle puzzle to find Srail. These will be platforming puzzles so be prepared to jump quite a lot.
  • After that, ask him about the decoy Sovran, and finally, Ask about Darragh.
  • Talk to Flaude in Nameless Village
  • Nameless Village Ladder behind Old Manor
  • Talk to Srail in the Nameless Village
  • Ask About Darragh

4. Report Back to Brant

  • Talk to Brandt after Nameless Village event
  • Deliver the Bill to Brandt

Once you are done, return to Vernworth and find Captain Brant in the tavern. Interact with him and choose the false Sovran option again. Now, hand him over the Bill of Arrest to complete the Nameless Village Quest. This quest will reward you with valuable rewards for the Thief vocation, so if you selected Thief as your early-game vocation, you will be pleased.

That is how you can complete the Nameless Village quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2. If you are facing any issues, ask away in the comments below.

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