MSCHF Box feat.

This Company is Offering $1000 to Not Open a Mystery Box

You can get a Tesla Cybertruck or a chewed piece of gum inside!

MSCHF Box feat.

Mystery boxes have emerged with the evolution of internet markets. You can get a box of this sort from internet merchants such as Amazon, Wish or eBay. These boxes can contain just about anything and you may or may not get your money’s worth. However, a company named MSCHF recently launched a mystery box that follows the same concept, but with an unexpected twist.

MSCHF is a company that deals with trendy internet stuff. Remember the Nike “Jesus Shoes” that was filled with holy water from the Jordan River and cost $3000? Those shoes were made by these guys. It is a Brooklyn-based creative company that likes to have some fun with its customers.

So, coming back to these mystery boxes, they can contain just about anything, ranging from items worth $0-$7000. You could get a Louise Vuitton bag or a chewed piece of gum, depending on your luck! However, remember the “twist” I talked about before? Well, the “twist” is that each of these boxes cost $100. Now, the chance of getting a Louise Vuitton bag is 0.1%, whereas the chance of getting that chewed piece of gum is 2%. But, you redeem the cost of the box and gain some more cash by not opening the box! Yes, you read that right.

The company claims that if you can hold your curiosity for 100 days, you can return the unopened box and they will give you $1000! According to the company, the value of the box appreciates by $10 each day. So after 100 days of receiving the box, you will reach “payday”. You can send the box back to the given address to get your $1000. You can also text “$?” to the given number after receiving the box to check how much your box has appreciated in value. The MSCHF Mystery Box will be dropping on February 25.

mschf item list

Personally speaking, if I get my hands on one such box, I would rush down to the nearest subway station or the airport to use their X-Ray scanner. Then I will decide if I should open the box or wait for my $1000.

If you want to check out the list of items that you can get inside the box, head here.

So, are you gonna take your chances by opening the box? Or are you gonna wait for your box to appreciate in value? Let us know down in the comments!


  1. Did the company two days ago they capitalized the message and said that they never ever are going to do it again LOL

  2. I think this is such a cool idea for a mystery box. I’m not sure what I would do if I got one but I would love to find out. keep up the awesome work and please send me one

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