David Corenswet’s New Superman Suit Revealed Officially and Fans Aren’t Happy

David Corenswet's New Superman Suit Revealed and People Are Not Exactly Happy
Image Courtesy: Twitter/DC

Since the announcement of David Corenswet being cast as Superman was made, people wanted to take a look at how he would look in the Superman suit. However, his final look for the movie was kept under a deep cover but that has been changed since James Gunn and DC Studios have finally revealed the first look of David Corenswet as Superman in his new Superman suit. Now, the good part is the reveal but the bad part is, that people are not exactly happy with the look.

Now as you can see David Coresnwet indeed looks good in the suit but according to netizens, the quality of the suit seems to be pretty downgraded. The biggest problem here is that if you look at the Superman symbol on David’s chest, it looks as if the suit is kinda baggy. The design seems to be heavily inspired by The New 52 Superman Suit and the suit we see in the My Adventures With Superman animated show.

While most people are happy with how David looks in the suit, some people are heavily criticizing it. Some even called this suit to be AI-generated to which, James Gunn had to comment on his Instagram post to clarify that it indeed is a camera-taken picture.

One X user commented under DC’s official post, “Is this supposed to look like bad AI?” while another said, “It looks like the suit doesn’t even fit him. It looks baggy.

Another factor in play here could be people’s unwillingness to accept a new actor as Superman.

Whatever the reason could be, as far as I feel, it does not look that bad and since this is just the first image of it, there’s a possibility that James Gunn might just fix the new Superman suit based on how people responded.

What is your point of view on this? Do let me know in the comments!

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