Creature Commandos Cast: All Voice Actors in the DC Series

In Short
  • Creature Commandos is set to be the first release of 2024 by DCU.
  • Frank Grillo will make a shift from MCU to DCU in the role of Rick Flag Sr.
  • The Official Release Date for Creature Commandos has not yet been revealed by DCU or James Gunn.

DCU’s Creature Commandos is going to make a debut as the first Superhero team from DC. After Zack Snyder’s Justice League. If we talk about the cast of Creature Commandos for the voices of the animated characters, James Gunn has presented a pretty diverse and interesting cast. On top of that, the best thing about the new DCU is that the voice actors are going to be the actors who portray their respective characters in live-action as well. So, in this article, find out all we need to know about the Creature Commandos cast.

1. Frank Grillo (Rick Flag Sr.)

Frank Grillo-Rick Flag Sr.
Source: IMDb

Rick Flag Senior is the father of the Rick Flag whom we saw in Suicide Squad. Frank Grillo will join the Creature Commandos cast playing the highly decorated military veteran who was the leader of The Suicide Squadron during World War 2. Eventually, in this series when Project M will be introduced and the creature commandos will successfully be created, he will be made in charge of the unit and will take command of the Creature Commandos under Amanda Wallers.

2. Sean Gunn (Weasel)

Sean Gunn- Weasel
Source: IMDb

The origin of the Weasel is currently unknown but it will be explored in the Creature Commandos series. Sean Gunn will be voicing the Weasel. It is a sentient rodent who was accused of the death of 27 children in his lifetime before being captured and was later forcibly made a part of the Suicide Squad. It seems that in this series he is going to join the Creature Commandos as well.

3. Maria Bakalova (Princess Ilana Rostovic)

Maria Bakalova- Princess Ilana Rostovic
Source: IMDb

This character was not exactly a part of the Creature Commandos comic series. She is an original character created for the series. Maria Bakalova will join the Creature Commandos Cast as Princess Ilana Rostovic. However, we did not see her in any of the concept art of the upcoming series, she could turn out to be a character the Creature Commandoes bump into at some point.

Since the first issue of the Creature Commandos comic series was based on their mission on Dinosaur Island and the upcoming animated series is also based on the comic run of Creature Commandos, we might get to see her appear as their first rescue mission and after that, she may stick around with them. Who knows.

4. Indira Varma (The Bride)

Indira Varma- The Bride
Source: IMDb

Played by Indira Verma, The Bride was created to be a companion to Frankenstein who initially, rejected him and roamed the Earth as a free being. She, later on, joined S.H.A.D.E. along with Frankenstein in the “Monster Squad” and further joined the Creature Commandos. This origin story is based on DC comics and might differ from the upcoming Creature Commandos animated series.

5. Zoe Chao (Nina Mazursky)

Zoe Chao- Nina Mazursky
Source: IMDb

Nina Mazurzky was a scientist for S.H.A.D.E. who lost her daughter to a terminal illness which drove he to create the first generation of Creature Commandos but her experiment was unsuccessful creating uncontrollable creatures who ultimately had to be captured and put in a containment facility called “The Zoo”. This failure didn’t put a stop to her efforts and with the help of Ray Palmer she created a second generation of Creature Commandos and became one of them in the form of an amphibian creature.

6. Alan Tudyk (Dr. Phosphorus)

Alan Tudyk- Dr. Phosphorus
Source: IMDb

Diving deeper into the DC universe, Alan Tudyk will be playing Doctor Phosphorus. He was originally a Batman villain who after an accident was exposed to serious radiation. he underwent a life-changing mutation that caused his skin to be always burning in literal flames. He was out for vengeance on those who caused this accident and came across Batman. However, in this series, he will be recruited in the Creature Commandos so we might get to see a slightly different origin story.

7. Steve Agee (John Economos)

Steve Agee- John Economos
Source: IMDb

John Economos is a Mission Control support staff for A.R.G.U.S. who works under Amanda Wallers. We last saw him in the latest Suicide Squad movie as well as in the Peacemaker series. We don’t exactly know what role he will be playing here but considering his previous performances, he will most probably be the logistic support for this team of Superheroes.

8. David Harbour (G.I. Robot)

David Harbour- G.I. Robot
Source: IMDb

After his breathtaking role in Stranger Things, David Harbor will be appearing as the G.I Robot in the Creature Commandos cast. G.I. Robots were initially created to support the United States Army in World War 2. The initial prototype of these robots was called the J.A.K.E. but most of them were destroyed in the war. After this, a second-generation robot called J.A.K.E. 2 was created which was autonomous in nature and became a core member of the Creature Commandos.

9. Amanda Waller (Viola Davis)

Viola Davis
Source: IMDb

We have witnessed Amanda Wallers in both the suicide squad movies as well as in Peacemaker. She was responsible for creating the suicide squad and it seems that in this animated series, she is going to be responsible for creating the Creature Commandos as well.

Where can I watch Creature Commandos?

Creature Commandos will release in 2024 on HBO Max.

What will Creature Commandos be about?

Creature Commandos will revolve around a group of military superhumans composed of a vampire, a werewolf, a Frankenstein monster, and a G.I. Robot under the command of a human leader.

Who is the leader of the Creature Commandos?

Rick Flag Sr. is the leader of the Creature Commandos.

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