How to Create Instagram Guides on iPhone and Android

Sharing fun-loving photos and videos with friends and followers on Instagram is something that I never get tired of doing. Apart from “Reels” and “Vanish Mode“, the feature that has fascinated me the most in this social networking app is the “Guides”. What makes it so interesting is the ability to let you recommend posts, places, and even products that you think your followers would love to check out. If you also find it worth giving a shot, let me show how you can create and share Instagram guides on iPhone and Android.

Create Instagram and Share Guides on iOS and Android

First things first, “Guides” is an all-new feature that has just been rolled out. So, make sure your device is fully onboard with it. If you haven’t yet update Instagram on your device, be sure to do it beforehand.

  • If you are using iPhone, fire up App Store -> Profile. Now, find Instagram and update it as usual.
  • On your Android device, head over to Google Play Store -> menu button > My apps & games. Now, locate Instagram and update it. 

What is Instagram Guides and Why It’s So Exciting?

As you may have already guessed, Instagram Guides is primarily targeted at influencers or someone who has a keen interest in recommending stuff to others. When the Facebook-owned social networking app launched this feature in early 2020 on a trial basis, it was available only for a select group of creators such as public figures, organizations, and publishers. They could use it to publish content related to mental health and well-being.

With the latest update ( 17 November 2020), Instagram has rolled out Guides for all users. Oh yes, the social networking app has also expanded its scope, allowing you to recommend not only your favorite places and posts but also products. That all being said, let’s get started!

Quick Way to Make Instagram Guide and Share It on Your Profile

  1. To begin with, launch the Instagram app on your device.

Open Instagram

2. Now, tap on the Profile tab at the bottom and then hit the “+” button at the upper right corner of the screen.

tap on the + button

3. Next, select Guides in the menu that pops up.

Select Guide in the menu

4. Next up, you have three options to choose from:

places, products, and posts

  • Places: Choose it to recommend your favorite places to your followers.
  • Products: Select it to recommend products that you think your followers would love to check out.
  • Posts: Choose it to recommend posts that you have created or saved.

Select the preferred option depending on your needs. In this test, I’m going to choose Products.

5. After that, select the desired brand and then choose the product you wish to recommend.

How to Create Instagram Guides on iPhone and Android

6. Up next, you need to write a suitable title and add a caption. Then, tap on Next at the top right corner of the screen.

Using Insta Guide

7. Finally, tap on the Share button to share the guide to your profile. If you don’t want to share it now, you can also save it as a draft.

Share Insta Guide

How to Find Instagram Guides

You can find Guides in a separate new tab on your profile. The Guides icon looks like a booklet that appears between the photo grid icon and the tagged photos icon. Besides, you can also explore Guides in the Explore tab. What’s more, you will be able to share them in your stories and in direct messages.

Check out Guides on your profile

Create and Share Instagram Guides with Ease

That’s all there is to it! It’s really fun to create and share Instagram guides with friends and followers. From what I can tell the decision to make it available to all users seems to be a good one as it offers full freedom to everyone to recommend their favorite stuff.

What do you have to say about guides? It would be great to know your thoughts about this new Instagram feature in the comments section below.

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  • Mark says:

    It would be good to be able to select from own photos so that Guide might then include your own photos not previously shared!

  • Kushagra Mehrotra says:

    They should also add an option in guides for movies & TV series. So that we can give recommendations for movies & TV series.

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