Counterfeit Xiaomi Products Worth Rs 13 Lakh Seized by Delhi Police

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Counterfeit Xiaomi products estimated to be worth over Rs. 13 lakhs were seized from four suppliers in Gaffar Market in Delhi last week as part of the company’s anti-counterfeit operations. In a press release on Friday, the Chinese tech giant said that the raids were conducted by Delhi Police following its recent complaint about the growing menace of counterfeit Xiaomi goods in the country.

According to the company, police officers from the Central District Karol Bagh Police Station seized over 2000+ fake Xiaomi products from four shop owners who were subsequently arrested for allegedly selling counterfeit Xiaomi products. The counterfeit products reportedly included a range of mobile accessories, including a few which weren’t even launched officially in India. The products include Mi Powerbanks, Mi Neckbands, Mi Travel Adaptor with Cable, Mi Earphone Basic with Mic, Mi Wireless Headsets, Redmi Air Dots and Mi 2-in-1 USB Cable, said the company.

According to Xiaomi, interrogation of the suspects revealed that the four suppliers had been selling counterfeit Xiaomi products from their shop ‘for years’. These counterfeit products were allegedly sold in retail and wholesale to the customers from their retail shops: Galaxy Mobile Accessories, BCM Plaza, Shop No. 14 – Sega Market, Shop No. 2 – Lotus Plaza, claimed the company.

With the scourge of counterfeiting increasing with every passing year, Xiaomi says buyers should look for some tell-tale signs to differentiate between the real and the fake. According to the company, some of its products, like Mi Powerbanks, carry security codes that can be checked on to identify the authenticity of the product. The company also advises buyers to pay attention to the packaging quality, which is another clear indicator of fake products.

Another interesting note is that all genuine Xiaomi products have Lithium-Polymer batteries marked as ‘Li-Poly’. “Signs like Li-ion mean that they are not Xiaomi’s”, the company said. One should also check the products themselves, because the quality of rubber, plastics and the overall fit and finish will also be a dead giveaway. Hopefully, the next time you buy a Xiaomi product offline, you’ll go through the aforementioned checklist to make sure you have a genuine product rather than a counterfeit one, which may pose a grave danger to you and your loved ones.

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