This Company Frames Disassembled Phones to Make Amazing Home Decor

Grid frames disassembled smartphones

If you clicked on this story to read it, then chances are you are a tech-geek like us here at Beebom who are into smartphones and their components. And if you really are that person, then I am sure you are going to love this company that makes creative frames, not with pictures or anything, but with disassembled smartphones. Yes, you read that right!

GRID is a unique company that has been combining technology with art by making hand-made frames, showcasing every major component of some of the few iconic smartphones of the generation. Its products include framed components of devices like the iPhone 3GS, 4S, 5, and the second-gen iPod Touch. Apart from these Apple devices, they also sell component-frames of the Blackberry Bold 9000 and the Nokia E71.

Grid frames disassembled smartphonesNow, coming to the products, each of the frames has a unique design as each of them contains parts of a particular smartphone. The list of components includes internal parts like the headphone sockets, the motherboard, the camera modules as well as external parts like the front and the back covers of the devices. Each of the internal components is labeled for admirers to recognize them on the canvas.

However, it is worth mentioning that as the company disassembles old smartphones, expect to see a few scratches here and there. Although the creators say that they “have already screened out the best ones [devices] for mounting”, they might have signs of general wear and tear. So, GRID recommends proceeding cautiously.

So, if you love retro smartphones and want to display one of these in your living room, then do check out GRID’s collection on its official website. The prices of the frames range from $169 (~Rs. 12,430) to $199 (~ Rs. 14,625), However, as of writing this article, the company is giving discounts on the products for a limited time.

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