Chrome OS Changes Hint at Gaming Chromebooks and Tablet; Details Here

Chrome OS Changes Hint at Gaming Chromebooks, Gaming Tablet; Check out the Details Here!

Chromebooks have gained a ton of popularity in the market in the recent past, especially after the inception of the Coronavirus-led pandemic. The Chrome OS-powered devices are great for digital learning and working from home and come at affordable prices. However, Google is now aiming to take Chromebooks to the next level as the Mountain View giant is currently working on developing gaming-focused Chromebooks to cater to the lucrative gaming market.

Is Google Working on Gaming Chromebooks?

Google has been putting a lot of focus on gaming lately. The company debuted its cloud gaming service, Google Stadia, back in 2019. Recently, we saw the company release a few Android games in beta for the Windows platform, thanks to its Google Play Games app on Windows. Now, according to recent changes in Chrome OS, it seems like Google is working on gaming Chromebook devices.

9to5Google reports that Google has been working on enabling support for Steam and other Linux-supported PC games on Chromebooks as part of a project codenamed Borealis. As a result, the company has started making small changes to Chrome OS that hint at gaming-focused features.

According to the report, Google has recently started working to enable the support for full-color RGB keyboards in Chrome OS. With this, users will be able to customize individual keys with RGB lighting to create different-colored backlit keyboards. Currently, the feature exists as an internal command for Chrome OS devs to test it out.

Now, one might think that Google is enabling support for RGB keyboards for customizing external RGB-based gaming keyboards that connect to Chrome OS devices. However, with further investigation, it was discovered that Chrome OS’s RGB support will only be available for a select few unreleased devices, hinting at future gaming Chromebooks and a Chrome OS-powered gaming tablet.

Which Companies Might Launch Gaming Chromebooks?

Coming to which companies might launch gaming Chromebooks in the future, the report suggests that there are hardware codenames associated with the RGB feature – Vell, Taniks, and Ripple. While Vell and Taniks will be reportedly based on Intel’s 12th-Gen Alder Lake laptop processors, Ripple seems to be an internal codename for laptop or tablet with a detachable keyboard, as per the report.

Furthermore, it suggests that Vell and Taniks Chromebook models could possibly launch under HP’s Omen series and Lenovo’s Legion series of laptops. Ripple, on the other hand, hints at a gaming-focused tablet device, much like the latest Asus ROG Flow Z13.

Now, it is worth mentioning that these are very early indications of gaming Chromebooks. Hence, we’d suggest you take the information with a grain of salt and wait for Google or other manufacturers to unveil gaming-focused Chromebooks in the future. So, stay tuned for further updates and let us know your thoughts on gaming Chromebooks in the comments below.

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