This Chrome Extension Tells You the Value of Every Single Tweet!

chrome extension to see worth of a tweet

Over the past few days, you must have seen several users share screenshots of their ad revenue received for posting on X (formerly Twitter). That’s because the Musk-owned social media service has now started sharing ad revenue with the creators. It’s a game-changer because creators on the platform can earn ad revenue generated from the impressions on their posts. This is an incentive for creators who have already built a following to stay on the platform.

But if you are curious how much money can one tweet make? Well, with this new Chrome extension, you, me, and creators can easily find out the value of posts on Musk’s X platform. Let’s learn how to use it.

Use ‘PayCheck for X’ to Know Each Tweet’s Worth

Created by San Francisco-based developer Theo, the PayCheck for X (Formerly Twitter) extension seamlessly integrates with X to let you know how much a single X post is worth. The extension will give you a “very VERY rough idea” of the worth of a single X post. Though Theo has not revealed how he’s calculating the value of each tweet, we believe he’s taken into account the revenue & impression numbers shared by various users online.

That said, let me show you how to install and use this extension to uncover the value of posts from your favorite creators on X (I’m still not used to calling it anything other than Twitter). Download the ‘PayCheck for X (formerly Twitter)extension from Chrome Web Store. You can download it on Google Chrome or any other Chromium-based browser like Edge, Opera, and others.

Once added to your browser, log into your X account, and scroll through your feed. You can now see a rough estimate of how much a single post is earning the creator. The amount is shown right beside the view count for a post. Here’s a quick example:

This is a simple and easy-to-use tool that can easily let you know the estimated cost of a post made on X (or Twitter, whatever you call it). Additionally, with this powerful extension, you can understand how your X posts create value and how you can grow as a creator.

Not only does this ensure fair compensation for the creators, but it also provides insight into the tremendous impact of their content. So, without any further ado, download this extension and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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