5 Beautiful Handmade Printed Calendars for 2014

Last Updated: December 30, 2013

In early 2013, I registered to a stock photo website, they sent me a beautiful printed calendar, I started keeping it on my desk where I used to work. Initially, I kept it there because It was too beautiful and within in some days, I started planning my work on weekly basis by marking important stuff on calendar. My work flow started taking shape, I became more punctual and my productivity increased as well and that’s when I realized the importance of having a calendar on working desk, especially a printed one.

And that’s the reason I am writing this post, I hope you will find this post useful. So, here I am sharing 5 beautiful handmade printed Calendars for 2014.

1. 2014 Desk / Money Box Calendar

calendar 1

calendar 2

Price: $17.50

You can buy it from here.

2. Slackers 2014 Desk Calendar 



Price: $15

You can buy it from here.

3. Printable Calendar – Happiness Habits



Price: $10

You can buy it from here.

4.  2014 DIY Printable Paper Desk Calendar | Realistic Orange Miniature Typewriter



Price: $4.99

You can buy it from here

5. Mini Desk Calendar 2014



Price: $15

You can buy it from here.

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Which calendar do you like the most? let me know in comments.


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