BLUETTI AC500 Launched: Get Incredible Power with this Portable Power Station

BLUETTI has officially launched its new power station AC500, a successor to the AC300 model, with even more features and capability. It’s a modular and portable power station that you can easily carry around anywhere you go or utilize it as a home backup power station. The new AC500 power station can deliver 1.6x output power and has a maximum input rate of 1.5x in comparison to the AC300. Along with that, BLUETTI has also launched the B300S, an expansion battery pack for the AC500.

BLUETTI AC500 Power Station Announced

BLUETTI is one of the market leaders in the portable power station market globally. The new AC500 power station looks pretty powerful and can handle an overall capacity of up to 18,432Wh. Let’s go ahead and learn more about its features.

BLUETTI AC500 Features

The BLUETTI AC500 is a modular and portable power station, so it does not come with built-in batteries. You can buy the upgraded B300S expansion battery pack, which is essentially a LiFePO4 battery, and it is tested for over 3500 life cycles. In case you have an older B300 battery pack, you can pair it with the new AC500 model as well. As for the power capacity, the AC500 inverter can deliver a pure sine wave output of 5000W and can handle a surge output of 10,000W without breaking the power supply.

BLUETTI AC500 Power Station Announced

Not to mention, a single AC500 power station supports up to six expansion batteries, meaning you can build a power station with a total capacity of 18,432Wh, which is impressive. To give you a number, 18,432Wh can power your home for as many as six days. In tandem, with a single battery pack (3072W), it can reliably last for a single day of outage.

BLUETTI AC500 Launched: Get Incredible Power with this Portable Power Station

The best part about BLUETTI AC500 is that you can charge it pretty quickly. If coupled with the B300S, it can charge 80% of the battery pack in just 30 minutes. With a single outlet AC charging, it can provide a maximum input of 5000W. In addition, the AC500 supports dual charging via AC and solar panel, which have a combined input rate of 8000W. In case you want to charge the power station with just the solar panel, you will get a maximum input of 3000W.

BLUETTI has also released an upgraded PV400 solar panel with double-glazed technology, having higher input efficiency. With 3000W input, the solar panel can charge 80% of the battery pack in just 1.5 hours. You don’t need to rely on traditional gasoline power generators, thus, reducing harmful emissions, noise, and fuel costs. In essence, the BLUETTI AC500 enables you to contribute to the environment by utilizing renewable energy.

BLUETTI AC500 Launched: Get Incredible Power with this Portable Power Station

As for when you are on the move, you can take advantage of multiple ports available in the AC500 to charge up your devices. It has a total of 16 ports, including 3 x 120V/ 20A outlets, 2 x 100W USB-C ports, 4 x USB-A ports, DC outlets, a wireless charging pad, and a lot more. There’s even a dedicated BLUETTI app that you can use to monitor real-time output and input, understand power consumption behavior, upgrade the firmware, and much more.

And for wintry days, the new B300S battery pack can automatically heat up using Temperature Adaptive Function. When the ambient temperature goes below -20-degree Celcius, it can boost heating, taking the temperature above 0-degree Celcius.

Availability and Pricing

The AC500 and B300S power station-cum-battery combo will go on sale on September 1 at 7:00 AM PDT. The combo pack will be available at a massive discount of $2999. In addition, the upgraded PV400 solar panel will also be on sale. If you are interested, head over to the Indiegogo website to buy AC500, B300S, and PV400 for your power backup needs.

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