BLUETTI’s AC500 Portable Power Station Raises $11 Million on Indiegogo

BLUETTI AC500 raise money

BLUETTI has achieved a new milestone as its AC500 portable power station has raised $11 million on Indiegogo. The BLUETTI AC500 is the company’s newest power station model, which comes with a capacity of up to 18,432Wh and succeeds the company’s first modular AC300 power station. That said, let’s look at the details of this inverter.

BLUETTI AC500 Indiegogo Campaign Successful

As for its specifics, the BLUETTI AC500 power station is 100% modular and has a 5,000W inverter with a (10,000W surge). It comes with a maximum of 3,000W solar input, and you won’t go wrong pairing it with BLUETTI’s PV120, PV150, and more. While charging the AC500 with solar panels, you can go from 0 to 80% charge in about 1.5 hours. This is part of BLUETTI’s effort of offering an affordable eco-friendly option.


There’s support for built-in advanced BMS and LFP battery for longer life spans and better security. The LiFePO4 battery comes with up to 3,500 life cycles (still offering up to 80% of its original capacity). You can charge the AC500 power station using 9 methods, which include AC input, solar, generator, lead-acid battery, and dual or triple charging methods.

Also, the power station supports 18 output ports, including 3 x 120V/ 20A outlets, 1 x 120V/ 30A L14-30, 1 x 120V/ 30A TT-30, 1 x 120V/ 50A NEMA14-50, 2x USB-C ports (up to 100W), 4 USB-A ports, 2 DC outlets, and two 15W wireless charging pads.

The BLUETTI AC500 also comes with a Split Phase Bonding Function, which may sound like a mouthful, but simply means that you can connect two AC500 inverters to double the capacity, voltage, and power. That means your setup can then essentially provide a capacity of 36,864Wh using a Fusion Box Pro.

To further enhance the user experience, the AC500 power station is backed by the BLUETTI app for people to control and keep a check on the power consumption, get the necessary OTA updates, and more.

The BLUETTI AC500 will be available via Amazon and the company’s online store, starting November 25. Its compatible battery expansion pack, the B300S, will also be up for grabs. The power station also works with the B300 battery pack. Connecting the AC500 with at least two B300S batteries can provide a maximum input of 8,000W. It would then take up to 2.3 hours to recharge it with the batteries.

For the uninitiated, BLUETTI has been providing sustainable power solutions to people for over 10 years in around 70 countries. The idea is to provide top-notch green energy solutions, both indoors and outdoors, while building an eco-friendly experience. The company offers power generators, solar panels, and batteries, among other things. You can check out the complete BLUETTI product portfolio by visiting their official website linked below.

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