Bing Rebranded to ‘Microsoft Bing’; Gets New Logo With Ribbon-like Design

Bing new logo website
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In its continuing efforts to position Bing as a competent competitor to the all-conquering Google, Microsoft has rebranded its fledgling search engine to ‘Microsoft Bing‘ and unveiled an updated logo for the service. In a blog post Monday, the company said that change will better reflect “the continued integration of our search experiences across the Microsoft family”.

Microsoft also unveiled an updated Bing logo that retains the look and feel of the existing design insofar as it still depicts the letter ‘b’ in lower case, but the blocky styling with square edges is now replaced by a smoother ribbon-shaped pattern (see image above). Curiously, even as the company has updated the Bing search site with the new logo, it was yet to be reflected on the official Bing blog and many other Microsoft websites at press time.

Alongside the rebranding, Microsoft also announced the expansion of its philanthropy program, ‘Give with Bing’. It is an extension of the ‘Microsoft Rewards’ initiative and, enables users to earn points simply by searching on Microsoft Bing. Users can then donate these points to causes they care about. The company has also tied-up with singer songwriter, Janelle Monáe, and NFL star, Jamal Adams, to help people in underserved communities in the US.

The rebranding is part of Microsoft’s wider efforts to add its company name to more of its products, especially its cloud services. As part of the plan, the company recently renamed Office 365 to Microsoft 365, while its online app store is now called ‘Microsoft Store‘ instead of Windows Store. The company has also recently unveiled a Bing-powered integrated search service to overhaul the search experience in Office and Windows.

Featured Image Courtesy: Microsoft

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