Top 10 Social Media Platforms for Business

Last Updated: August 2, 2014

Nowadays, in a world where social media rule, it has become a necessity to stay active in social media platforms very intensively to promote your business in World Wide Web, and hence develop an impressive brand presence! Well, it is not necessary that you should spend some dollars in the particular section to catalyze your social media presence, as you can rule social media if you can plan your moves well. While doing so, however, you’ve to select most popular as well as powerful social media platforms. We know that most people become confused while selecting these social media platforms and that is why we decided to come up with a list of top social media platforms for business. Rather than a mere list, we will go deep into every social media platforms mentioned here, who should use it, how it will be helpful, etc along with some examples and useful statistics.

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1. Facebook

Well, some may say that Facebook is a less innovative way to promote your business. Yet, you must not exclude this popular, widely accepted, social media platform from your social media campaign in any circumstances. Thus, a page on Facebook is a must-have thing for your business. Social media statistics say that approximately 74% marketers are considering Facebook as an effective platform for marketing.

Use it for

You can use Facebook for many purposes such as interacting with customers, sharing updates about your brand, etc. For instance, if you have some exciting offers for customers, you can post them through your Facebook page and let your fans or customers know about it! You shall share information in different forms such as text, images and videos.


Most common reason why people unlike a Facebook page or stop engaging in it is due to uninteresting updates from the page, and you should be clever enough to keep your posts interesting.

2. Twitter

Here comes another King among social media platforms! Twitter is actually a micro blogging platform that is equally used by individuals and businesses. With 255 Million active users per month, Twitter is a powerful platform to keep in touch with your customers as well as building a strong web reputation. However, when compared to Facebook, it is a bit more suitable for professionals and corporations due to its nature as well as main purposes.

Use it for

Twitter is a great way to know what your customers tell about your service or product. Though those comments may be complaints, in the long run, your business can provide high-quality service to customers. Also, since most of your competitors will be in Twitter, it is a great platform to listen and learn from big brothers of industry. It’s an effective way to publicize your products.


Almost 28% of retweets that happen in Twitter are due to “Please RT” message with a tweet! So, there is nothing wrong in requesting your followers to retweet.

3. Google+

When compared to other social media platforms, mentioned here, Google+ can help you a lot in improving web presence of your brand as well as search engine rankings. Apart from these, creating a Google+ page for your business and promoting it online have a number of advantages. Promoting your business in Google+ helps you to make your content interactive, appear them in local carousel results, get authorship and offers a tight integration with other Google services like YouTube and Gmail.

 Use it for

Google+ is a great way to interact with your customers and public, who use other Google services such as Gmail and YouTube. Unlike a Facebook Page or Twitter account, your Google+ page will have notable effect on, how your brand grabs organic traffic and thus reputation. In that sense, however, we will have to see Google+ as a more professional network for businesses and marketers.


Do you have some animated GIFs regarding your field with you? Do not forget to throw them in your Google+ page, as it will enhance engagement from users!

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best place for job seekers and brands that need an identity in web world. Thus, if you need enhanced reputation in web, you should have a company profile in LinkedIn, along with connections and other networks. According to stats, there are more than 3 million LinkedIn company profiles. So, you should be careful while creating profile, because you have to include keywords that suit your service/product. Likewise, LinkedIn is a great platform for students and job seekers, as you can find a number of companies that are looking for smart employees.

Use it for

As we mentioned, LinkedIn is the most appropriate social media platform, where companies can find job seekers and vice versa. Thus, it is the best place to share details about company, available job vacancies etc. Also, LinkedIn pages have an enhanced effect when it comes to search engine results!


We repeat that your connections are quite important. So, you should be clever enough to you have appropriate and professional people in your connections.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest is dedicated for images, which can be turned into pins. Pinterest users can create a number of Pinterest boards and pin favourite content in those boards. If you have a business related to images, say a graphic designing company or something, Pinterest is the best place to promote your brand, as it will provide you a tremendous popularity. However, you have to make sure that the content you share is visually attractive and has the TOUCH of a creative genius.

Use it for

As we mentioned earlier, you can share attractive visual content on Pinterest. Though you are not supposed to share others’ work, you can fix those restrictions by giving proper attributes. Since, it is a dedicated place for visual treat, it is advised to share, what do meet that criteria, and we can be assure of the fact that those content will do the job.


As opposed to other social networks, 80% of Pinterest users are female. So, you, as a marketer, should know how to play your cards wisely. Plus, you should re-pin your content frequently for deeper reach.

6. YouTube

YouTube is also a nice platform to promote your business, especially if you need a better way of communication — through videos. However, we do not mean that you should create LONG movies about your brand, but you should be say BIGGER things in a matter of seconds. Well, you do not have to upload a video a day, but engaging in YouTube on a weekly basis will do the job clearly. In addition to promotion videos, you can create tutorial-type videos for your product or services. And, the best part is that both sorts of videos will have their place on Google search results when someone searches for your brand or a particular product. So, it is a great way of brand building, isn’t it?

Use it for

Yes, YouTube is for promoting your brand, helping your customers, and something else in a truly effective way! And, that’s it, you know!


We repeat, make your promotion videos crisp, as you will have your customers knowing, what they should know, in seconds. Plus, try to interlink your blog (if you have one) and YouTube channel, and it is a great source of conversion.

7. Instagram

The influence that Instagram had from its launch was so amazing and addictive that Facebook acquired this excellent platform for sharing photographs from daily life. Although not exactly, Instagram resembles Pinterest, due to the fact that visual treat is what steals the show in both platforms. So, if you have some impressive visual treat to offer, Instagram is a must-check destination in your social media promotion campaign. Instagram heartily welcomes brand engagement, and it has a special section for you — Instagram for Business. Despite the fact that almost every brand will be able to make use of Instagram, it will help most those who are from lifestyle, fashion or such kinds of field.

Use it for

Well, unlike others, becoming popular and influential in Instagram is all about connecting. You have to connect with a huge number of people as well as promoting your brand through superb images.


If you have products or services that are aimed at teens, Instagram is the best place to start your marketing tasks, as 23% of teens use Instagram intensely, and it is the favourite social network of theirs.

8. Slideshare

Slideshare is the innovative way to share your slideshow presentations with everyone on World Wide Web, in a truly accessible way that does not depend upon operating system or browser. Although some may think otherwise, this is a great social media platform. When it comes to the marketers’ point of view, Slideshare is an awesome platform to promote a particular brand, product or service in different ways. Instead of being merely available in site, Slideshare can be implemented into your websites, to make things connected and get conversion.

Use it for

There are a number of noticeable purposes for using Slideshare as a marketer! You can create presentations about your product or service, tutorials to help your customers along with other content that can be summarized using this platform. And, as we said before, interconnection option is awesome as far as conversion is concerned.


Are you conducting some programmes or seminars to promote your product or evangelize the field you are working in? Do not forget that you share those presentations in Slideshare.

9. Quora

Well, we are sure that you know about Quora, and its importance in this World Wide Web, where everyone loves to have questions and answers. And, Quora is where you can find all sorts of questions from different parts of globe. In addition, when a clever marketer approaches Quora, it is a great way to promote your brand, or a specific product or service. You can create an account in Quora, create a blog under domain, and start answering questions, which you are capable of answering. Also, if you have a popular product or service, users may ask questions about that product or service in Quora. In such situations, you will feel effect of Quora in promoting your business.

Use it for

You can use Quora to answer doubts of customers about your product or service, promote your brand among public as well as other media, and building good reputation among those Quora-addicts.


If you’re active in Quora, you can grab free promotion from journalists and other media, as most of media persons do have a special affection towards Quora.

10. Vine — The Last, and it’s special

Can small videos do something? Yes, it is what has been proved through success of Vine. Vine is all about creating short videos and sharing them in that platform, so that you can express many things that words cannot. And, this same principle of being short can be used in promoting your business as well. It works quite well; for instance, if you have a new product in backstage, you can create a small video about it and share it on Vine, and we are sure that it’ll go viral in no time! In other words, Vine has influenced most of marketers’ viewpoint towards videos.

Use it for

Tell big stories in small time, and PROMOTE — that’s it.


According to stats, the best time to publish videos in Vine is weekends! So, if you have an interesting story with you, make sure that you post it on time.

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Which social media platform do you use for promoting your business online? Is its name out of this list? We will wait for your comments.