8 Best Smart Rings You Can Buy in 2024

In Short
  • Smart Rings are the next major bubble in the tech world.
  • Some of the best smart rings you can buy right now are Oura Gen3, Ultrahuman, and Ringconn.
  • While Oura comes with a subscription model for its app, others are completely free.

2024 could be the year we see Smart Rings emerge as a revolutionary wearable tech. Many popular manufacturers, including Samsung and Apple, will soon peddle into the smart Rring business, Samsung being one of the first major manufacturers to tease the Galaxy Ring at MWC 2024. However, if you’re eager to try the tech to see for yourself what all the hype is about, here are the 8 best smart rings you can buy in 2024.

1. Oura Smart Ring (3rd Generation)

The Gen3 Oura Smart Ring is one of the smartest smart rings available in the market right now. For those unaware, Oura is a Finnish health tech firm that first came out with the Oura ring in 2015. The company launched Gen2 in 2018, and Gen3 in 2021. The Oura Ring Gen3 is packed with tons of features and here is a rundown of all of them.

Oura Gen 3 Smart ring
Image Courtesy: Oura

For starters, you get Sleep Tracking, Early Illness Detection, and Activity and Recovery reports. Besides, there’s the usual stuff like Heart Health, Women’s Health, and Stress Detection. However, one of the cons of owning an Oura Ring Gen3 is that most features are locked behind a monthly subscription paywall of $5.

Oura claims a battery life of up to 7 days and the ring is built of Titanium with PVD coating and is water resistant up to 100 meters. There are two variants of Gen3 — Heritage and Horizon, the latter is slimmer than the former. Heritage costs $299 and Horizon $349, and while it isn’t exactly cheap if you’re in the market to buy the best Smart Ring out there, Oura Smart Ring Gen3 will surely have you impressed.

2. Ultrahuman Ring Air

The Ultrahuman Ring Air costs the same as the Oura Smart Ring Gen3 but has a few differences. The first major difference is that there’s no additional subscription model, meaning you only end up paying $349 and all features are instantly available. Secondly, the Ring Air weighs only 2.4 grams and is 2.4 mm sleek compared to Oura Ring’s 6 grams weight and 2.55 mm thickness.

Ultrahuman Ring Air
Image Courtesy: Ultrahuman

Like the Oura ring, the Ultrahuman Ring Air is made of Titanium, “fighter jet grade Titanium” to be precise. The only downside of the Ring Air is its battery backup as Ultrahuman claims “up to” 6 days of battery life but it takes 2-3 hours to charge the ring fully. The Smart Ring is water resistant up to 100 meters.

As for the features you get Heart Rate monitoring, sleep tracking, Temperature Tracking, Stress, Illness, and Phase Response Curve. Besides, you also get continuous alerts. Overall, you could consider Ultrahuman Ring Air as it pretty much competes neck and neck with Oura Smart Ring, on paper, at least.

3. Ringconn Smart Ring

Ringconn is another major player in the Smart Ring industry. It’s a startup that raised over $1.8 million for the Smart Ring at an Indiegogo fundraiser in 2023. The company is not shipping the Ringconn Smart Ring and the initial reviews look promising.

Ringconn Smart Ring
Image Courtesy: Ringconn

Like the Ring Air, Ringconn Smart Ring has no subscription model but unlike the Ring Air, it boasts up to 7 days of claimed battery life. The build quality is Titanium and the ring is IP68 water resistant up to 50 meters. It comes with all the features such as Sleep, Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, Steps, Stress, and more. The ring comes in its own case that can recharge it in 2 hours. Overall, the on-paper specs sheet is definitely up there with the best in the industry which makes it a smart ring worth considering.

4. Evie Ring

Evie Ring is made for women and is developed by Movano Health. The ring is made of Titanium and weighs a tad bit more than the aforementioned rings at 3.2 – 3.7 grams. Movano claims 4+ days of battery life which is not a lot but the charging case you get with the smart ring can recharge it more than 10 times.

Evie Ring
Image Courtesy: Evie

You get all the essential sensors ranging from IR PPG sensors to skin temperature, photodiodes, and accelerometers. The smart ring is available in many sizes and three colors — Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold. One of the major cons of the Evie Ring is that the Evie app is currently only supported on iOS, and at $269, it’s a bit expensive when you consider the price-to-feature ratio.

5. Gloring Smart Ring

Gloring Smart Ring costs $250 and comes in eight sizes 6-13 and three colors — Black Silver and Gold. The wearable comes with all the features you’d expect from it like Sleep monitoring, Heart rate monitoring, HRV, Workout, Blood Oxygen, Stress, and Temperature. Gloring claims the ring is made of Titanium and has a “long” battery life. However, we couldn’t find the detailed specifications on the official website.

Gloring smart ring
Image Courtesy: Gloring

The Gloring app doesn’t need a subscription. The ring has PPG Modules, temperature sensors, and an accelerometer to measure your vitals. Unlike Evie, the Gloring app is available on both Android and iOS. The Gloring Smart Ring is currently selling at $199, and you can buy it by clicking on the link below.

6. Noise Luna Ring

Noise is one of the leading tech firms in India in wearables and Luna Ring was released last year in October. The Luna Ring is currently only available in India and is priced at Rs 19,999 (~$240). It’s available in five colors – Stardust Silver, Midnight Black, Lunar Black, Rose Gold, and Sunlit Gold. As for the sizing, a sizing kit will be sent to you to decide on a size.

Noise Luna Ring
Image Courtesy: GoNoise

The smart ring is built with Titanium, has a width of 8 mm and thickness of 2.8 mm, and weighs 3-4 grams. Noise claims the ring is water resistant up to 50m and the battery can last for up to five days on a single charge which takes 90-120 minutes. The smart ring is compatible with both Android and iOS and can track almost every health data as others such as heart rate, blood oxygen, skin temperature, etc.

7. Pi Ring X

Pi Ring is another Indian manufacturer and a new player in tech that has a few smart rings on offer. It markets itself as an affordable smart ring manufacturer. Its latest product is the Pi Ring X which Pi Ring claims is the world’s lightest smart ring weighing just 2.5 grams. It comes in three colors — Silver, Black, and Gold, and in a variety of sizes as well.

PI Ring X
Image Courtesy: Pi Ring

The ring is made of Titanium alloy and comes with features such as sleep monitoring, heart rate tracking, blood oxygen, temperature, steps, and HRV monitoring. Pi Ring claims 6+ days of battery life. The IP rating on it is just IPX8 meaning it can survive only up to 3 meters when submerged in water. The Pi Ring X costs Rs 12,000 (~$144), and while not the cheapest smart ring, it packs a decent number of features on paper.

8. boAt Smart Ring Gen 1

boAt is a well-known Indian brand known mostly for its wide range of audio products and phone accessories. The boAt Smart Ring Gen 1 was released last year for Rs 8,999 (~$109) and is available in a few sizes. The sizing kit of the same is also available. boAt claims it’s built using Ceramic, weighs 7.9 grams, and lasts for up to 5 days on a full charge. The claimed charging time is 1.5 hours and it’s 5 ATM water resistant.

Image Courtesy: boAt

The boAt smart ring is feature-rich on paper with almost all the features that a smart ring should have like heart rate, sleep, steps, temperature SpO2 monitoring, and 6-axis motion sensors. However, the current reviews on Amazon suggest the Ring isn’t great to use and records health data inaccurately. Nonetheless, it is a budget smart ring that you can get your hands on.

Will the Smart Rings Bubble Burst?

One of the major selling points of wearables, besides the health tracking features, is their ease of use and “wear and forget” nature. A good smart ring may tick all the boxes and make it worth considering instead of, say, a regular smartwatch or fitness tracker. Hence, we think they are here to stay and will only get better as time passes.

What are your thoughts about smart rings and mini-wearable technology? Worth it or too complicated or gimmicky? Let us know in the comments section below.

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