Samsung recently took another shot at perfecting the Android tablet, and for the most part, their effort has worked rather well. The new tablet from Samsung packs in a Snapdragon 820 quad-core processor, along with an Adreno 530 GPU, 4 GB of RAM, and a 32 GB ROM, all inside a beautiful metal and glass body, which looks breathtakingly beautiful. The 9.7″ display is a Super AMOLED touchscreen with a pixel density of 264 ppi, so colors look nice and sharp. So, if you’re planning on buying the new tablet from Samsung, and are looking to protect the gorgeous display from getting scratched, or dirty, here are the 10 best Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 screen protectors you can buy:

1. IQ Shield Tempered Glass Galaxy Tab S3 Screen Protector

The IQ Shield screen protector is a 0.3mm thin tempered screen guard for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. It is 99% transparent, so the vibrant and clear display of the tablet will feel just the way it did without the screen guard, and will be protected from impacts, scrapes, and bumps. IQ Shield’s screen protector comes with easy installation instructions, and gets installed without any bubbles or dust being trapped between the screen and the screen guard, allowing your device to look flawless, even with the screen protector installed.

It features 9H hardness, which means it can easily protect your device from scratches made by keys, and most other sharp metal objects. IQ Shield also covers their tempered screen protector under their lifetime warranty, so you can rest easy.

Buy from Amazon: ($8.95)

2. Skinomi Clear HD Screen Protector for Galaxy Tab S3

Another great screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, the Skinomi clear HD screen protector is a tempered glass screen guard that is rated at 99% transparency, making it clear enough to not be visible, but at 9H hardness, it is tough enough to protect your device against scratches from sharp metal objects, including keys, knives, and more. The screen guard is coated with electrophobic, and oleophobic materials, which prevents dust, and other small particles from getting accumulated on the screen of your device.

The screen guard is designed with tempered glass to protect your Galaxy Tab S3 against impacts, and drops.

Buy from Amazon: ($8.95)

3. Yoozon Tempered Glass Screen Protector [2 Pack]

The Yoozon screen protector for Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is another good option that you can consider buying. The tempered screen protector comes in a pack of two, which means that you can easily replace your screen guard with the second one as soon as it gets old. It is rated at 9H hardness, making it perfect to keep your device safe from scratches made by sharp metal objects.

Plus, the 99% transparency rating means that the vibrance, color reproduction, and touch sensitivity of your screen will not be hampered by the screen guard. Yoozon gives a lifetime warranty with their screen protectors as well.

Buy from Amazon: ($9.99)

4. iLLumiShield HD Clear Galaxy Tab S3 Screen Protector [2 Pack]

Another screen guard that comes in a pack of two – this screen protector from iLLumiShield is made from tempered glass for extreme protection. The screen protector has been specially designed to resist and absorb shock, which means that your display will remain protected even if you end up dropping your device. The screen guard comes with an oleophobic coating, which prevents sweat, and grime from accumulating on the screen.

The easy to install method for the iLLumiShield screen protector ensures that no bubbles are formed when you install the screen guard. iLLumiShield offers a lifetime warranty on their screen guards.

Buy from Amazon: ($8.95)

5. Supershieldz Anti-Glare Screen Guard

If you use your device out in the sun too often, you should definitely go for an anti-glare screen guard, and this one from Supershieldz can get the job done. The matte finish screen protector removes glare from direct sunlight, while also resisting fingerprints. The screen protector is thin enough to not cause any problems with the touch sensitivity of the Galaxy Tab S3, so you can enjoy the excellent responsiveness of your device, while keeping it protected from scratches.

The screen guard comes coated with anti-bubble adhesives, so you can install it without worrying about bubbles forming between the display and the screen guard; plus, it doesn’t leave any residue, either. The scratch resistant coating on the screen protector is also definitely a plus.

Buy from Amazon: ($7.99)

6. LK Tempered Glass Galaxy Tab S3 Screen Protector

The LK tempered glass screen protector is another one that you can use to keep the display of your Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 protected. The screen guard is made from a thin tempered glass, and is rated at 9H hardness, which means that it will easily protect your screen from scratches and scrapes, while still not causing hindrance to the touch responsiveness of your screen. It also has an oleophobic coating, which makes it resistant to sweat, and fingerprints.

The screen guard has a high transparency, so the display of your Tab S3 will remain as vibrant, and touch responsive as ever. The easy installation instructions allow for an easy experience while installing the screen protector, and avoiding bubbles.

Buy from Amazon: ($8.99)

7. Pleson Crystal Clear Galaxy Tab S3 Screen Guard

This guard, from Pleson is precision cut to perfectly fit the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, and is rated at 9H hardness, which means that it can easily protect the display on your tablet from scratches made by any sharp metal objects. It is also highly transparent, which means that the vibrance and look of your display will not be compromised. The screen guard comes with a special coating which prevents those pesky air bubbles.

It also has an electrophobic, oleophobic, and hydrophobic coating that prevents dirt and grime from accumulating on the display. Pleson also provides a free lifetime warranty on their screen guard.

Buy from Amazon: ($8.95)

8. IVSO Scratch Resistant Screen Guard for Galaxy Tab S3

The IVSO screen guard for Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is another great screen guard you can consider buying. The screen guard is rated at 99% transparency, which means that your tablet’s display will remain as vibrant, and crystal clear as it was without the screen protector. It is rated at 9H hardness, so your device will remain protected from scratches by keys, and most other sharp objects.

The screen guard can also protect the display from shock and impact. The screen guard is waterproof, and scratch resistant; plus, IVSO offers a 30 day replacement guarantee, along with a 12 month manufacturer warranty.

Buy from Amazon: ($8.90)

9. Riipoo Shatter Proof Screen Guard

If you’re the kind of person that drops their devices way too often, getting a shatter proof screen guard is sort of a given. This one from Riipoo offers a great deal of protection to the display of your Galaxy Tab S3. It is rated at 9H hardness, so it can easily protect your device from scratches, scrapes, and a lot more.

The high transparency of the screen guard maintains the original vibrance, and color reproduction of the display, while protecting it from the elements. The Riipoo screen guard is easy to install, and does not get any bubbles thanks to the bubble free adhesive that it is coated with.

Buy from Amazon: ($7.99)

10. Dmax Armor Scratch Resistant Tab S3 Screen Guard

Another great screen guard that you can consider getting for your Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is this one from Dmax Armor. The screen guard comes with a 9H rating, which means that it can easily protect your device from most sharp objects, including keys and knives. It is also rated at 99% transparency, which means that it’ll basically be invisible on the screen, while offering the best amount of protection, thanks to the tempered glass build. The bubble free adhesive on the screen guard ensures that you can install the screen guard on your own, without worrying about any bubbles forming.

If all that was not enough to put your mind to peace, the screen guard also comes with Dmax Armor’s no hassle lifetime replacement warranty.

Buy from Amazon: ($9.99)

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Use these Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Screen Protectors to Prevent Scratches and Cracks

There’s no denying that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is one beautiful looking device. However, with it’s metal and glass chassis, and a large 9.7″ Super AMOLED screen, it is also highly susceptible to scratches at best, and falling down and cracking the display, at worst. Which is why you should definitely consider getting a good quality screen guard for the device. If screen guards are not your style, you can also consider getting a book cover for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3… we have included some great ones in our list on the best Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 cases.

As always, we’d like to know your thoughts on the Galaxy Tab S3, and whether or not you think it is the best Android tablet yet. We’d also like to know whether you use screen protectors, and cases on your devices or not. Do share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.