17 Best Pixel 4 XL Cases and Covers You Can Buy

Pixel 4 XL boasts the fastest “face unlock” and innovative motion-sensing Soli radar chip that gives the device a 180-degree sense of motion. Needless to say, Google’s latest flagship smartphone has got the quality to stand out. Add that to the dual-camera that bets big on astrophotography along with the 6.3-inch Quad HD display with 90Hz max refresh rate, and you have a premium smartphone with plenty of wow factor. And such a premium smartphone ($899) with metal and glass structure warrants a bit more protection from shock and scuffs. That’s why we have come up with a wide assortment of the best Pixel 4 XL cases and covers to help you find a suitable pair for your brand new smartphone.

Best Pixel 4 XL Cases and Covers to Buy

When it comes to cases, one set of covers can’t cater to everyone’s taste, can it? While some of us prefer to have a rugged armor to ward off nasty impact, others like to let the smartphone shine-through. Not to forget those who want to have a bit of everything like style, protection, and a comfy grip.

So, we have taken into account many preferences while compiling this roster of the top cases for Google Pixel 4 XL. Hopefully, you would like our picks. With that said, let’s take a peek at what these covers have to offer!

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How to Choose the Best Case and Cover for Pixel XL?

Well, the easiest way to choose the best case for Pixel XL (or for that matter any smartphone) is to ensure that each case checks off the three most important aspects: Design, High-quality material, and Durability. So, it doesn’t matter whether you come across a case from a well-known brand or a less popular accessory maker, be sure to take a close look at these qualities.

Bear in mind, not all premium cases are able to live up to the expectation and not all cheap cases fail to live up to the mark. Therefore, it’s apt to explore a wide variety of cases available at different price points.

1. Spigen Rugged Armor

If you want to keep the style quotient intact without endangering the protection of your Pixel 4 XL, Spigen’s Rugged Armor case would be a great choice. The case sports a carbon fiber design with a non-slip groove that prevents accidental slip-off.And with the spider-web pattern, the cover has also got the ability to absorb shock. Plus, the air-cushioned corners endow more strength to the casing.

Spigen Rugged Armor for Pixel 4 XL

Moreover, Rugged Armor comes at just $9.99 which makes it a highly affordable yet impressive suit for the smartphone. Taking everything into account, it can safely claim to be the best Pixel 4 XL fiber case.


  • Carbon fiber design 
  • Spider-web pattern
  • Anti-slip grip
  • Protective construction  


  • The pronounced buttons aren’t super tactile

Buy from Amazon: $9.99

2. ESR Metal Kickstand Case

Looking for a kickstand case for your Pixel 4 XL to enhance the hands-free experience? This offering from ESR would be a smart pick. The case is made of soft TPU material and features a metal kickstand that supports both horizontal and vertical viewing positions.

With the rubberized frame and cushioned corners, it can endure shock resulting from minor drops and falls. Besides, the case has a raised lip to protect the 6.3-inch Quad HD display and the dual-camera on the back. Overall, the ESR kickstand case is one of the best Pixel 4 XL cases for regular use.


  • Soft TPU material
  • Rubberized frame
  • Durable construction 
  • Metal kickstand 


  • You won’t get insane drop protection

Buy from Amazon: $18.99

3. totallee

Whenever I think of buying a thin case for my smartphone, the one name that instantly comes to mind is totallee. And I guess, I am not alone to be so fond of the ultra-slim covers that this accessory maker offers. The company has introduced a pretty sleek case for Google’s latest flagship.

With the matte-frosted clear design, it makes a cool match with the Pixel device. It’s pocket-friendly and can also resist minor bumps and also fight out scratches which is a nice bonus. Priced at $35, the case does seem a touch expensive but given the premium look and feel, it’s a good deal.


  • Pretty sleek design
  • Form-fitting construction 
  • Pocket-friendly 
  • Scratch-resistant 


  • Less protective 

Buy from totallee: $35

4. MoKo

A good-looking smartphone like Pixel 4 XL deserves a little more freedom to flaunt the design. And if you feel the need to showcase your new smartphone without cutting down on the protection factor, MoKo clear case would be the right way to go.

The transparent cover features a shock-absorbing bumper design that can survive drops with ease. And with the non-slip sides, it also fits pretty comfortably in the hands. Thanks to the reinforced lip, it provides an extra layer of safeguard to both the rear shooter and the OLED display. Long story short, MoKo is the best clear case for your Pixel 4 XL.


  • Shock-absorbing design 
  • Reinforced bezels to guard both the cameras and display against scratches 
  • Snug-fit 


  • Might turn yellow overtime 

Buy from Amazon: $3.99

5. ProCase

How about buying a genuine leather case for your Pixel 4 XL? If you prefer a classy and pro-looking design, look no further than ProCase. The case is carved out of high-quality grain leather and showcases adorable handmade design which endows it a vintage appeal.

There are a couple of card slots and a hidden cash pocket for keeping your dollar bills securely. Furthermore, the case also supports kickstand functionality to let you prop up your Pixel smartphone for comfortable movie streaming or video calling.

As for price, this leather wallet case for Pixel 4 XL comes at $25 which looks quite reasonable considering the quality. Overall, ProCase is one of the best Pixel 4 XL leather cases and therefore you shouldn’t fail to check it out.


  • Genuine leather construction 
  • Kickstand functionality 
  • A couple of slots for cards 
  • A hidden cash pocket 


  • Looks a bit bulky

Buy from Amazon: $24.99


If you are on the lookout for a cute-looking case for your Pixel 4 XL, you shouldn’t miss out on Gviewin. The case flaunts a beautiful and clear floral pattern that instantly catches eyeballs. And with the rubberized material, it has a pretty soft exterior that feels nice in the hands.

As for protection, Gviewin can resist scuffs and also offers additional safeguards to the 6.3-inch AMOLED display and the dual-camera on the back. Moreover, you can choose this cute Pixel 4 XL cover in four color combinations.


  • Cute design
  • Floral pattern 
  • Extra protection for cameras and screen


  • Cutouts appear less precise 

Buy from Amazon: $9.99

7. X-level

Should you want to go for a slim and sophisticated case for your all-new Pixel smartphone, X-level would be worth taking a look. Featuring a form-fitting profile, it wraps around the edges of the smartphone.

Thanks to the TPU material, the cover features a rubberized exterior which is good for preventing scratches. And with the comfy grip design, the cover makes it more convenient to carry the 6.3-inch smartphone in the hands. What’s more, X-level case comes in many nice-looking color variants like black, gold, wine red, and more.


  • Slim design
  • Fits around the edges of the smartphone 
  • Neat cutouts 


  • Less durable 

Buy from Amazon: $9.99

8. GVIEWIN Nature Series

I have a special liking for the cases with an eye-catching marble pattern. That’s the prime reason why I have chosen this cover from Gviewin. The TPU case features form-fitting construction. And despite having a relatively slim structure, the marble case can survive the drop impacts and can also keep scuffs away.

The pronounced buttons offer better click while the cutouts allow hassle-free access to the USB-C port and camera. That’s not all, Gviewin Natural Series case also comes in three attractive colors: green/gold, white/gold, and agrarian/cyan.


  • Eye-catching marble pattern
  • Snug-fit design 
  • Cushioned corners
  • Precise cutouts 


  • Feels a bit slippery 

Buy from Amazon: $16.99

9. Ringke Fusion X

If you are ready to give protection high priority, I would recommend you to try out Ringke Fusion X. The highlight of this protective clear case for Pixel 4 XL is the rugged frame that can withstand impact effortlessly.

While the durable PC back endows ruggedness, the TPU bumper improves grip while also shielding the smartphone against shock. And with the transparent back, it allows your Pixel smartphone to catch the attention easily.


  • Rugged construction 
  • TPU bumper 
  • Clear back 
  • A built-in Quikcatch lanyard hole to attach wrist straps


  • Buttons could be more responsive

Buy from Amazon: $11.99

10. ESR Appro

Exhibiting a sleek profile, ESR Appro is one of the coolest slim covers for Pixel 4 XL. So, if you are hunting for a nice-looking thin case at an affordable price tag ($7), this one has to be your top pick. For all having a svelte casing, the cover is quite good at withstanding minor impact.

But what has caught my eyes in this thin case is the matte finish that offers a smooth and comfortable grip. Not to mention, the Appro case is also fingerprint resistance which helps it keep the shine intact for a long.


  • Sleek profile
  • Comfortable grip 
  • Scratch-resistant 
  • Tactile buttons


  • Can’t endure the nasty impact  

Buy from Amazon: $6.99

11. Ghostek Exec

Designed to meet multiple needs, Ghostek Exec is a highly rated Pixel 4 XL wallet case on Amazon. And looking at this pro-looking case, I can say that it’s got everything covered to be a fine pick. The highlight of this cover is the detachable leather card holder that can let you store up to 4 cards.

With the rugged frame, it has also got the needed cushion to absorb shock. For additional safeguard for the touchscreen, it features a beveled edge. What’s more, Ghostek Exec also features built-in magnets so that you can prop up your Pixel for an improved hands-free experience on the drive.


  • Impressive executive profile
  • Protective design 
  • Detachable leather card holder
  • Features built-in magnets


  • Doesn’t support wireless charging 

Buy from Amazon: $19.98

12. Snakehive

If a top-of-the-line Pixel 4 XL leather wallet case is what you are after, this offering from Snakehive could be the right answer for your hunt. Carved out of European Nubuck leather, the case has got an executive appearance. The handcrafted design further enhances its look.

Thanks to the pretty soft matt velvet-like texture, it feels incredibly comfortable in the hands. And with the presence of a shock-absorbing TPU interior, it has also got the durable casing to withstand drops. Couple that with the multiple card slots and a big pocket for storing dollar bills and Snakehive seems to fully equipped.


  • Top-notch handcrafted design 
  • European Nubuck leather
  • Multiple card slots 
  • Shock-resistant TPU interior 


  • Looks a little bulky 

Buy from Amazon: $37.99

13. OtterBox Symmetry Series

OtterBox’s Symmetry Series cases have always been top-notch. And guess what, it looks right on the money for Google Pixel 4 XL as well. Featuring a slim form-factor, the case fits around the edges of the smartphone. Even on the protection front, it is more than capable to endure the impact of drops with consummate ease.

Not just that, the one-piece design makes it pocket friendly. So, you can comfortably put it in and out of your pocket. Lastly, you can choose Symmetry Series cases in a couple of colors like black and aspen gleam for your Pixel 4 XL.


  • Slim yet protective design 
  • Additional safeguard for screen and cameras 
  • Pocket-friendly 


  • Lacks grippy texture on the back

Buy from Amazon: $24.95

14. RhinoShield

It’s always nice to have a case that can make a snug-fit match with your Pixel 4 XL, while also ensuring your style quotient remains intact. Well, RhinoShield bumper case is what you should go for to keep your smartphone fully protected without sacrificing the elegance factor.

Speaking of protection, it can endure up to 11 feet drops (MIL-STD 810G). And with the rubberized frame, it also provides enhanced gripping so that the smartphone fits tightly in your palm. As for the pronounced buttons, they are good enough to offer the needed tactile feedback.


  • Protective form-factor 
  • 11 feet drop protection  
  • Much-improved grip 


  • A bit expensive 

Buy from Amazon: $24.99

15. Teelevo

Well, Teelevo wallet case is a little different from the traditional wallet covers. What makes it a fine pick is the hidden card slot wherein you can securely store up to two cards inside. Perfect for the times where you want to carry cards while still keeping your wallet light.

Aside from being a handy wallet cover, Teelevo can also double up as a pretty good kickstand case for your smartphone. When you may want to collaborate with your buddies via video conferencing or play videos hands-free, this kickstand can come into play really well.

Considering these specs, it can safely claim to be one of the best Pixel 4 XL cases with a card holder under $15.


  • Good-looking design
  • A hidden card slot
  • Also works as a handy kickstand case 
  • Protective casing 


  • A tad inconvenient to install/remove 

Buy from Amazon: $13.99


If you have set your sight on offering the ultimate protection to your Google Pixel 4 XL, URBAN ARMOR GEAR UAG could be a great choice. Boasting an exceptionally durable construction backed by fortified corners, the case is designed to provide 360° safeguard to your smartphone against accidental drops and scratches.

Plus, the military-grade case also features beveled edges to shield both the screen and the cameras and scratches. However, the biggest highlight of this case is the Superman-like design that can easily appeal to those who are fond of superheroes.

What’s more, URBAN ARMOR GEAR UAG also supports wireless charging and comes in a variety of color variants so that you can pick the desired shield for your Pixel 4 XL. Overall, it’s one of the best heavy-duty cases for Pixel 4 XL  in the market right now.


  • Exceptionally durable construction
  • Provides a 360° safeguard to your smartphone
  • Supports wireless charging
  • Offers secure grip 


  • Buttons feel less tactile 

Buy from Amazon: $19.95

17. Dexnor

For those hunting for the best Google Pixel 4 XL case with a screen protector, this offering from Dexnor appears to be a great pick. The case features a highly protective design with cushioned corners. With the rugged back and impact-resistant corners, it provides the required defense to your smartphone from shock and scuff.

The clear back ensures the device can continue to showcase its design. Furthermore, the rubberized sides provide a much-improved grip to prevent accidental slip-offs. Notably, it also comes with a screen protector to offer full-screen protection to the screen.


  • A highly protective design with cushioned corners
  • Clear back 
  • Rubberized sides
  • Comes with a screen guard 


  • The pronounced buttons feel stiff 

Buy from Amazon: $13.99

Bonus: JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch

Looking for the best Pixel 4 XL waterproof case? Why not opt for a top-notch waterproof pouch for better security and also convenience?

There are multiple reasons why JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch deserves a close look. Being quite spacious, the universal size waterproof case fits not only Pixel 4 XL but also other smartphones with up to 6.9″ diagonal size. Moreover, it claims to protect your smartphone up to 100 feet deep in water.

Notably, it features a clear window both on the front and the back to let you shoot videos, capture images, or even keep a tab on the latest messages. On top of all, it’s priced at just $9.99 which makes it one of the cheapest waterproof cases/pouches for Google Pixel 4 XL.


  • Fits smartphones up to 6.9″
  • Protect your smartphone up to 100 feet deep
  • A clear window both on the front and the back
  • Durable design 


  • May not fit with a case on 

Buy from Amazon: $9.99

Pick Out the Top Cases and Covers for Pixel 4 XL

Having explored a variety of cases, I hope your eyes have finally grabbed a deserving case for your Pixel 4 XL. Looking at the covers mentioned above, I think the accessory makers were fully aware of what Google’s latest flagship would offer.

That’s why they seem to be fully prepared well in advance with their high-quality cases. Anyway, let me know what you have loved the most in the new Pixel smartphones. Also, tell us about whether or not the devices have lived up to your expectations.

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