30 Best Seeds for Minecraft Pocket Edition You Shouldn’t Miss Out on

Minecraft PC players are always on their high horses with the best Minecraft modpacks and other exclusive features. Minecraft PE, due to slightly limited functionality, has been struggling to catch up until recently. However, these best Minecraft pocket edition seeds are here to change the game for you. From glitched End portals to literally endless ravines, there’s a lot in store for you to explore. These seeds can be used on other Bedrock editions of Minecraft too, but we have selected them keeping PE users in mind. So without wasting more time, dive into this extensive list of the best Microsoft Pocket Edition seeds.

Best Seeds for Minecraft Pocket Edition (December 2021)

Keep in mind that these seeds will only work on compatible versions of the official game. All of the best seeds for Minecraft PE in our list are tested on version 1.17.4 and should work with 5-6 earlier versions too. As for the Java Edition players, we already have a list of the best Minecraft seeds to try in 2021. Nevertheless, some of these Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds will easily outshine many of those Java seeds in the linked list. Let’s see how.

1. The Rarest But Useless Seed With Active End Portal

Best But Useless Seed With Active End Portal

Minecraft Java players have had a major advantage in terms of seeds when compared to PE and Bedrock players. That advantage is the ready-to-use End Portals. There are some seeds in Minecraft Java that generate worlds with End Portals that are active with 12 Eyes of Ender. Unfortunately, there is no Bedrock alternative for this seed, except for this one.

Now, if you use this seed in Minecraft Pocket Edition, it will give you a good enough world to enjoy the game. But, if you use this seed to visit the cursed End Portal, problems might arise. It’s millions of blocks away from the spawn, so the game’s general structure generation seems to be glitching here. You can find the End Portal at the coordinates below, but it will just be visual and non-functional. Then, there’s the fact that you can even fall through some blocks due to the glitches. So, in theory, it is the rarest Minecraft PE seed but also practically useless.

  • Seed code: 60873110
  • Active End Portal Coordinates: X: 11589009, Y: 39, Z: 4689910

2. Circular Ravine with Mineshaft

Circular Ravine in Minecraft Pocket Edition PE Seeds

Making circles in Minecraft is not an easy task in any sense. And, in-game ravines are usually long rectangular-shaped structures. However, this seed brings us a rare circular ravine that is deep and leads directly to lava. While you climb down the ravine, you can also notice a mineshaft peeking from certain blocks as it intersects with this ravine. Now, keep in mind, this location isn’t near your spawn. But the loot from the Mineshaft and this rare structure makes it more than worth your efforts to load up into this seed. Also, don’t try digging under the lava as there’s nothing but Bedrock there.

  • Seed code: 731814941
  • Mineshaft Coordinates: X: 2,856, Y: 27, Z: 856
  • Circular Ravine Coordinates: X: 2826, Y: 64, Z: 836

3. Vertical Desert Village Seed in Minecraft PE

Vertical Desert Village

The next seed has a rare desert village that you can even find in the best Minecraft Java village seeds. Though, the rare vertical villages are only known to spawn in scattered savannas. But this seed brings you a vertical, multi-level desert village, and it is one of the most luckiest seeds in Minecraft PE.

The vertical village makes for an amazing view as both the villagers and farmers find their way across the steep edges. To make things even more interesting, the highest village house spawns on the snowy mountain, and it is connected to the village’s back. Meanwhile, the ones at the bottom spawn at the intersection of badlands and desert.

  • Seed code: 1859011
  • Vertical Village Coordinates: X: 100, Y: 70, Z: 100

4. Large Villages Next to Mansion

Large Villages Next to Mansion at Spawn in Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds

Our next entry in the best Minecraft PE seeds list brings us an interesting forest spawn area. Right next to where we spawn is a huge village with plenty of villagers, an iron golem, and many basic chests and farms to loot. But as you move closer to the village, you can see the huge hostile mansion behind it.

To make matters worse, there’s even a bridge connecting the two across a river. So, you can expect a few of the mansion mobs to find their way to the village. Then, there’s also another similar sized village not so far away. After you are done looting the villages, it’s time to get ready and loot the woodland mansion.

  • Seed code: 1390448415
  • Village Coordinates: X: 232, Y: 65, Z: 120
  • Second Village Coordinates: X: 456, Y: 64, Z: 168
  • Woodland Mansion Coordinates: X: 248, Y: 66, Z: 264

5. Glitched Ravine Seed in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Glitched Ravine in Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds

In this seed, we spawn next to a huge village in the middle of a forest. There’s a plain on one side of the village and a river along the forest on the other. This is probably the largest village I have seen in a Minecraft Pocket Edition seed. But that’s not what we are here for. If you teleport yourself to a certain location (coordinates below) in this seed, you will find a glitched ravine. We are calling it glitched because it generates a repetitive pattern of broken blocks, and that’s never the case with Minecraft.

To add to the highlights, the whole surface of this ravine is lava, and you can even find some ores below if you dare. While going down, you can find multiple openings to a mineshaft as well, making this seed a cursed blessing for players. Not to forget, it is an endless ravine. For some reason, the glitch doesn’t stop here, and there might be a few obstacles. But if you keep following the lava, there won’t be an end even when it goes underwater or if the biomes change.

  • Seed code: 1669320484
  • Village Coordinates: X: 120, Y: 65, Z: 184
  • Glitched Ravine Coordinates: X: -932, Y: 96, Z: -325

6. Contrasting Moods and Huge Flower Forest

Merging Biomes in Minecraft

This next seed is one of the best Minecraft PE seeds to capture changing biomes. We get two biomes with similar terrain but opposite moods next to each other. On one side, we have a huge flower forest with a plains biome surrounding it. It’s probably one of the largest flower forests you can find in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

And on its opposite side, we have a massive savanna biome. We spawn right in the middle, next to this biome transition and near a tree. The tree features the color schemes of both the biomes, making it one of the best seeds to understand the biome mechanics of Minecraft. There are also bees and sheep in the area that keep moving between the two biomes.

  • Seed code: 1425516286

7. Mountainous Terrain in Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds

Mountainous terrain

The Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs Part 2 update has reached most Minecraft players, so they are no longer stuck with the regular-looking mountain generation. However, if you haven’t downloaded the update and want large peaks in your Minecraft PE seed, this one is meant for you.

On the simpler side of the best Minecraft PE seeds, this one offers us irregular, and at some level, bizarre mountain generation. Some of these hills here are floating. Then, there’s also a huge ravine right next to our spawn in case you want to try this seed in survival mode. As for resources, you can visit a large cold ruin or a plains village located nearby.

  • Seed code: 98450566
  • Large Cold Ruin Coordinates: X: 1560, Y: 50, Z: 40
  • Village Coordinates: X: 2216, Y: 69, Z: 104

8. Stronghold in Ravine Next to Village

Stronghold in Ravine Next to Village

After traveling a few dozen blocks, this Minecraft Pocket Edition seed does the impossible. We not only get an exposed stronghold, but we also get one that’s generated openly in a ravine. Then, to make it better, it’s right next to a village. To support your journey to this exciting village, the spawn location has a Ruined portal with enchanted items.

The stronghold, as you can expect, has exciting loot as well. But yeah, unfortunately, it doesn’t have any eyes of Ender pre-installed. Also, the ravine isn’t huge in size. But it goes deep enough, such that you just have to dig a little to find diamond ores on its surface.

  • Seed code: -526746112
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 840, Y: 64, Z: 72
  • Village Coordinates: X: 1070, Y: 64, Z: 180

9. Pillager Outpost in Lava Ravine

Pillager Outpost in Lava Ravine in Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds

This Minecraft Pocket Edition seed offers probably the weirdest location for a Pillager outpost in existence. With a trapped iron golem, this outpost spawns in the middle of a lava ravine. It’s still connected to land on one side, so you don’t have to worry about falling into the lava while climbing the outpost. Though, pushing mobs into the lava can be useful in this context.

Well, we don’t spawn next to the Pillager outpost, but every Minecraft player will love traveling to see this monstrosity. In contrast to this, we spawn near a beehive in a comparatively calmer forest area. Once you are done looting the outpost, you can explore the ravine as it goes down to the level of diamond ores.

  • Seed code: -322003417
  • Pillager Outpost Coordinates: X: -710, Y: 78, Z: 390

10. Stronghold, Ravine, and Pillager Outpost in a Village

Stronghold, Ravine and Pillager Outpost in a Village

We can all agree that seeds with an exposed stronghold in a ravine are awesome. However, this Minecraft Pocket Edition seed takes that to next level. As you can expect, this seed has a good-sized village alongside a stronghold in a ravine. But it also has a Pillager outpost inside the village. So, you can expect a proper massacre going on in the village when you arrive there to loot the stronghold.

Moreover, there are no eyes of Ender on the end portal in this world, but the loot is still worth exploring. This PE seed is exciting in many ways. If you plan on trying out only one of the best seeds for Minecraft PE, let it be this one.

  • Seed code: -1594804186
  • Village and Ravine Coordinates: X: -715, Y: 64, Z: 1842
  • Pillager Outpost Coordinates: X: -728, Y: 64, Z: 1800

11. Huge Snowy Village with Stronghold

Snowy Village with Stronghold with Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds

Our next seed brings us one of the newer additions in the game – a snowy village. Many players are yet to discover one in their game, and it might be this seed that might crack the deal for them. The village isn’t present at spawn but traveling to it will fulfill most of your resource requirements.

It’s one of the largest village-based spawns you can come across in Minecraft. Other than that, it also spawns right on top of a major stronghold. It is a rare spawn because these generally spawn under plains villages. Then, the fact that this is a relatively new type of village makes the presence of a stronghold even more exciting.

  • Seed code: 19825025
  • Village Coordinates: X: 1050, Y: 69, Z: 500
  • Stronghold Digpoint Coordinates: X: 1060, Y: 69, Z: 500

12. Four Buried Treasures and Flower Island Village

4 Buried Treasures and Flower Island Village Near Ocean Monument with Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds

The next on our list of best seeds for Minecraft PE is a series of good coincidences. It is another one of the luckiest Minecraft PE seeds you can try out in 2021. We land on an island surrounded by cold ruins of all sizes at spawn. It automatically leads to 4 buried treasures present on the beaches of this island.

Then, if you travel a little towards the northwest, you will discover an island with a village. It’s surrounded by a flower forest, making it one of the most scenic locations. But, the highlight of this seed is the Ocean Monument located on the opposite side of the village. There’s also a shipwreck in the area if you wish to explore it before risking your life at the Monument.

  • Seed code: 99310651
  • Village Coordinates: X: -760, Y: 69, Z: -200
  • Ocean Monument Coordinates: X: -920, Y: 50, Z: -360
  • Cluster of Cold Ruins Coordinates: X: -728, Y: 55, Z: -152
  • Shipwreck Coordinates: X: -744, Y:55, Z: -472

13. Exposed Stronghold Entrance and Library in Village

Exposed Stronghold Entrance and Library in a Spawn Village with Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds

This seed’s spawn is probably the rarest stronghold spawn you can find in sandbox games like Minecraft. Here, we get a large hillside Taiga village with a variety of villagers, an iron golem, and more. In the middle of this village, however, is a giant exposed stronghold library. All you need to do is break its brick wall to enter it. Then, right next to it is an open stairway that leads to the stronghold. There aren’t even any blocks obstructing its entrance, only water. You can even see villagers sometimes making their way into the stronghold in this Minecraft PE seed.

  • Seed code: 322161687

14. Desert Temple and 4 Villages Near Spawn

Desert Temple and 4 Villages Near Spawn in Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds

Spawning near a village is usually the first feature most Minecraft players are looking for in any good Minecraft seed. This seed provides us not just one village but four villages, and all of them are within a few hundred blocks of spawn. Three of them are plains villages, while one is a savanna village. But before you start looting all the villages, you might want to explore the desert temple located close to our spawn. In many ways, this seed provides us with the best resources to begin a good survival run in Minecraft Pocket edition.

  • Seed code: -1490077216
  • Village at Spawn Coordinates: X: 184, Y: 66, Z: 40
  • Desert Temple Coordinates: X: 296, Y: 65, Z: -136
  • Plains Village Coordinates: X: -296, Y: 65, Z: 136
  • Savanna Village Coordinates: X: 568, Y: 68, Z: 152
  • Plains Village Coordinates: X: 600, Y: 65, Z: -264

15. A Collection of Lucky Villages

A Collection of Lucky Villages

Continuing our appreciation of villages, our next best Minecraft Pocket Edition seed takes the best types of villages in-game and puts them in a single area. To begin, we spawn not far away from a fairly sized plains village, which is built upon a stronghold that can be found using the ravine in the village. Then, close to that village is a desert temple with interesting loot. But if you are greedy for better resources, there is another desert temple next to a desert village within the same biome.

Finally, now that you have ample resources, it’s time to start our adventure. For that, you can continue wandering the desert until you find a decent-sized zombie desert village with good loot.

  • Seed code: ace (A limited number of Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds also exist as characters. Please keep the capitilization in mind.)
  • Village with Stronghold and Ravine Coordinates: X: 584, Y: 68, Z: 136
  • Desert Temple Coordinates: X: 664, Y: 65, Z: 264
  • Zombie Village Coordinates: X: 1400, Y: 64, Z: 184
  • Desert Village Coordinates: X: 1080, Y: 67, Z: 232
  • Desert Temple Coordinates: X: 1032, Y: 69, Z: 200

16. Kingdom of Ice Seed in Minecraft Pocket Edition


When we spawn into this seed, it feels pretty normal. There’s a Ruined portal and a plains village nearly a thousand blocks away from our spawn. Both of them have loot you can use to get started with your Minecraft journey. But the primary focus on this seed isn’t that. If you find your way to a certain location (coordinates below), you are in for a surprise.

Here, you will find a snowy village surrounded by frozen ocean and tall spikes. The place feels like a movie set in terms of placement. If you want to create a snow base or kingdom, this Minecraft Pocket Edition seed is best for you. While making your way to these coordinates, you can also find a witch hut in a large swamp biome.

  • Seed code: 246669682
  • Snowy Village Coordinates: X: 120, Y: 68, Z: 171
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 334, Y: 69, Z: 120
  • Village Near Spawn Coordinates: X: 1032, Y: 65, Z: 121
  • Ruined Portal Near Spawn Coordinates: X: 1032, Y: 67, Z: 8
  • Witch Hut Coordinates: X: 536, Y: 76, Z: 376

17. Exposed Stronghold in a Farming Village

Exposed Stronghold in a Farming Village

After going through the whole list of best seeds for Minecraft PE, you might not see exposed strongholds as rare. But they are rare to come across randomly. Well, this seed makes it rarer by spawning the stronghold on top of a farm next to a river. It even takes over almost half of the farmland.

Now, if you break the walls, you can directly enter an on-ground library in the stronghold. After that, finding the portal should be a simple job. This amazing village isn’t at our spawn point, but it’s worth traveling to it, thanks to the presence of an iron golem, an armorer, and of course, the stronghold.

  • Seed code: 12023120
  • Zombie Village Coordinates: X: 936, Y: 68, Z: 136

18. 10 Villages and 7 Blacksmiths Around Spawn

10 Villages and 7 Blacksmiths within Around Spawn

Let’s start by clearing things up. All of the villages in this seed are independent. None of them are a combination of two villages merging into each other. Many of them have additional features like Ruined portals, desert temples, cold ruins, and Mineshafts around them. You will have to travel a few hundred blocks to reach some of them, but it will be worth your time.

Not to forget, 7 out of 10 villages have blacksmiths to give you all the iron you can require in the game. Perfect for resource hoarders, you can find literally every item you need to get ready to make a Nether Portal while playing passively in this seed. But to avoid overwhelming you, we will leave out the coordinates of a few villages for you to discover. Meanwhile, you can find some of the interesting locations using these coordinates.

  • Seed code: 85292285
  • Desert Temple Next to Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: -792, Y: 65, Z: 216
  • Savanna Village on a Stronghold Coordinates: X: 488, Y: 64, Z: 536
  • Savanna Village Near Buried Treasures and Cold Ruin Clusters Coordinates: X: 504, Y: 68, Z: -236
  • Desert Village with Temple and Stronghold Coordinates: X: -792, Y: 70, Z: 1048
  • Pillager Outpost Next to Desert Temple Coordinates: X: -904, Y: 73, Z: 648

19. Calming Winding River Seed for Minecraft PE

Calming Winding River Seed for Minecraft PE

After so many twists and turns, it’s time to relax with our next Minecraft Pocket Edition seed. It spawns you next to a river winding its way through the plains, forests, and mountain biomes. The seed is simple in most terms, and if you want to explore the Minecraft world while relaxing, it’s perfect.

You will need to make a boat in Minecraft to make the most out of this seed. Though, for the players looking for glitched or unique seeds, it also has a little circular crater you can check out. It’s equal in almost all sizes, making it feel custom-made instead of a natural spawn.

  • Seed code: 95475027
  • Circular Crater Coordinates: X: 582, Y: 64, Z: -16

20. Winter is Everywhere Seed

Winter is Everywhere Minecraft

The winter is here. And this seed makes sure you feel it. It spawns us in the chilly snowy tundra biome. Next to it are snowy mountains and ice spikes. However, what makes this Minecraft PE seed interesting is the floating chunks of land next to the ice spikes. There are 3 villages and 3 Ruined portals in this biome for you to explore.

Once you are done with the ice biome, the wooded hills around your spawn can help you with the rest of your resources. Alternatively, you can also choose to explore 3 huge ravines near your spawn. The snow-based area is large enough to become a whole city in Minecraft if you set your mind to it. You just need to figure out a way to deal with the large number of polar bears in this region first.

  • Seed code: 1541592643
  • Nearest Village Coordinates: X: 24, Y: 67, Z: -296
  • Nearest Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 104, Y: 65, Z: 8

21. Three Blacksmiths and a Stronghold

3 Blacksmiths and a Stronghold

Blacksmiths are every Minecraft player’s favorite type of villagers. Their chests have iron tools and ingots and they are a free source of lava. You get an added bonus if you find them early enough in the game. The village in this Minecraft PE seed has not one but three blacksmiths with their lava and chests ready to be looted. However, they are located nowhere near the spawn, so you will have to find your way around or teleport to them.

The village, as you might expect, is fairly large and also offers many other useful resources. But what makes this seed special is the presence of a stronghold under the village. The actual End portal in it is also easy to find as it’s located directly beneath the village.

  • Seed code: 1287285758
  • Blacksmiths’ Village Coordinates: X: 1053, Y: 64, Z: -345

22. All Biomes Around Spawn in Minecraft PE

All Biomes Around Spawn
Mapped View

Let’s move on to a resourceful and unique seed for Minecraft PE players. In it, we spawn on a beach next to wooded hills. And around us, within 2000 blocks are possibly all of the Minecraft biomes. I was able to confirm 60 biomes and sub-biomes in that area (also shown in the map above). You might be able to discover more if you get exploring.

But before you begin, you can loot a small cold ruin next to your spawn for added support in terms of resources. This location has a buried treasure map that, spoilers alert, you can use to find the treasure on your spawn island. Then, you can keep exploring your surroundings or even underwater as the area has multiple caves and ruins you can mine.

  • Seed code: 3568659533
  • Cold Ruin Coordinates: X: 2345, Y: 42, Z: 26

23. Underwater Igloo with Basement

Underwater Igloo with Basement

Generally, Igloos are created or spawned on land. But, as the gods of Minecraft randomness would decide, there’s an igloo underwater in this Minecraft seed. It still has a basement that you can loot, but make sure to hold your breath while you do so. This Igloo is right at our spawn location, next to a village. There’s also a small warm ruin near it if you need more resources. As for the village, it is a rather large snowy village with a variety of villagers and its own Iron Golem.

  • Seed code: -873280664
  • Igloo Coordinates: X: 547, Y: 64, Z: 85

24. A Mob Hub Taking Over The Hill

A Mob Hub Taking Over The Hill

The next seed gives us one of the most interesting Minecraft villages. It features a zombie village scattered over and under a hill. You can expect a ton of mobs to spawn here at night, thanks to its diverse size and placement. But if you want to fight the mobs during the day, you also have a Pillar outpost next to the village.

If it wasn’t a zombie village, things would have been pretty deadly for the villagers. But, if you choose to explore this place during the night, things aren’t looking good for you either. So, there’s definitely loot here that might interest you but make sure you are loaded with weapons to take on the attacking mob at night.

  • Seed code: 2011429558
  • Zombie Village Coordinates: X: -740, Y: 95, Z: 100

25. Reliable Nether Survival Seed

Reliable Nether Survival Seed

Unlike most of the other best Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds in this list, this one has special nether benefits too. We start our journey by spawning near a plains village. You need to keep its location in mind before exploring further. This is where we need to make our Nether portal.

However, to prep for it, there are a savanna village and a desert temple, along with a cluster of cold ruins, and you can loot each of them to be prepared for what’s next. Once you enter the Nether, there’s a Bastion Remnant near our spawn point. If you keep looking around, you will also find a Nether Fortress nearby to complete the adventure.

  • Seed code: -2063911105
  • Village Coordinates: X: 600, Y: 67, Z: 56
  • Savannah Village Coordinates: X: 175, Y: 67, Z: 195
  • Desert Temple Coordinates: X: 58, Y: 66, Z: 366
  • Nether Fortress Coordinates: X: -389, Y: 70, Z: 75
  • Bastion Coordinates: X: 128, Y: 70, Z: 80

26. Tallest Pillager Outpost in Minecraft PE

Tallest Pillager Outpost in Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds

We all know that climbing a Pillager Outpost is a risky task. But that statement looks like an undersell if we focus on the next seed. This Minecraft PE seed offers one of the tallest Pillager Outposts you can find in the game. All the surrounding buildings are also all over the place. It’s not that close to the spawn either, but you can find your way to it while exploring a couple of biomes. Even if you don’t consider the loot of Outpost to be worth the efforts, the scenic value of this seed is hard to miss.

  • Seed code: 1256894139
  • Tallest Pillager Outpost Coordinates: X: 100, Y:64, Z: 504

27. Monumental Library Seed for Minecraft PE

A Monumental Library in Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds

As we all know, monuments are rare to come across in Minecraft oceans. What’s even rarer is coming across exposed stronghold libraries underwater. This seed, however, gives us both structures merged into each other. Finding another seed similar to this is highly unlikely. The key location here isn’t exactly close to the spawn, but definitely worth traveling to.

Here, right next to the monument, is an open stronghold library. There’s no wall blocking it, and there’s even water flowing into it. You can easily find one of the best loots in this area.

  • Seed code: 1234569
  • Underwater Library Coordinates: X: -1359, Y:54, Z: -1162

28. Village Island with Underwater Exposed Stronghold

Village Island with Underwater Exposed Stronghold

In our next Minecraft Pocket Edition seed, we spawn near an interesting island village. It’s a plains village covering almost the whole island. You can find most of the resources you need to get started in survival on this island. Now, the more interesting part of this village is actually under the island.

If you swim into the ocean, you will find almost the whole stronghold exposed and waiting for you. There are also underwater ravines next to the stronghold. Then, there are also ocean ruins that are combined into the stronghold library. Finally, what makes it better is that there’s also a shipwreck next to the island and the monument.

  • Seed code: 2029555703
  • Island Coordinates: X: 1320, Y:72, Z: -328

29. Ruined Portal Merged with Villager’s House

Ruined Portal Merged with Villager's House

Continuing on the spree of merging structures, we have a villager’s Ruined house with a Ruined portal. This seed is probably one of the weirdest and unique seeds for Minecraft PE we could find.

We spawn next to a river and dark oak forest, but close to that location is a giant village. It is an interesting place with a variety of villagers and houses. Then, you will find a broken villager’s house in the village. Here, half of the house is engulfed by the ruined portal and its lava. There’s also a chest involved. Meanwhile, the other half of the house is a regular house that even has a bed and a Crafting table in it. If you use this portal as the main Nether portal, the bed next to it is a perfect spawn point for you.

  • Seed code: 1416082668
  • Village Coordinates: X: 152, Y:67, Z: 40
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 99, Y:74, Z: 36

30. A World of Taigas in Best Seeds for Minecraft PE

A World of Taigas

Among all the forest-based Minecraft biomes, Taigas have a separate fan following. Our final seed in the list of best seeds for Minecraft PE caters to them. We spawn on the edge of the Plains and Taiga biomes. And if you explore the plains biome, the best thing to discover is the tiny ravines.

But, if you choose to stick with the Taiga biome, you can locate four taiga villages here. Three of the villages are located within 500 blocks from the spawn point. And for some reason, if you dig around or under them, there are several dungeons with mob spawners that you can come across. Not to forget, we might have a little personal inclination towards the seed code too.

  • Seed code: bee bom (For this character based seed, the space also counts in the seed code. So, make sure you are using same captilization and spacing while entering it)
  • Spawn-side Taiga Village Coordinates: X: 104, Y: 67, Z: 152
  • Taiga Village Coordinates: X: -232, Y: 64, Z: -232
  • Forest Edge Taiga Village Coordinates: X: -328, Y: 65, Z: 136
  • Furthest Village from Spawn Coordinates: X: 520, Y: 68, Z: -264

Try out These Best Seeds for Minecraft PE

From merged structures to amazing loot, these best seeds for Minecraft Pocket Edition can make your game a lot more interesting. They offer you plenty of interesting adventures to compete with the PC gamers covering up the Minecraft space. But with Minecraft PE, there’s still an inevitable struggle of syncing Minecraft worlds. Fortunately, our detailed guide to sync Minecraft worlds across Android devices is here for your rescue. As for the Java players, they can also try these best Minecraft Modpacks to enhance the experience and make it better than many seeds out there. Feel free to share more seeds that you find with our readers in the comments section. Now, don’t wait a minute more and try out these Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds.

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