15 Best Minecraft Adventure Maps You Must Try

The default world of Minecraft is great for exploration and crafting. If you are using one of the best speedrunning seeds, you can even add some thrill to your journey and attempt to set a world record. But none of that compares to adventure maps in Minecraft. Each adventure map is crafted carefully to give you a unique story that goes beyond your regular everyday Minecraft experience. You spawn in a manually crafted world, and your goal is to survive everything that the map has in store for you. With that said, it’s time to get ready and explore the best Minecraft adventure maps.

We have tested each map on the latest Minecraft 1.19.3 update, so you can rest assured about the compatibility. Our list isn’t ranked, so use the table below to explore each adventure map at your convenience. Also, if you don’t already know how to install maps in Minecraft, follow our linked guide.

1. Darksouls – The Crafted Souls

If you have been active around the gaming community, you might have heard about the game series “Dark Souls”. Our first adventure map recreates the world of Dark Souls in the blocky style of Minecraft. It provides us with truly terraformed terrain, a beautiful forest, an immersive castle, and a lot more.

Darksouls - The Crafted Souls - Best Minecraft Adventure Maps

The map also offers two boss mobs for us to fight. But, since the adventure map doesn’t offer any new mob mechanics, the final result is close to the vanilla Minecraft experience. Though there are separate shops and interactive game settings, the mechanics in place make this map more interesting. Additionally, this map demands some resources to run properly. So, its developers suggest that you skip it if you are using an older system.

Download Darksouls Adventure Map

2. Cobble Trouble

Almost every Minecraft player sees the game as a creative outlet where solutions are built and not found. Challenging that viewpoint, this map gives us a chance to explore Minecraft in a new light as a puzzle game. It comes packed with 15 unique puzzles designed around cobblestone.

Some of these puzzles are quite intuitive and easy to solve. Meanwhile, others will leave you scratching your head. The best part of the map is the fact that it has been designed keeping multiplayer gameplay in mind. That means you can jump into the game with your friends and spend hours attempting to solve creative cobblestone puzzles.

Download Cobble Trouble Adventure Map

3. A Gift For Allay

Thanks to the blocky pixelated world, Minecraft never fails to remind us of the retro 2D games. But what if we could play Minecraft as one too? Paying tribute to Minecraft 1.19 mob Allay, this map gives us a Minecraft puzzle in 2D format. In terms of design, it is easily the most unique Minecraft adventure map on our list.

On this map, we play as a vex and are supposed to deliver gifts to the allay. The map comes with its own Minecraft resource pack creating a fresh experience. But do make sure you don’t have mods installed in your game. This map is not compatible with any mods, including even Optifine for Minecraft.

Download A Gift For Allay Adventure Map

4. Beware in Best

Stepping away from puzzle-solving, we have a special Minecraft map that isn’t suitable for weak hearts. As the name indicates, Beware is a psychological horror map for Minecraft. Complete with unique textures and sounds, the map drops us in the middle of a horror story, which is scarier than most horror games.

The story revolves around a character looking for their wife in the middle of a creepy world. Usually, such horror maps are disappointing, but Beware is definitely an exception. Not to forget, as the map isn’t multiplayer compatible, doing the whole quest by yourself makes the whole experience spookier. Bonus tip: this map feels even scarier if you install one of these best Minecraft shaders to upgrade the look of your world.

Download Beware Adventure Map

5. Dragon Tower Defense

Delivering an interesting take on survival gameplay, this map takes us to the world of dragons. The story unfolds over 5 nights, and each night, you have to protect the queen dragon egg from waves of enemies. And don’t worry, you are not alone in this fight. Your friends and dragons can help you keep the horde at bay.

Each night is set in a different location and focuses on different types of enemies. Meanwhile, you can spend the daytime preparing for the onslaught, training your dragons, and exploring the area. With a focus on teamplay, this is one of the best adventure maps for the Minecraft Realms.

Download Dragon Tower Defence Adventure Map

6. Underwater Mob Arena

Unless you know how to make a Potion of Water Breathing, chances are that you haven’t explored the underwater Minecraft world enough. Fortunately, this map is here to change that. Based underwater, the map gives us 20 waves of enemies with increasing difficulties. You have to defeat all the enemies in every single wave to survive and win this map.

If 20 waves feel a bit overwhelming, you can use your obtained points to shop gear within the game after each wave. Moreover, you can also invite your friends to help you defeat the enemies. Beyond the gameplay, the world itself is rather interesting and gives us a glimpse at the potential of water biomes. Now that is something we can demand the developers to see in the Minecraft 1.19 The Wild update.

Download Underwater Mob-Arena Adventure Map

7. Basebuilders Minigame

Almost half of Minecraft’s massive community, who you can connect with on these best Minecraft Discord servers, spends the majority of their time building a base in Minecraft. It can be a simple house or a massive castle. In the end, a base’s job is just to protect you and your resources. However, this map turns the table around by making you protect your base instead.

The map spawns a variety of hostile mobs, including creepers, skeletons, zombies, and more. You only have a few minutes to build a base and get ready before the action-packed fights kick-off. There are a variety of kits and enchantments that can help you in the later stages of this map.

Download Basebuilders Minigame

8. Casino Night Hitman

Our next Minecraft adventure map has us step into the shoes of a hitman. Inspired by the popular video game Hitman: Blood Money, this map allows us to kill our target in many different ways. There are guards, civilians, and additional targets as well on this map. But before that, you have to collect intel like a real Hitman to plan your assassination.

The map is well created and gives us a fun and refreshing gameplay in this sandbox game. But do keep in mind that it might not work well on every system because of the huge number of active mobs in the game.

Download Casino Night Hitman Adventure Map

9. A Fox’s Life

Most of the Minecraft adventure maps focus on changing the world around you or its gameplay. However, taking it a step further, this map focuses on changing our protagonist into a fox. But that’s not all. The world also has a separate protagonist with its own AI. You can further immerse yourself in this world using one of the cool Minecraft skins from the linked article.

You can explore the world as a fox in a unique terrain generation spread across three islands. Beyond that, the map also offers puzzles and builds by the AI player that you can explore. This map also supports multiplayer servers, and your friends can become foxes too.

Download A Fox’s Life Adventure Map

10. Five Nights at Freddy’s

As the name reveals, this Minecraft map recreates the world in the popular horror game Five Nights at Freddy’s. The game spawns us in an atrium where we have to survive five nights while a variety of monsters try to kill us.

The developers have included a variety of machines and animations along with this map. And you have to be quick and careful to shut the door, turn on lights and prevent monsters from reaching you in any way possible.

Download Five Nights at Freddy’s Adventure Map

11. Toy Story 2

Our search for the best movie-inspired adventure has brought us to this cool Minecraft map, which presents us with the world of Pixar’s Toy Story 2. As you might expect, we play as a toy on this map and spawn in a carefully crafted room that belongs to the toy’s owner. Later on, you can explore the whole house, directly inspired by the movie.

The attention to detail in this map is impressive. As for the gameplay, you get a variety of quests that are sure to keep you hooked for many hours. If you were looking for a vibe of nostalgia, this is the map for you.

Download Toy Story 2 Adventure Map

12. Skyblock 4

If you have tried custom maps before, coming across Skyblock is inevitable. Our next entry takes the celebrated classic Skyblock to the next level with new structures, more mobs, and fresh recipes.

Moreover, it is one of the only few maps that keep getting regular updates with every new Minecraft version. So beyond the chance to have a refreshing Minecraft gameplay experience, this map is sure to keep you entertained with each new update.

Download Skyblock 4 Adventure Map

13. Metro Post-Apocalypse

The Metro franchise is one of the most popular series in the world of post-apocalypse video games and now you can enjoy it within Minecraft. This map takes inspiration from Metro 2033, Metro Last Light, and Metro Exodus to you a quite accurate and immersive world. There are abandoned trains, an eerie atmosphere, and even deadly nuclear radiation.

You spawn below the ground in a range of abandoned metro tunnels and have to complete the missions within the same. If you feel extra adventurous, you can even go to the radiation-affected surface but not without a radiation suit. This map is perfect for multiplayer gameplay with up to 4 players and is also a great option for a solo horror experience.

Download Metro Post-Apocalypse Adventure Map

14. The Legend of Zelda: Rise of Herobrine

As the name reveals, this Minecraft adventure map combines the plot of the Legend of Zelda game series with the infamous myth of Herobrine. You spawn in an interactive open world that is similar to the world of Zelda and have to make your way around it while finishing a variety of quests.

There are custom soundtracks, NPC dialogues, custom items, and a large explorable area. Not to forget, this map is still evolving so you can explore all its features while they are being created. You can even suggest features and quests to its creators before it reaches its final stage.

Download The Legend of Zelda Minecraft Adventure Map

15. The Sheep From Mars

Most Minecraft maps require anywhere between 2 to 4 hours to complete. While that means a long time of fun, it can also get pretty repetitive really soon. Luckily, this map strikes the perfect balance. You get 10-20 minutes of fun and action-packed gameplay with a simple yet enchanting story.

You spawn in the regular Minecraft world where, in the plot, you are walking home from work. Then, something strange falls from the sky and you go to explore it. As the story progresses, you have to sneak into places, complete missions, and even steal a rocket ship. You won’t even realize how quickly the story went by once you start playing it.

Download The Sheep From Mars

With that, you now have the best collection of Minecraft adventure maps to keep you hooked. Each map in our list takes anywhere between minutes to hours for you to get the most out of it. So, with these around, you probably won’t have to go beyond Minecraft for your gaming anytime soon. But once you are done, check out the next level of these maps with the best Minecraft modpacks. Stepping up from the maps, they also add new features to the game. With that said, it’s time for you to download these maps and begin your next adventure today. Do let us know which adventure map you choose in the comments section!

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