10 Best Mind Training Apps and Games for iPhone and Android

Not everyone has a sharp mind with Einstein-like IQ, have they? While some can crack most complex riddles in the blink of an eye, others may struggle to get through even the simplest problems. Though miracles don’t happen overnight, the brain can be trained to improve several pivotal skills including cognition, problem-solving, and concentration. So, if you feel the need to accelerate your mind, make it work faster or enhance critical skills like decision making, this could well be the perfect time to try out the best mind training apps and games for iPhone or Android.

Best Brain Training Apps and Games for Android & iPhone

So, How Do Mind Training Apps Work?

Well, brain training apps use proven scientific methods to design programs featuring several levels. Each level tests your skills with contextual challenges. Thanks to the adaptive difficulty technique, the challenges increase as you go ahead. Do they become boring after a while? Nope! Packed with a ton of fun-loving games, they ensure your learning remains exciting. Of course, they also offer deep insight to help you figure out where you stand and how you can improve. That said, let’s dive right in to explore the lineup!

1. Memorado

Should you want to put your mind to an acid test where logic is the only way out, “Memorado” could be a straightaway winner for you. Probably the best part about this app is a library of 24 mind games with over 700 challenging levels. So, it doesn’t matter what sort of skills you are trying to improve, those games will put your cognitive thinking in a tight corner where everything from memory to mathematical skill will be tested to the hilt.


If you prefer to customize your workouts, you would be glad to have multiple personalization options. You can customize everything in keeping with your preference to have a better result. Beyond the churning mind games, the app also offers mindfulness exercises to help you de-stress. Save those exercises for the times where you feel stressed out due to mounting workloads or hectic lifestyle as they can come in super handy in refreshing the mind. Another front where Memorado shines is the detailed statistics that show both the strong areas and the weak spots that need more attention.

Price: Free, in-app purchases available 

Install: Android, iOS 

2. Elevate

For more than one reason, Elevate is a complete brain-training app. What puts it ahead of the curve is a solid collection of games for critical skills such as memory, focus, and processing. And with personalized daily workouts, the app helps you enhance the skills that you are craving for. Thanks to adaptive difficulty progression, it ensures your experience is filled with enough challenges so that learning never becomes a mundane affair.

Elevate app for iOS and Android

Another area where I find Elevate a touch better than most of its counterparts is the detailed performance tracking. Thus, you can keep an eye on how well you are going ahead with the learning and also figure out the areas that warrant more attention. Moreover, the app comes with a fully-featured workout calendar that makes it a bit easier to track your streaks and also remain inspired to achieve your goal. Just like a true guide, Elevate also offers some crucial tips to accelerate your learning and also tackle the shortcomings in a better way. In short, it’s one of the best brain training apps for iOS and Android that you get right now.

Price: Free, in-app purchases available 

Install: Android, iOS 

3. Lumosity

Of all the brain training apps that I have given a shot, I have found “Lumosity” the most intriguing. What has appealed to me the most in this app is the intelligently structured cognitive training program that offers a more interactive and fun way to sharpen the mind. To ensure the brain training remains a fun-loving experience, the app provides a wide assortment of science-based games primed to enhance several pivotal skills including problem-solving, speed, flexibility, attention and more.


Considering one set of rules doesn’t live up to everyone’s taste, Lumosity offers a fully customized tracking of training habits. So, depending on what works best for you, fine-tune everything accordingly to get the most out of your mind. Furthermore, Lumosity also delivers better insight into how well you are performing. Thus, you can find out your strengths, weaknesses and even your cognitive patterns. Long story short, it’s what you need to bring some fun elements into the brain training without spoiling the learning curve!

Price: Free, in-app purchases available 

Install: Android, iOS 

4. Peak

“Peak” is the sort of brain training games that I can easily recommend to both pros and newbies. The app has an appreciable collection of over 40 games that you would love to play tirelessly. Smartly developed by neuroscientists and game experts, they are designed to push your thinking to the wall. Probably the best part about Peak is the personal trainer that makes it pretty easy to find out an ideal workout to boost different skills.


Aside from offering better recommendations, the virtual coach also provides the much-needed tips so that you can stay on the track. Often don’t get time for yourself due to rather a hectic lifestyle? No problem. The app has got some neatly designed contextual workouts that can seamlessly fit into your short times – even when you are on the go.

Price: Free, in-app purchases available 

Install: Android, iOS 

5. CogniFit

For those who want to have a comprehensive cognitive assessment, CogniFit seems to be one of the better picks for both iOS and Android devices. The app provides a fully structured program of scientifically validated brain fitness solutions. You can take on those programs to exercise the mind to not only bolster various skills but also de-stress it.


On the personalization front, I think CogniFit seems to be up to the ask. Based on your goal, you can customize the programs to enhance specific skills – without needing to dabble into unnecessary stuff. Aside from a good collection of games for adults, the app has also got a nice roster of memory games designed for kids. So, if you want to take your child some interesting mind training sessions, they could prove to be bang on target.

Price: Free, in-app purchases available 

Install: Android, iOS 

6. Brain Training

Simply put, “Brain Training” is a top-notch app for Android users. What sets it apart from many other similar apps is 15 types of games including quick search, focus, concentration, quick decision, and more. So, it doesn’t matter what sort of skills you are willing to improve, it can help you get rid of flaws and sharpen the mind through constructive training. Personally, I have found its multitasking and quick search training quite interesting. If you are struggling to handle multiple tasks efficiently or wish to up your game, they can prove to be game-changers. As for the rules, they are quite straightforward. Simply crack as many questions as you can to get the maximum score.

Brain Training

Price: Free, in-app purchases available 

Install: Android

7. BrainHQ

Boasting probably the most comprehensive brain fitness program, BrainHQ is designed for the folks who want to get into brain training game with more conviction. The exercises are short enough to comfortably find a space even in your rather busy life. Therefore, even if you are able to spare just 5-10 minutes, you can perform the exercises. As for difficulty level, I find them quite good as they are based on the adaptive method. So, even if you aren’t good at solving problems, you can get through them. And slowly but steadily, you will be able to tackle even complex questions. Additionally, BrainHQ has also got an impressive roster of memory games for kids that easily appeal to children courtesy a series of funny tales. Overall, it’s one of the coolest mind training games for Android and iOS devices.


Price: Free, in-app purchases available 

Install: Android, iOS 

8. Brain School

If you are after a light-hearted mind training app, you would be hard-pressed to find a more interesting alternative. Brain School may not be feature-rich like some of its noted counterparts but it has got enough to sharpen your mind to think and work faster. And yes, the app also promises to offer plenty of food for your thought with 20 brain teasers. While solving those riddles, your mind would get to learn several vital skills like concentration and problem-solving. But don’t take them lightly as the game will throw daily test exams designed to get the most out of your IQ. In a nutshell, Brain School is a fun-loving and absolutely free brain training app for iPhone and iPad.

Brain School

Price: Free

Install:  iOS 

9. DoBrain

Are you on the lookout for a brain training game for kids? If yes, DoBrain would be a fantastic option. The reason why I like this app so much is that it offers a nice way to teach children through stories, puzzles, and of course interesting games. And based on what excites a kid, the app provides a curated collection of lessons so that he/she will enjoy learning. Through every session, the app focuses on improving eight core areas of the brain including logical reasoning, Math, reaction, spatial perception, attention and memory, constructional ability, discernment, and creativity. Moreover, DoBrain also offers in-depth report cards of your child’s progress so that you can keep a track of the development.


Price: Free

Install:  Android, iOS

10. MentalUP

Last but not least, MentalUP is one of the best mind training apps that most kids (aged 4-13 years) would love to try out. With ever-growing amusing games, the app makes learning a joyful experience. They primarily focus on improving six major skills including visual intelligence, analytical thinking, attention, memory, concentration, and cognitive thinking. To make the task of progress tracking convenient, the app provides regular reports. Therefore, discovering the areas where the child is strong and spotting the weak points become easier. That apart, it also offers you a chance to compare the progress of your kid with that of other users so that you can know whether your child is ahead of the pack or still needs to put in more effort.


Price: Free

Install:  Android, iOS

Get the Most Out of Mind Training Apps and Games

Rome was not built in a day. Nor will your brain become lightning-fast within a matter of few hours or days. So, go ahead with the programs slowly but steadily. Take one level at a time and keep a track of the progress to stay on course. As we are talking about sharpening the mind, I would recommend you to check out some of the best mind mapping apps that can come in very handy. With the pep talk already over, share your thoughts about the roundup. And also let us know the name of the app that is likely to take you for a long learning spree.

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