15 Best Live Wallpaper Apps for Android

Android lets you customize its entire interface according to your liking. You can use app launchers, icon packs, widgets and more to customize your Android device to look exactly how you want it to. While I use all these customization features, the thing that I customize the most is my home screen background by using wallpaper apps. Wallpapers are the best way to customize the look of your device in seconds. I am personally fond of live wallpapers. A good live wallpaper just looks mesmerizing and adds a little character to your device. In this article, we are going to share with you a list of the 15 best live wallpaper apps for Android which you can use:

Best Live Wallpaper Apps for Android

1. Muzei Live Wallpaper

We will start our list with probably the most popular which also happens to be one of the best live wallpaper apps for Android. Of course, the app I am talking about is called Muzei. The app automatically updates your current wallpaper to a new live wallpaper every day. The best thing about Muzei is that it supports multiple sources with the help of its plugin features. This means you can download add-on wallpapers from the Play Store. It’s a good live wallpaper app and you should check it out.

1. Muzei Live Wallpaper

Install: (Free, in-app purchases)

2. Hex Shaders

Hex Shaders is a very unique live wallpaper app which basically shows animated hexagonal pixels with a shader program. The wallpapers look hypnotic, futuristic, and unique. I really love its wallpapers. There are 20 different types of hex shade designs that you can choose from. You can also customize different properties of wallpaper such as detail level, timescale, and more. If you love the unique and futuristic design, definitely give it a try.

Install: (Free, in-app purchases)

3. Automs HD

Another unique and beautiful live wallpaper app is called Automs HD which brings a highly complex, kinetic, and interactive visualizer which looks absolutely beautiful. There are basically thousands of colorful particles swirling around in the wallpaper which behave differently depending on whether you are swiping, holding, or just tapping on the screen. Depending on your interaction, at times you will see fireworks, whirlwinds, and fireflies among other things. This is one of the few wallpaper apps that I have paid for from my own pockets so you know its good.

Install: ($3.99)

4. Earth & Moon

If you love space-themed wallpaper you are going to love the Earth & Moon live wallpaper pack. The app brings a live 3D representation of earth, moon, and clouds. It also uses your phone’s gyroscope to induce incredible 3D parallax effects which look awesome. You can adjust different settings including camera angle, parallax effect, animation, and more. Believe me, you are going to love this app. If you want similar styled live wallpapers but don’t like what this app is offering you can learn to create your own Google Earth style 3D wallpapers or just download the APK for the Google Pixel 2 live wallpapers.

Install: (Free, in-app purchases)

5. Chrooma Live Wallpaper

If you are a fan of wallpapers featuring abstract shapes, then Chrooma Live Wallpaper is the app for you. The app feature ever-changing wallpapers which change as soon as you return back to your home screen. The shapes in the background move ever so slightly and give a 3D parallax effect. I love that both the colors and design are inspired by Google’s Material Design language so it feels right at home on Android devices. This wallpaper app is also great people who love minimalist wallpapers.

Install: ($2.49)

6. Forest Live Wallpaper

If you are not a fan of swamp water organisms, how about a forest? The Forest Live Wallpaper is a popular live wallpaper on Play Store. The app gives you access to relaxing wallpapers with trees blowing in the wind and a sky that changes from dusk till dawn. If you love a minimalist approach, then this is the wallpaper app for you.

Install: (Free)

7. Paperland Live Wallpaper

Another minimalistic live wallpaper app that I love is the Paperland Live Wallpaper. The app brings a fantastic paper cut-out landscape that keeps scrolling on your screen. There are different themes that you can choose from including silent night, grassy, desert migration, and more. You can also customize the colors and objects inside a wallpaper theme. I really love this wallpaper app and recommend that you at least try it once.

Install: (Free, in-app purchases)

8. AMOLED LiveWallpaper

AMOLED LiveWallpaper is best for people with AMOLED displays as it is easy on the battery life. Live wallpaper users know that the live effect comes with a price and that price is a loss of battery life. While that loss is not that significant, it is there. That’s where AMOLED LiveWallpaper come in. Since these wallpapers are mostly black, most of the pixels on your phone’s AMOLED display don’t light up thus saving you battery life. Also, the black background looks amazing in my opinion.

Install: (Free, in-app purchases)

9. KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker

If you want ultimate control over how your live wallpapers look and behave, you need to get the KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker app. The app basically lets you create your own live wallpaper from scratch. You can choose your own image and then add data (date & clock), weather, shapes animations, layer, position and more. The customizations are endless here and you are only held back by your imagination and skills. Do note that you will have to spend a considerable amount of time in learning this app if you want to make use of all its features.

Install: (Free, in-app purchases)

10. Motion

Motion is a dynamic 3D animated live wallpaper for phones and tablets with parallax 3D effects. Users can set custom colors for particles and background. While this might feel like other particle-based wallpaper on this list, one major key difference here is that the particles are displayed in 3D which makes the wallpaper even more interesting. Also, there’s no predefined shape here and the particles follow a free-flow pattern. If you like what you read here, you should definitely check it out.

Install: ($1.99)

11. Parallax 3D Live Wallpapers

This one is for all the Parallax wallpapers fans out there. The
Parallax 3D Live Wallpapers app is one of the best if not the best 3D live wallpaper apps featuring 3D backgrounds. There are many categories of wallpapers that you can choose from, including superheroes, anime, abstract, animals, space, planets, nature, fantasy, and more. One of the best things about this app is that more and more wallpapers are submitted on a weekly basis so you will never run out of new wallpapers.

Install: (Free, in-app purchases)

12. A Liquid Cloud

A Liquid Cloud is a simple and soothing wallpaper app which basically shows you clouds shifting and moving around in winds. You can select from different themes which basically change the color of the clouds. You can also change the wind direction, wind speed, cloud fluffiness, and more. That said, most of its features are hidden behind a paywall so keep that in mind before you install this app.

Install: (Free, in-app purchases)

13. Particle Live Wallpaper

Particle Live Wallpaper is also one of my most favorite wallpaper apps. It’s kind of similar to Automs HD in the sense that you get a big swirling mass of particles which behave differently depending on how you interact with your phone’s display. That said, the shapes here are quite different from the ones featured in Automas HD and you get higher control over the color of the particles. The bottom line here is that if you live particle inspired wallpapers, this is a must-have wallpaper app for you.

Install: (Free)

14. SwampWater

This live wallpaper is not for everyone and I surprisingly like it a lot. The app basically gives you a wallpaper consisting of solid color background which acts as a world for tiny microscopic organisms. These microscopic organisms move on their own accord which looks cool. Basically, you will have a living, microscopic world right in your phone. The only customization control you get is the ability to change the background color. As I said, this is not for everyone but I love it and I know some of you will find it interesting too.

Install: (Free)

15. ZENTALED Live Wallpaper

The last wallpaper app on our list is a bit unique. The app uses a combination of moving pixels to show different shapes and faces. The shapes change automatically and randomly which looks really cool. I also love that it has a bit of interactive element to eat as the pixels reach to your touch on the display. This is also great for AMOLED phones as most of the wallpaper is black as you can see in the picture below.

Install: (Free, in-app purchases)

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Best Live Wallpaper Apps for Android

I have tested all of these apps and only recommend them to you as I found them quite interesting. So, do check the list out and let us know if you find it useful or not. Wallpapers are a subjective thing that’s why if you don’t see your favorite app on this list, don’t worry. Just share its name in the comments section below and we will check it out.

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