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10 Best LG V10 Protective Cases

LG V10 — the brand-new Smartphone from the Korean manufacturer — doesn’t disappoint users in terms of power or performance! Nor do you have to complain about a weaker build or something. The device, which shares noticeable similarities with the previous LG G4, is indeed promising, for that matter. You get a Hexa-core SoC from Qualcomm, combined with 4GB RAM. As we come to camera, there is a 16MP rear shooter that even lets you take photographs like a pro, using the manual modes.

Along with all these, you get a secondary display, apart from the 6-inched screen it has. As you expect, Corning Gorilla Glass 4 is there for screen protection, but it isn’t seemingly enough for a rough usage scenario. In addition, it’s worth noting that the body build isn’t exceptional either. Therefore, it makes enough sense to get an additional protection for your LG V10, through some amazing protective cases.

Here are some of the best protective cases for your brand new LG V10.

1. OtterBox Rugged LG V10 Case

We have the first LG V10 protective case from the Defender series of OtterBox, which is popular for the heavy-built cases that serve the rough usage scenario. This case is available only in black colour and may be expensive as well. Even so, the protection provided — twenty four different tests and testing duration of 238 hours are given for each case from OtterBox — seem quite satisfactory. The three-layer protective case for LG V10 is equipped with both drop and dust protection capabilities, and the included screen protector makes things easier than you expect. Other features of the case include port plugs for resisting dust, an in-built holster that can be helpful for connecting to your belt. It is to be noted that the holster can be used as a hands-free kickstand as well.

2. Obliq Flex Slim Fit LG V10 Case

If you prefer a slim-fit protective case for your brand-new LG V10, Obliq Flex Slim Fit LG V10 Case seems to be a good option. Despite its slimness, there is no compromise made on quality of protection, with a shock absorption bumper, secure fit design and the use of soft touch TPU. To resist slipping, Obliq has included an extra grip on side sections of Obliq Flex Slim Fit LG V10 Case, with a stylish finish, for that matter. According to what customers say, this case has a really slim design; up to an extent you wouldn’t find a difference when the case is put on. The grid pattern on back side of Obliq Flex Slim Fit LG V10 Case not only makes the case attractive but usable as well.

  • Price: $9.99
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

3. Ringke Fusion Crystal View LG V10 Case

At least some of you might be tensed about losing the native looks of your LG V10 when you put on a case! If you are one of those, Ringke Fusion Crystal View LG V10 Case is a good-to-go option. This perfect-fit V10 case is based on an entire Crystal View concept, meaning that the device design would be ready for show-off from every aspect. It has to be noted that the case is powered by a dual coating technology, which protects all the sides of devices; there is also a set of enhanced buttons, offering a good response as well. When you purchase Ringke Fusion Crystal View LG V10 Case, you get a free HD screen protector along with the Design It Yourself kit. The latter is useful in case if you want to customize looks of the case.

  • Price: $10.99
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

4. Spigen Slim Armor LG V10 Case

Spigen is a trusted solution you can undoubtedly choose when protection and style is your favorite combination! It’s not going to add much bulk to your LG V10 but the whole design is compact enough to handle. The dual-layered case is powered by a dual layer protection — along with the Air Cushion Technology that is developed by Spigen. If we are to talk about the material in use, we would find the fruitful duo of TPU interior and the hard PC exterior. Noticeable features of Spigen Slim Armor LG V10 Case include spot-on cut-outs for all the accessories and camera, a kickstand to be useful in a variety of instances and the compact design. In the long run, you get a classy feeling when you hold the device.

  • Price: $18.99
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

5. Spigen LG V10 Rugged Armor Case

We have another LG V10 protective case from Spigen — Spigen LG V10 Rugged Armor Case, which proves to be one of the most effective and sexier protective cases you’d have for the device. It’s a minimal-styled case that is powered by a single-layer TPU shell. Since Spigen has used high-quality TPU for construction, you don’t have to be tensed as it comes to the case of impact absorption. On the back and side portions of the case, you would find an extra grip. This grip is useful in several instances, a part of your rough Smartphone use. Other notable aspects of Spigen LG V10 Rugged Armor Case include the precise cut-outs, the use of Air Cushion Technology, shock-absorbing pattern even in the single-layer etc.

  • Price: $10.99
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

6. Incipio LG V10 DualPro Case

Not to mention the style, what makes Incipio LG V10 DualPro Case is the use of Plextonium build and the craftiness, which is more or less marvelous. As you might have guessed from the name, the case has two layers for optimal level protection, one heavy and one semi-flexible, thus to make the case resistant towards various kinds of obstacles. The inner layer is powered by dLAST TPE, which is impressive. It has to be noted that, despite its heavy name, Plextonium is lightweight and very easy to handle. We can’t resist saying that, Incipio LG V10 DualPro Case brings an extremely attractive look for your LG V10. Depending upon the colour of your device, you can choose one among the four variants of the case — Black/Black, Gray/Gray, Red/Black and Pink/Gray. Considering all these, the price isn’t expensive either.

7. Incipio Octane LG V10 Bumper Case

We have another case from Incipio, but this is included in the Octane series, which also gives an impressive layer of protection over the native build of your LG V10. It has to be noted that Incipio Octane LG V10 Bumper Case has been equipped with impact absorbing capability, thanks to the use of Flex2O textured bumper and the quite-powerful one named Plextonium. When both are combined, we are going to have a next-level protection for the LG V10, just as it’s said in the official site. The back panel of Incipio Octane LG V10 Bumper Case is making use of transparent layer that shows off the real looks of your device. Of course, that doesn’t alter the level of protection implied. You also get one-year warranty from Incipio, which is good.

8. Case-Mate Wallet Folio Case for LG V10

When you need an elegant-looking and productive case for your LG V10, Case-Mate Wallet Folio Case for LG V10 is a good choice, we bet. If you’re a leather-hate, get it off the list, but on another scenario, the quality cannot be better than this. Using this protective case, you can not only cover your LG V10 Smartphone, but also store some stuff such as credit/debit cards and cash, for that matter. So, you can cut down the wallet when you go out, given that you will take your phone with you. Case-Mate is a brand that comes with stunning protective cases that never raises a doubt about durability and strength. Even so, the form-fitting interior design and arrangement are to be mentioned. Other notable features of Case-Mate Wallet Folio Case for LG V10 include a slimmer profile, hand-crafted perfection and a 360-degree protection offered.

  • Price: $60.00
  • Where to Buy: Case-Mate Official Site

9. Verus High Pro Shield LG V10 Case

If you are looking for a compact, practical and functional protective case for your LG V10, Verus High Pro Shield LG V10 Case might be one of the best choices to be made, not only because of its slim profile but also superb options it offers. For protection, you have full-degree coverage along with raised edges on the front part, so that the screen is not in contact when you place it upside down. The snug-fit protective is constructed using a two-layer combo, one of which is TPU and the other being polycarbonate. In addition to these, rubbery cushions inside can enhance safety. If we are to take the case of looks, the brushed-metal look proves to be sexy and elegant, at the same time. And, the grippy finish makes it easy to handle the device. It’s available in Steel Silver, Rose Gold and Shine Gold variants.

  • Price: $16.99
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

10. LK Dual Layer LG V10 Case

The last LG V10 protective case in our list is LK Dual Layer LG V10 Case, which is an ultra-affordable option when your budget is lower. Indeed, the case is perfect fit for the device, and the whole construction is a blend of soft bumper & an anti-slip finish. While the bumper can fight off relatively larger obstacles, the anti-slip finish is a practically useful feature, we believe. However, it needs to be noted that LK has used plastic and silicone for building the case, instead of TPU or PC. When we add the additional features such as easier installation, just-right cut-outs and the price, it’s all good to go with LK Dual Layer LG V10 Case. It’s available in different colour variants, including Mint, Black, Blue and Hot Pink.

  • Price: $7.99
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

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Which protective case are you going to use for your brand new LG V10? Do let us know in comments section.

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