15 Best Lethal Company Mods You Should Install

In Short
  • We suggest mods like bigger party sizes and additional suits for that added chaos and customizability.
  • We recommend downloading QoL mods such as item quick swap, FOV adjust, ship loot, and others.
  • We also mention the LC API for Lethal Company, a modding tool that manages every other mod in Lethal Company systematically.

Lethal Company has become one of the hottest games, and surprisingly enough, it received support for mods quickly. And much like most PC games that support modding, you have tons of options to choose from. This article discusses our favorite Lethal Company mods that you should try. Some of them add simple QoL features, while others straight up make the game a comedy fest. So, with that said, let’s check out the mods.

Note We have a dedicated Lethal Company modding guide to help you prepare the game for mods installation. We suggest going through that guide step-by-step before proceeding further.

1. More Company

Lethal Company best lobby mods

We had to put this mod at the top because it makes the game more chaotic and fun. MoreCompany, by notnotnotswipez, increases the lobby size from four to eight players, keeping the stability. It does support more than eight people in-game. However, some UI features will not properly accommodate this mod. Additionally, you also get helmet cosmetics to make you stand apart.

However, we suggest trying this mod after you have experienced the vanilla game. Lethal Company has been made with a four-player co-op in mind. This means game balancing, and everything else gets tossed out of the ship with this mod. So, try it with your friends on a random weekend evening on a separate save.

2. Ship Loot

The current system for calculating loot credits on your ship involves scanning them together in one batch. However, by design, the game intentionally shows the wrong amount of scrap. Ship Loot, by tinyhoot, fixes this by adding a counter at the right-bottom of your screen.

This counter shows the complete credit cost of all the loot inside your spaceship. So, you don’t need to worry about huddling every loot in one place and scanning them to find the total cost of items.

3. Item Quick Switch

Next up is a quality of life (QoL) mod that we desperately needed, and we are glad someone made it. ItemQuickSwitch by vasanex is a hotkey mod that allows quick switching to your desired items by pressing 1 to 4.

Since the game has four max slots to carry items, the number keys are bound to them automatically. The mod switches your dance and point emotes to the F1 and F2 keys. So you can still shake your leg or accuse your friend by pointing at them.

4. FOV Adjust

Are you tired of playing Lethal Company in the same default FOV? Do you want to change the FOV to your desired values and enjoy the game? Then FOV adjusts by Rozebud is here for you. This mod allows you to adjust your FOV in-game to your desired value, making it accessible to everyone. You must type /fov followed by the FOV value in the text chat to change it.

5. Additional Suits

Despite all the fun you have, you will need something to differentiate each of your crewmates. That is where this mod by x753 steps in. More add more color options and unique designs for spacesuits inside the ship. So, if you want to split your party into teams, you can color code and venture forth on your adventures.

6. Better Emotes

Do you want more emotes to make the experience fun? Something to roleplay in-game as a fun-loving crew of misfits braving numerous problems you will face? Better Emotes by KlutzyBubbles aims to fill that gap. This mod will add several new emotes, which you can access by holding V on your keyboard. You get a radial menu that makes selecting emotes easier. And you can choose from an assorted choice of emotes.

7. Flashlight Toggle

Flashlight in Lethal Company is a separate item slot you continuously switch between. This adds a scare factor to the game. However, what about the days when you are not in the mood for serious play sessions? The flashlight toggle mod by Renegades helps.

This mod ensures that your flashlight gets mounted on your spacesuit. It still takes up an item slot, but you can use a flashlight while carrying items.

8. Reserved Walkie Slot

Another item that, by design, makes the game tense and realistic is the walkie-talkie, an item you can buy and use to talk with your teammates at a distance at any given time. However, it takes up an inventory slot, and you cannot use it while carrying items around.

Reserved Walkie Slot by Flipmods helps fix that problem. It adds the Walkie-Talkie in a separate slot, freeing up the main inventory. When you want to use it, you hold the Alt key and scroll up or down. Furthermore, holding X while carrying something will allow you to speak on the radio.


LC API by 2018 is a tool that makes your modding life extremely easy. It is a modding API that helps manage your mod files, syncing data between clients adds utilities for servers, like alerting players of modded servers, and adds an asset bundle loading.

Simply put, it is important, making it an essential component of Lethal Company modding. Make sure you download it.

10. Boombox Controller

Want to get more out of the boombox in Lethal Company? Do you want to play that popular griddy song while your other friend does the emote? The Boombox controller by KoderTech adds a functionality where you can play custom YouTube and Soundcloud links through the Boombox. Furthermore, this mod also allows you to change the boombox skin. Perfect to lighten up the tense mood.

11. Late Company

Another game-altering mod that makes the experience a casual affair for those who want to enjoy it instead of being sent offline by aliens is Late Company by anormaltwig. It allows the players to join a friend’s session mid-game after they have landed on a planet.

So, if a friend reaches back home a little later than your planned expedition, they can immediately jump into the game and have their quota of fun.

12. Helmet Cameras

Lethal Company allows one player to stay on the ship and instruct their fellow company employees through abandoned factories. However, the visual aids available to assist the teammates are limited to radar with player blips. This sometimes becomes boring.

The Helmet Cameras mod by RickArg fixes that by utilizing the second large monitor on your ship to display the POV of your teammates in the form of their mounted camera. So, you can see the carnage and chaos inside the factory vividly.

These are our picks for some of the best Lethal Company mods you can download to enhance your gameplay. In the future, we will add more mods to this list. So, are you enjoying Lethal Company? Please share your experiences with us below.

13. Lethal Company Input Utils

Ever wished you could rebind your input keys in Lethal Company to something different? While the vanilla version doesn’t have that option, modders have once again tried finding a temporary solution.

Enter LethalCompany InputUtils by Rune580. This mod allows you to update and assign new key binds to actions in-game. So, if you want to free up some keybinding space for the next mod, this is perfect.

14. Skinwalkers

Monsters in Lethal Company are a menace. They’ll spawn at a certain point. And if you are unlucky, you’ll find multiple of them in your game. But what if you can make them even scarier? Like, you know, them mimicking your friend’s voice to lure you towards them?

Skinwalkers, a mod by RudburgRedfern, is here to provide that. The mod adds a simple feature that elevates the tense atmosphere. Monsters will now randomly mimic your friend’s voice to lure you towards them, catching you by surprise. If you want even more shocking factors in the game, try this Lethal Company mod out.

15. Better Stamina

Stamina is an integral game system of Lethal Company. And there are multiple modifiers attached to that system in-game. But, in every case, it might feel that the available stamina isn’t enough. Fortunately, a simple mod by FlipMods called Better Stamina aims to help with that.

This tweaks the default values of stamina to something better. You can further tweak the values to suit your needs. However, if you don’t want any extra help, we suggest leaving this mod alone.

And these are fifteen of our favorite mods from Lethal Company that you should explore. Each of them adds functionality that elevates an already fabulous experience. So, are there any mods that deserve more recognition? Let us know in the comments below.

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