Gaming has become more popular than ever before, with some great games available for consoles. PCs, on the other hand, have their own charm. Not only you can make one to your own liking and play games at higher resolutions natively, you also get many free games to choose from which can easily be downloaded. One of the most popular game services is Steam, which has a library of numerous great games and some of them are even free to play. So, to help your wallet, and to kill your boredom, we have created a list of the 15 best free Steam games you can play:

1. Paladins


Paladins is an amazing team shooter game, resembling the famous game Overwatch. It is a team based 5v5 shooter game, with unique abilities and gameplay. The game offers some MOBA traits as well, with each character having its own abilities. The game’s objective is to obtain 4 points and capturing the opponent’s fortress, which may sound like easy to win, but it’s not an easy task. The game offers a simple card system from which users can upgrade their heroes of different categories – four to be exact: Front Line, Damage, Support, and Flank. The game has simple maps and vivid visuals which make the clashes more enjoyable.

Availability: Steam

2. Dota 2


Dota 2 is perhaps one of the most famous games out there. Dota 2 is a massive MOBA, second only to the League Of Legends. Dota is played by millions of people, both casually and professionally. The game features hundreds of heroes to choose from, each with unique skills. The objective is fairly simple – lead your troops to battle and capture your opponent’s base known as ancient. However, it is the versatility and the depths of the game that make it so popular.

The game is played out between two teams of five players each on a huge map, where items like gold are scattered throughout. The gameplay can be intense and gruelling, but when you conquer your enemy, you get ecstatic and want to win more. This need to win and the countless items and characters make this game addictive, and perhaps the best game out there to play for free on Steam.

Availability: Steam

3. Planetside 2

Planetside 2

PlanetSide 2 is a massive game. It has thousands of futuristic tanks, machines, fighter jets, soldiers, everything. The game has it all. It features three continents to choose from, with six classes being the same in all three. The game might be confusing at first, but with a little dive in the menus, everything becomes clear. The objective is simple – destroy the others.

The massive multiplayer game allows you to easily take part in any squad within the chosen faction and then demolish your opponent. The game even allows riding in tanks and jets to attack from the land or sky. The chaotic and intense battles make the game what it is, with no other game comparable to PlanetSide 2’s massive gameplay.

Availability: Steam

4. Path Of Exile

Path of exile

Path of Exile is an Action RPG like Diablo III, but unlike many others of its kind, Path of Exile plays out in a darker atmosphere. The game offers gorgeous graphics, in line with some AAA games, to go with its gameplay. The game is set in a dumping ground for criminals, where you may choose your character from one of the seven prisoners. The game has plenty of quests and a dense amount of loot.

Like other games of its kind, your character has several abilities to aid you in your quest, along with a new way to implement them. You need to match abilities to their corresponding color sockets to use them. The overall grim atmosphere, voice acting, and the loot make this game a must play.

Availability: Steam

5. Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is another well known freemium game. It is a team based shooter with fun visuals and a crisp gameplay. The game, although being a decade old, still fares pretty well, and is a must play in our opinion. The game offers different modes with a simple objective, but the road to that destination is a tough one. Two teams of players are pitted against each other, each donning different characters from the nine playable classes.

The game is a fast-paced, and calls for quick reflexes to fend off the enemy as the whole pace of the battle can shift within seconds, and with each move having a counter move, the game can be quite tense despite the fun costumes and visuals.

Availability: Steam

6. Neverwinter


Neverwinter is an MMORPG with many features which can be found only in paid games. The game takes you through “The Forgotten” realms, where you fend off many creatures, such as the kobolds. The game has some beautiful vistas and an extremely large world, with an extensive story overarching the gameplay. The game’s characters might be not very interesting, but the story compensates for it to some extent. The game is skill-heavy and depends a lot on the in-game store. However, most of the core gameplay can still be played without using a single dime. Players can also create their own quests and scenario, which makes the game stay entertaining.

Availability: Steam

7. Warframe


This game is another famous Steam free to play game. Warframe lets you play as a robot space ninja, and for most, hearing that is enough to play this game but the game is quite entertaining too. Warframe is a third-person co-op game with plenty of abilities at the player’s disposal. Each robot suit gives you special abilities and weapons to use, and kill the aliens. The game shines in its multiplayer mode but also has a storyline; although it may seem repetitive. The main purpose of the game is to kill everything. Pair that with a robotic suit, other players, and a space setting, and you get an amazing time-killer of a game.

Availability: Steam

8. Smite


Smite is a MOBA game with a refreshing twist – the camera is positioned at the back of your character. This new angle might seem insignificant but it turns the old MOBA gameplay style into a whole new playing field. This position makes the game more interesting, as players do not have the top down view, and can not see their opponents’ positions from afar. This makes sneaking up on your enemies more fun and gives new meaning to melee attacks, and ranged shots need to be accurate.

Beyond the new angle, Smite offers pretty much everything you would expect from a MOBA game. The game offers 51 different Gods to choose from, each having a special ability. The game has beautiful models of all the characters, as well as a wide variety of loot.

Availability: Steam

9. WildStar


Wildstar is another MMORPG game, which is now free to play. The game is set on the strange planet Nexus, which is being controlled by a race of aliens. This sets the story for the entire game, as it is a battle of the inhabitants of the planet against the aliens. The game is not something new, though; rather, it is the collection of all the features this genre is known to bring to the table. The game offers eight different classes divided into two factions, which are fighting for the control of Nexus. The game combines elements of sci-fi with the carefree looking visuals that are actually refreshing to look at. The game also offers a fair share of lore and skills which can be obtained by levelling up.

Availability: Steam

10. EVE Online

Eve online

EVE is another MMO game, but this game comes with a lot of ammo. The game has an ironically named server: Tranquility. Ironic, because on this single server, waves of people spy, plan, and blow up things. If you haven’t gotten the idea yet, the game is set in space, where players battle it out with their fleets of space ships. The game is equipped with massive maps and areas. EVE has a knack for large scale things. The solar systems in the game are all connected, with virtually millions of miles of space between them. The game also values strategy over mindless attacks with its command like controls.

Availability: Steam

11. ArcheAge


ArcheAge is a true free to play Steam game. It is an MMORPG with zero micro-transactions or other features, which can be bought to make the game unfair. The game starts off as a typical MMORPG. Each player chooses a character and proceeds to complete quests and level up. However, in this game, the storyline is massive and evolves, as the gameplay proceeds. ArcheAge focuses on many aspects such as fishing, building, farming, and other things, along with the traditional quests.

ArcheAge will engulf you with its beautiful and immersive gameplay, and before you know it you would have spent several hours to make your own buildings, and unlocking every quest in every village. This game is a must play, as it offers the best free experience.

Availability: Steam

12. Atlas Reactor

Atlas Reactor

Atlas Reactor is a team strategy game, which borrows queues from a turn-based system – but with a twist. Instead of the usual turn by turn play, the developers decided that everyone can go at the same time, making for a fast-paced game, which requires a little bit of luck. Each player chooses an action such as firing at a position, ducking, changing position, and once all the players have chosen an action, hell breaks loose, as all the actions are carried out. This way, your old position could be under hell fire while your new one is safe. Or, as you move to a place, you are shot by a predetermined move. This gameplay makes Atlas Reactor extremely fun.

Availability: Steam

13. Dirty Bomb

Dirty Bomb

Dirty Bomb is a fast paced first person shooter. The game is nothing new, in fact, it borrows much from the likes of Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike and other fps games. Having said that, it does not mean this game is not fun. The game focuses on objective based missions, such as planting C4 on targets and transporting armoured vehicles to a specific location in the given time. All of this and much more has to be completed while the enemies are doing whatever they can to stop you.

The game makes the teams switch between defense and attack, and offers a serious competitive mode as well. In the competitive mode, you cannot leave the match. At all. If you were to leave to the desktop, you are banned from the competitive mode. The various modes and the fluidity of the game make Dirty Bomb a fun shooter to play.

Availability: Steam

14. Dead Island: Epidemic

Dead Island Epidemic

Dead Island is a MOBA game, but not the traditional kind. In this game, you use the WASD keys to move, and instead of lanes and creatures, it’s you and your team against the undead. Dead Island consists of many characters with their unique abilities and different play styles. The game also offers various items to help conquer the zombies, and as the game progresses, you get experience and the ability to craft your own weapons, such as a flamethrower. The game is really easy to pick up, but the hack n slash way it plays out makes it extremely fun.

Availability: Steam

15. War Thunder

War Thunder

War Thunder takes you to World War II without the gruelling fast-paced first-person shooter approach. This game is an online war simulator that strikes the perfect balance between an arcade and a military based game. War Thunder offers several different vehicles to choose from, ranging from sky based vehicles to sea based ones. The game requires the players to carefully position their vehicles with a proper strategy to conquer the enemy. And if the scenario is too real for you, the game can also be tuned to be less or more realistic.

Availability: Steam

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The Best Free Games on Steam You Should Play

So, if you are tired of paying a high price for most of your games then it’s definitely time for you to try out some of the above “Free to play” games on Steam. These games are fun and some of them are even totally free. and it never hurts to try a free game, does it? So, try them out and let us know your favorite free Steam game in the comments section below.


  1. A good free game on steam is Doki Doki Literature Club you probably heard of it floating around on the internet but I think it’s a great game