12 Best Google Chrome Themes You Should Use in 2019

15 Best Google Chrome Themes You Should Use

I like Google Chrome because it allows me to do endless customization by changing Chrome settings and using the Chrome Flags. That said, the first thing I change on my Chrome is the default blinding white theme to a dark theme because it literally hurts my eyes. If you are like me who uses Google Chrome extensively then you should consider changing it to something refreshing. Besides dark themes, there are tons of visually pleasing themes available on the Google Web Store. So in this article, we are bringing you the best Google Chrome themes which can make your google Chrome colorful and vibrant.

Best Google Chrome Themes (2020)

Chrome themes are great for changing the overall appearance of the UI, but if you want a more dynamic look, then you should go for New Tab extensions. It lets you customize the appearance with custom toolbars, live wallpapers, etc and brings some cool features to the new tab. With that said, here are some great Google Chrome themes.

1. Themes Published by the Chrome Team

Recently, Google brought lots of native themes to Chrome. The themes are pretty simple and bring a uniform color across the UI. There are a total of 14 themes based on multiple colors and hues. So you have a good range of colors to choose from. Two of my favorite themes are Just Black and Slate. It’s kind of matte black and I love it. If you just want to change the appearance of Chrome with your favorite color, these are great options to begin with. Have a look!


2. Material Incognito Dark Theme

Before Google brought the native themes, Material Incognito Dark Theme was my favorite of the lot. Simply because it has the exact color scheme of Chrome’s incognito window. I like less contrasty blacks and this theme does the job superbly well. Try this theme if you want to have the incognito window experience in the normal window.


3. Beauty

Beauty is well, a beautiful theme which will make you fall in love with nature. The theme sets a vibrant wallpaper on your homepage and it looks stunning. The meadows, green forest and the sun setting in the background are enough to make you crave for pristine nature.


4. Iron Man-Material Design

If you are an Iron Man fan, this theme is what you need on your browser right now. It sets an impressive artwork of Iron Man on the homepage to make your day better. The theme applies a blueish gradient across all the tabs, making the browser look marvel-ous.


5. Sahara

Sahara is an epic theme created by the developer Peter Noordijk. It sets a huge landscape of Sahara desert at night with milky way shining in all its glory. There are also caravans with camels in the background and it looks extraordinary. If you like deserts, you are going to love this theme.


6. Tardis

Tardis is a minimalist theme based on the fictional time machine in the series Doctor Who. It looks very modern and minimal with consistent color spread across tabs and user interface. Unlike other themes, it puts a white bar above the current tab for easy navigation and it’s very helpful. Simply put, if you are a Doctor Who fan, this one is for you mate.


7. Color Fusion

If you like color gradients then Color Fusion is the best theme to get. It applies a beautiful light gradient across the browser and makes it easy to navigate with different hues of color. Unlike other gradient themes, Color Fusion has separate color gradients for bookmark bar, tabs and address bar which make it look distinct and visually appealing.


8. Nordic Forest

Nordic Forest is one of my favorite themes solely because of the vast expanse of forest. The theme sets a beautiful wallpaper filled with pine trees. During stress hours, the sight of nature can make you feel relieved. If you love nature and the never-ending sight of trees, Nordic Forest is the theme to get.


9. Harvest_Paisley

Harvest Paisley is an abstract theme based on the Persian school of design. The theme has muted colors with a pattern of autumn leaves in the background. The tabs are also colored with the same design pattern forming a beautiful arc of the leaf. If you enjoy different forms of visual arts then I would recommend this theme. It’s soothing to look at.


10. Zodiac Animals Theme

Zodiac Animals Theme is a series of themes created by Google which are based on 12 Chinese Zodiac animals. The themes have cute artwork of animals on the homepage, designed by Google Chrome’s motion designer, Hélène Park. Overall, the theme is pretty light in color and has colored tabs for easy navigation. My two favorite themes from the series are Dog and Kittens. You can go through the series and look for the one you like.


11. Horizon Club Sydney

Horizon Club Sydney is an abstract theme based on Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge. It sets an enchanting artwork on the home page which is said to be the reflection of the sun on the water beneath the bridge. Other than the artwork, tabs and address bar are lightly colored resonating with the wallpaper. If you like abstract arts, this theme is highly recommended.


12. Totoro Rainy Day

Totoro Rainy Day is based on a classic scene from My Neighbour Totoro, a Japanese anime movie. The theme has an artwork from the movie which is set on the home page. The theme darkens the UI with various elements from the movie and it looks pretty interesting. If you are a fan of this movie or an anime fanboy in general, you can have a look at this theme.


13. Night Shift

This one has long been one of my favorite Google Chrome themes. What makes Night Shift so handy is the ability to automatically shift the colors of Chrome to the warmer end of the color spectrum after dark, so that your eyes will feel comfortable while viewing content. Thus, you can browse the web comfortably in dark environments, knowing that your eyes have the essential protection against straining. Once you have installed Night Shift, restart Chrome to implement it in all the tabs. Else, this theme will work only with the newly opened tabs.


14. Deadpool Full Screen Theme

For those looking for a theme to give a superhero touch to Google Chrome, “Deadpool Full Screen Theme” appears to be the right way to go. The attractive red appearance with the mighty superhero ready to roll, the theme looks eye-candy. In terms of functionality, it works pretty well giving the home screen a superhuman look. Is there anything missing? Not much but I would have loved to get a bit of customization just to control the theme.


15. Deep Space Theme in Black

There is a lot to like in “Deep Space Theme.” For starters, the theme sports a stunning look that arrests attention right away. The use of dark and gray colors along with glittering stars enhance the whole appearance. As someone who loves beautifully designed dark themes, I’ve found it really impressive. Every time, I take a glance at it, I feel like diving deep into space. If you also have a liking for dark themes, chances are pretty high that it may win you over at the very first glance.


Make Your Chrome Look Stunning with These Google Chrome Themes

We use Chrome every single day so it’s better to customize the appearance with something that we love and prefer. In this list, we have included diverse Chrome themes which will suit the test of most users. Go through the list and apply the themes to see if you like the overall look. I am pretty sure you would love at least one of them. Anyway, if you liked the article or want to tell us your favorite Chrome theme, you can comment down below.


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