Elden Ring: How to Get and Cast Incantations

Elden Ring introduced many new things while re-introducing and improving past features like Incantations. Knowing how to get and use Incantations in Elden Ring unlocks a different yet fun way to play the title. These magic-based skills are acquired throughout various NPCs in the Lands Between. However, getting one requires players to be involved more. Unlike Sorcery, Incantation behaves differently. While veteran Soulsborne players may recognize this as a combination of miracles and pyromancy from Dark Souls, there is a stark difference between them. In this article, we aim to inform players about these magical items and their usage in the world of Elden Ring.

What are Incantations in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, players can perform magic in two ways – using the sorceries obtained and sorcery items like a staff. The latter is through the Incantations, which you can gather throughout your journey and using sacred seals. Like Dark Souls, Incantations acts like supplementary magic, which players can use besides the best weapons in Elden Ring to assist them. Some help in healing the player and the allies in their vicinity, while others deal damage to the enemies.

Unlike magic-based builds, which require intelligence points, incantations exclusively require points in faith, eliminating the necessity of spending points in other stats.

How to Get Incantation in Elden Ring

Before performing Incantations, players need to get them from various points in the game. Usually, players will get them as item pickups throughout Elden Ring or sometimes even as item drops from enemies. Apart from that, there are two ways in which players gather these magical items:

NPC Vendors

The first method of acquiring these magical wonders is through NPC vendors in the game. When players visit the Roundtable Hold for the first time, they meet Brother Corhyn at the roundtable hold room. He sells numerous Incantations, which players can buy and use as they please.

During progression, players will come across other vendors, such as the wise and lovable turtle Miriel at the Church of Vows on Liurnia of the Lakes, the mysterious D, Hunter of the Dead, who players meet on the Stormhill at Limgrave, and later at Roundtable Hold and Gowry, who sits on his chair at Gowry’s Shack, located just outside Sellia, the town of sorcery at Caelid.

Each of these NPCs gives various kinds of Incantation of different categories and status effects:

  • Brother Corhyn gives magic-based assist Incantations which help during boss encounters, such as healing and shields. Players can find prayerbooks as item pickups and give them to him, increasing the purchase options.
  • Miriel hands over Raya Lucaria-based magic incantations, usable to fight with enemies and bosses. Furthermore, Miriel also hands over assist-based incantations, healing players and their nearby allies. Just like Brother Corhyn, Miriel also accepts prayerbooks found throughout the game.
  • D, Hunter of the Dead sells only two offensive-based incantations – the Litany of Proper Death and Order’s Blade. Both of these inflict holy damage on the opponents.
  • Gowry only sells one Incantation – the Pest Threads, which lets you conjure sticky threads that damage enemies. Another one becomes available only after players do certain things.

Quest Completion Rewards

Players can also acquire Incantations in Elden Ring by completing various questlines and side-quests in-game. For example — players can get the “Dragon Communion Incantation,” which is fire-based and inspired by the power of dragons, only after defeating the various dragons scattered throughout the map. Killing the dragons gives Dragonheart, which players exchange at a specific altar for an incantation reward.

Acquiring the Dragon Communion Incantation

Similarly, the Pest Threads offered by Gowry only become available after the players progress the Millicent questline at the Caelid. Another example is Guuranq, Beast Clergyman, who hands over beast-based incantations. Located at the Beastial Sanctum, Gurranq will give these incantations every time player presents a Deathroot to them, obtained after defeating each of the nine side-bosses in the game.

Prerequisites to Cast Incantations in Elden Ring

Much like Sorcery, Incantations also require players to meet established criteria and acquire items to cast them. Naturally, the two most important things players need are the following:

Procuring a Sacred Seal

Procuring a Sacred Seal in Elden Ring
Sacred Seals

In Elden Ring, players perform Incantations through a sacred seal. Like the magic staff required to conduct Sorcery, the seals allow users to perform an equipped Incantation. Players who select the Confessor or Prophet class during character creation will immediately receive the Finger Seal, allowing them to perform Incantation from the start of the game since both are faith-based.

Other players can receive the Finger Seal by purchasing it from the Twin Maiden Husk at the Roundtable hold for 800 runes. Later, Sacred Seals are found either from NPC questline completion or at specific places on the map. Once acquired, players need to equip it in one of the two hands and use it just like they would use a weapon.

Ensuring Enough Points in the Faith Stat

Unlike Sorcery, which uses intelligence to scale and improve, Incantations use faith skill points for players to perform them. They still share the FP bar for players to cast them. Each acquired incantation skill requires players to put a certain amount of points in faith to equip and perform them.

Usually, Confessor and Prophet class starts with the highest points allocated in the faith skill at 14 and 16 points, allowing players to experiment with incantations and decide if they want to keep trying them later in the game.

How to Cast Incantations in Elden Ring

Casting an incantation requires the players to follow a few simple steps, which are as under:

  • First, decide on the Incantation you want to use and check its equipment requirements. To do that, open up the inventory screen and go to the Incantation tab.
  • After that, check the stats by pressing the “Triangle” button on the PS controller, “X” on your Xbox controller, or right-clicking on it. Every Incantation requires a certain faith point, which you determine from here.
  • Once we decide on the Incantation, we want to perform, spawn at one of the sites of graces on the map, and rest on it.
  • Once resting, select the “Memorize Spell” option from the list, and equip the desired one in the slot.
Elden Ring Menu Screen
  • After that, equip a sacred seal in your inventory. To do that, head on to the inventory and select the “Sacred seal” on the hand as a weapon.
Memorizing spells in Elden Ring

Once all these steps are completed and ensured that the Incantation meets the faith requirements, players will be able to cast them at any point.

Is Using Incantation in Elden Ring Beneficial?

The usage of Incantations depends on the player’s needs and how they want to build their character. However, putting some points in faith and using incantations alongside a strength or dexterity-focused build is always beneficial. Some Incantations focus on amplifying players’ defense and even put resistance to status effects. Furthermore, using them also increases options in the game, opening them to unique gameplay experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I require FP to perform Incantations in the game?

Yes. Much like Sorcery in-game, Incantations also uses the FP bar for players to cast them alongside the points put in faith skill. Particular Incantation like the Dragon Communion Incantations also requires few points in the arcane skill apart from FP and faith.

Are Incantation and Sorcery Similar?

While fundamentally, Incantations and Sorcery behave the same way, there are slight variations in how players generally use them. The prominent difference between both is the skills required to perform them. As mentioned previously, Sorcery requires points in the intelligence skill, whereas Incantations require points in faith. Furthermore, Sorcery and Incantation are generally used differently. In most cases, the Sorcery is for pure magic-based builds since the option provided by the game facilitates that. On the other hand, Incantations are used alongside another weapon and mostly revolve around supporting the players.

I Cannot Use the Incantation. What do I do?

Ensure that the Incantation in question is equipped in your spell slot. After that, check if the character has a sacred seal equipped in their inventory. If both do not help, the Incantation in question has specific requirements. Make sure they are fulfilled.

How Many Incantations Can I Equip At a Time?

In the beginning, players can only equip one Incantation in Elden Ring. Later, players can increase the memory slot by traveling to various Rise towers in the game and collecting the Memory Stone. This unlocks more memory slots for players to equip more Incantations. In total, players can equip six Incantations once all the Memory Stones are collected.

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