10 Best Apple Watch 7 Screen Protectors You Can Buy

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you would know that the Apple Watch Series 7 recently arrived with enhanced durability and a larger display. Apple Watch 7’s display is 20% bigger and 70% brighter than its predecessor and offers a much better viewing experience. Even in terms of durability, the touchscreen has vastly improved, thanks to the stronger and more crack-resistant front crystal. However, all of this doesn’t mean that the larger screen has become invincible, or for that matter, doesn’t need any form of protection. So, if you wish to protect your pricey smartwatch against scratches and accidental drops, check out these 10 best Apple Watch 7 screen protectors.

Best Apple Watch 7 Screen Protectors

Thanks to the soft and flexible TPU material, the Apple Watch Series 7 screen guards we have listed below provide top-notch clarity and good touch responsiveness. And with some screen protectors also offering anti-glare technology, they help maintain visibility in the bright outdoors. Speaking of protection from scratches, a few of these screen defenders boast self-healing capability to keep scratches at bay. With that said, let’s take a look at the best screen protectors for your Apple Watch 7:

LK Ultra-Thin Screen Protector
Skinomi TechSkin Apple Watch 7 screen guard
ArmorSuit MilitaryShield
Supershieldz Designed for Apple Watch Series 7
Liwin screen guard
EWUONU Apple Watch 7 Screen Protector
YMHML Protective Screen Guard
SPGUARD Screen Protector for Apple Watch Series 7
Spectre Shield for Apple Watch 7
RinoGear RinoSkin Shield

LK Ultra-Thin Screen Protector [6 Pack]

  • Made of flexible TPU material
  • HD clarity, responsive touch
  • Self-healing technology
  • Less protection from bumps

Featuring an ultra-thin design, the LK screen protector for Apple Watch 7 is designed to deliver HD clarity. Hence, you can trust this screen guard to get the most out of the brighter display of your iWatch. Made of high-quality flexible plastic material, the screen protector is pretty smooth and responsive to the touch.

Aside from offering high clarity and true-touch sensitivity, the LK screen guard is also quite good in terms of resisting scratches. Thanks to self-healing technology, it is equipped to fight out scuffs. Notably, it leaves some space around the borders so that your case can wrap around the edges. Priced at $12.99, the LK screen guard (also available for the 41mm variant) is bubble-free and has neat cutouts for full coverage.  

Skinomi TechSkin Screen Protector [6 Pack]

  • Anti-bubble, durable
  • Military-grade TPU material
  • HD clarity, anti-glare
  • N/A

Designed to be bubble-free, the Skinomi TechSkin is a great screen protector for the Apple Watch 7. What makes it a long-lasting screen guard is the high-quality polyethylene terephthalate and thermoplastic polyurethane construction. Also, it is quite smooth and offers full coverage to the curved display on the Apple Watch Series 7.

Another feature that makes Skinomi’s screen guard stand out is the enhanced protection from scratches. The military-grade TUP material is the key when it comes to absorbing shock and thwarting scratches. As for transparency, it can deliver HD clarity and also prevent glares from affecting the viewing experience. Considering these impressive specs, the $9 price tag for 6-pack makes TechSkin a reasonably good choice.

ArmorSuit Screen Guard [8 Pack]

  • Smooth and flexible material
  • Full coverage on curved corners
  • Anti-glare, durable
  • Could discolor easily

If you are looking for a durable yet low-priced screen guard for your Apple Watch 7, the ArmorSuit MilitaryShield screen guard could be an ideal pick. Made of smooth and flexible material, the screen guard provides high clarity. And with the precise laser-cut dimensions, it provides full coverage on the curved corners of the Apple Watch 7 display.

Moreover, MilitaryShield can also endure shocks and fight scratches with ease, with self-healing technology playing an important role in resisting scuffs. Another feature worth taking note of is the screen guard’s anti-glare properties that enhance visibility in bright areas. Priced at $7 for an 8-pack, MilitaryShield (also available for 41mm Apple Watch 7) also keeps bubbles away, so you can install the screen guard without any issues.

Supershieldz HD Clear Screen Protector [3 Pack]

  • Top-notch HD clarity
  • Responsive to touch
  • Scratch resistant, Bubble-free
  • Can't endure impacts

I think Supershieldz needs no introduction here, does it? For those unfamiliar, it’s a brand well-known for producing top-notch screen protectors. So, you should expect its screen guard to live up to the task even for your Apple Watch 7.

Thanks to the use of high-quality TPU film, the Supershieldz screen protector excels in delivering HD transparency. The neat cutouts help offer the much-needed edge-to-edge coverage for reliable protection from scratches. And with no loss in touch sensitivity, it keeps the multitasking gestures smooth-sailing. Priced at $8, Supershieldz (available for 45mm Apple Watch 7 as well) comes in a three-pack, which puts it in the affordable category.

Liwin Ultra-Thin Screen Guard [6 Pack]

  • self-repairs against scratch
  • Laser-cut dimensions
  • 99% HD clarity, responsive touch
  • No protection from impacts

Liwin screen protector claims to deliver 99% HD clarity. That means it’s fully capable of keeping the original brightness of the Apple Watch 7 intact. Being just 0.1mm thick, it’s also one of the thinnest screen protectors for the iWatch. Thanks to its slim construction and smooth surface, Liwin also provides responsive touch to the users at just $10.

With neat and precise cutouts, the screen guard wraps around the edges of the curved-screen of the Apple Watch 7. Apart from resisting scratches, it also keeps grime and smudges at bay. As a result, it doesn’t lose transparency and smoothness for long. In a nutshell, Liwin has taken care of all the basics to be rated as one of the best Apple Watch 7 screen protectors in the market right now.

EWUONU Apple Watch 7 Screen Protector [8 Pack]

  • Flexible TPU film, self-healing
  • Top-notch 99% HD clarity
  • Pretty thin and smooth
  • Relatively expensive

There are multiple reasons why EWUONU is a strong contender among other Apple Watch 7 screen protectors listed in this article. First and foremost, this screen guard comes with a scratch-resistant surface with self-healing technology. Therefore, resisting even sharp scratches shouldn’t be a big task. 

Second, EWUONU also provides up to 99% transparency, which means you get the desired clarity for an enhanced viewing experience. And with real-touch sensitivity on offer, your taps and scrolls will also feel smooth and responsive. Last but not least, thanks to the laser-cut precision, the EWUONU screen guard also provides full-on coverage to the curved screen of your smartwatch.

YMHML Screen Protector [8 Pack]

  • ultra-thin TPU material
  • 99.99% light transmittance
  • Anti-fingerprint, waterproof
  • Relatively expensive

If uncompromised protection from bumps and scratches is on top of your mind, this screen guard from YMHML can be a strong contender for your Apple Watch 7. Made of military-grade TPU material, it excels in withstanding impact. Thanks to its durable construction, it also works as a trusted shield against scuffs.

Protection aside, how well does the YMHML screen protector fare in terms of clarity? Well, it is reliable when it comes to delivering high-definition transparency to the new bigger display. Even on the sensitivity front, the polyurethane material makes the touch gestures feel responsive. Plus, the screen protector is fingerprint and water-resistant, which is a big plus.

SPGuard LiquidSkin Screen Guard [6Pack]

  • Anti-bubble installation
  • Sweat and scratch resistant
  • Thin and responsive
  • N/A

As someone who prefers a bubble-free screen guard for hassle-free installation, SPGuard LiquidSkin is a notable screen protector for the Apple Watch 7. Made of TPU film, the screen guard is anti-bubble and can repair minor scuffs on its own. As for absorbing shock, the soft film can keep low-volume impacts away.

Beyond protection, LiquidSkin is also good in terms of clarity. Thus, the larger Apple Watch 7 display can continue to look bright and crisp even with this screen protector installed. The flexible material also plays its part in offering the desired sensitivity to keep your interaction with the touchscreen fluid. What’s more, LiquidSkin (also available for 41mm variant) can even fight smudge, sweat, and oil to retain the touch sensitivity for a long time.

Spectre Shield Screen Protector [4 Pack]

  • Provides full-coverage
  • Case-friendly
  • HD transparency
  • Protection not up to the mark

Here comes probably the cheapest ($1.95, 4-pack) Apple Watch Series 7 screen protector in the market right now! However, for all being comparatively cheap, this offering from Spectre checks off most boxes to be a worthy screen guard for the Apple Watch 7. For starters, it is made of flexible TPU material that provides good clarity and touch responsiveness. So, you can trust it to keep the multitasking gestures smooth and fluid.

As for the protection, Spectre Shield (available for 41mm variant Apple Watch 7 as well) is capable of enduring minor shocks and keeping scratches at bay. Not to mention, it is also case-friendly, so you can install any case on your Apple Watch 7.

RinoGear Screen Protector [8 Pack]

  • Edge-to-edge protection
  • HD clarity
  • Case-friendly, precision finish
  • Lack anti-glare feature

Another screen protector that packs a solid punch despite being affordable in comparison to its counterparts is RinoGear. It checks off the boxes for all the essential features to warrant serious attention. RinoGear screen guard is made out of TPU material that empowers it to withstand scratches. That’s not all. You can also bank on it to provide high-definition transparency.

Also, RinoGear’s screen protector (also available for the 41mm variant) sports laser-cut dimensions to fit around the edges of the curved screen. Therefore, it’s able to offer an edge-to-edge safeguard to the Apple Watch 7. It also claims to be shatterproof, which makes it a safe bet against accidental drops and bumps at just $4.

Buy Best Screen Guards for Apple Watch Series 7

That’s pretty much it! Having explored these top Apple Watch 7 screen protectors, I hope you found the right screen defender to protect your Apple Watch 7’s display. Both in terms of protection and offering enhanced responsiveness, these screen guards are up to the mark. Moreover, you can also count them to deliver HD clarity, so you can get the most out of the brighter display. With that said, which one of these screen guards do you plan to buy to safeguard your Apple Watch 7? Do let us know your preferred selection in the comments below. Besides, if you are yet to pick a matching band for your new smartwatch, head over to our roundup of the best Apple Watch 7 bands right here.

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