BBC Releases 16,000+ Sound Samples From Archives For Personal, Educational Use

BBC Releases 16,000+ Sound Samples for Free Download

BBC has played a crucial role when it comes to distributing music and creating trends for the audience to follow. Now, to help home-studio artists and backyard DJs, BBC has released a huge library of more than 16,000 sound effects and tracks, which are now available for free download.

The released tracks include sound samples, including forgotten or obscure ones, starting from as early as the 1920s. The archive contains the sound samples licensed or recorded by BBC for its radio and early TV shows. You will able to spot tracks like “14 month old baby boy, drinking, saying some words“, “South American parrot talking and screeching“, “1966 F.A. Cup Final, half-time whistle“, and the like.

BBC Releases 16,000+ Sound Samples From Archives For Personal, Educational Use

BBC has even made searching the tracks easy by adding relevant tags and adding a search option. These sounds are available under RemArc license, which means can be used for “personal, educational or research purposes. Please note that you should avoid using these samples for commercial purposes like creating jingles, tracks, or advertisements. You can also filter tracks by length, sort them alphabetically, and even preview samples before downloading them.

These tracks are available for free and will benefit all enthusiasts and artists looking to create tracks just for fun, or sharing them with your friends, or even using for purposes like a college presentation. These samples can be downloaded in WAV format and vary widely in terms of length. Moreover, the range of sources and applications that these can be used for is very fascinating.

The diversity of this library has almost compelled me that someone, somewhere is already using these to assemble great traps, electronic tracks using these sound samples. You can access the massive BBC library by visiting this page.

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