Battlefield 2042’s Massive Patch Brings over 150 Bug Fixes, Gameplay Improvements

Battlefield 2042 Receives over 150 Bug Fixes, Gameplay Improvements with the Latest Update

After becoming one of the worst-rated games on Steam, EA and DICE Studio’s FPS game Battlefield 2042 receives a major update today. As the title, which competes with the big names like Call of Duty and Halo: Infinite, went to the top 100 worst-rated Steam games of all time, it is only fitting that EA rushed to fix complaints with the game. So, with the latest update, Battlefield 2042 should become more refined and much smoother for the players as it has fixed over 150 bugs in the game.

EA recently announced the third update for Battlefield 2042, which rolled out earlier on Thursday, with an official post. In the post, the company wrote that it has addressed several bugs and in-game issues that were observed in the game since November 12. So, the latest update should fix most issues of the title to deliver a much smoother experience to the players.

Now, starting with the changes, EA mentions that it has added Weekly Missions in the game to help players earn XPs and unique cosmetic rewards. The company also highlighted that it has made over 150 individual fixes, small changes, and improvements in the gameplay, fixed various collision issues, visual glitching, and spawning issues.

Furthermore, the update also includes fixes for audio, rendering, and interaction improvements along with fixes for weapons, vehicles, and Specialists in Battlefield 2042. EA has also included IFF (Identify Friend or Foe) marker improvements in the patch to help players better identify teammates and enemies during intense fights more easily. Moreover, the Collection screen menus received several improvements to help players customize their inventory with lesser clicks.

Other than these, there are various visual improvements in the UI of the game. Players will experience increased visibility, reduced clutter throughout game menus. Plus, they will experience more reliable matchmaking, especially in cross-platform matches. So, after this update, Battlefield 2042 should deliver a less-frustrating gameplay experience to players.

EA says that players should expect another small update, focused on balance changes and general bug fixes, in early December. You can check also check out this page to know about the known issues that still exist in Battlefield 2042.

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