Asus Announces ROG Strix XG16 Portable Gaming Monitor

Asus Announces ROG Strix XG16 Portable Gaming Monitor

Asus Announces ROG Strix XG16 Portable Gaming Monitor

Alongside ROG Phone 3, Asus has introduced its new ROG Strix XG16 portable gaming monitor. The company pitches the monitor as a companion for all your mobile gaming needs.

The ROG Strix XG16 monitor features a 15.6-inch 1080p IPS panel. Just like the ROG Phone 3, the Strix XG16 monitor flaunts 144Hz refresh rate support and hence, you won’t be missing out any details with this one. Moreover, the monitor also supports Adaptive-Sync.

Keeping portability in mind, Asus has added a kickstand to the monitor. It supports multiple angles of adjustments in both portrait and landscape modes. You may also use opt for a traditional setup with Asus’ ROG Tripod stand.

Sound quality is an integral part of gaming and Asus knows it. The company has packed in a pair of front-firing speakers for an immersive experience. Also, there’s a headphone jack with an embedded ESS DAC for all your wired gaming sessions.

As far as ports are concerned, you get a micro-HDMI port, one USB-C port that powers the monitor, and another USB-C port for letting you connect your smartphone or handheld game consoles like Nintendo Switch.

To make sure that gaming sessions don’t get interrupted, Asus has equipped a 7800mAh battery to the monitor. According to the company, the battery is capable of powering the monitor for up to three hours.

Asus points out that the monitor will supply power to your smartphone when you connect it with a USB-C cable so that it doesn’t run out of juice while you’re playing games. You can even make use of the USB-C port to charge your phone from the monitor if you’ve connected the device through the micro-HDMI port.

The company has not revealed the exact pricing of the ROG Strix XG16 monitor yet. It will be available to buy in December this year.

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