Armadillo and Wolf Armor Now Live in Latest Minecraft Bedrock Preview

Armadillo mobs, wolves with wolf armor and scutes and wolf armor in item frames in the latest Minecraft Bedrock Preview
In Short
  • Armadillo is a mob that spawns in savanna biomes. It curls in a ball if it feels threatened.
  • Armadillo can sometimes drop scutes which you can use to make wolf armor in Minecraft Bedrock Preview
  • To equip the wolf armor on your dog, you can right-click it and to take off the armor you need to use shears.

Finally, after all the waiting since the announcement of the Mob Vote 2023 winner, we can play around with the adorable armadillo mob in the new Minecraft Bedrock Preview This preview not only brings this mob but also the scutes it drops, which you can use to craft the epic wolf armor. So, without further ado, let’s explore them together.

Meet the Armadillo Mob in the Game

Armadillo is a cute passive mob that spawns in the Savanna Minecraft biome. Also, they seem to be kind of rare as well. Armadillo is fairly sensitive to noises and will curl in a ball if it feels threatened by certain mobs, like undead mobs or fast-moving players.

By using a brush on this mob, you’ll get armadillo scutes. Yeah, so no armadillo killing is necessary. Moreover, they drop these scutes periodically. These items are used to make the wolf armor we’ll be covering a bit later.

Armadillo and baby armadillo next to armadillo scute items and spider eyes

This action also uses a ton of durability of the brush, but for now, it seems like there is no cooldown. The favorite food of armadillos in this Minecraft Bedrock Preview is, believe it or not, spider eyes! This food will be used to breed armadillos and multiply them.

Wolf Armor Can be Crafted in Minecraft

Wolf armor is the new armor item that you can equip on tamed wolves. It can be crafted from scutes you will get from the armadillo mob. You’ll need six of these scutes and a crafting table or crafter. Place the scutes in the configuration shown in the image below and you’ll make wolf armor.

Crafting recipe for wolf armor in the latest Minecraft Bedrock Preview

To equip this armor on your dog, you will need to walk up to it and right-click it with the wolf armor selected. Keep in mind that you need to be the owner of the dog to place armor on it. This armor is supposed to be as strong as diamond horse armor and can even protect your dogs from creeper explosions.

Wolves wearing wolf armor

To take the armor off your wolf, you’ll need to right-click it with shears. The wolf armor also has no durability, so it can (possibly) last forever.

So, that’s about it for the armadillo and wolf armor in the latest Minecraft Bedrock Preview. These features are still early in development and we expect lots of color options for the wolf armor in the upcoming Previews. What about you? What would your suggestions be for these features? Tell us in the comments below!

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