Apple Working on New HomePods and a Possible Smart Display: Report

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Back in June, we got information on Apple’s plans to launch a new HomePod next year, courtesy of Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. New details on this have now emerged, again, thanks to Gurman, who now hints at more smart home devices. Here are the details.

New Apple Smart Home Devices Expected

Gurman has released a new Power On newsletter and we have now learned that Apple is planning both a new HomePod and a HomePod mini model. Although, the standard HomePod has better chances of getting launched, possibly next year.

The new HomePod, codenamed “B620” is expected to be powered by the S8 chip, which may also be seen on the upcoming Watch Series 8. While design and audio performance will be akin to the now-discontinued HomePod, there can be improvements in the display section (a multi-touch functionality is expected), along with more feature additions.

As for the purported HomePod mini, we can expect some performance improvements but nothing is clear at the moment.

Gurman also believes that Apple could launch two new smart home devices. One could be a kitchen device, which is said to combine an iPad and a speaker, throwing light at the posiility of a smart display to take on Amazon’s Echo devices and Google’s Nest displays. The other one is meant for the living room, bringing in the functionalities of an Apple TV, camera, and HomePod. Although, it remains to be seen what this turns out to be.

One of these two is expected to launch either next year of early 2024. Although, there are chances that not all of the aforementioned products will see the light of the day. Since the details aren’t concrete, we will have to wait for more information to get a better idea of Apple’s plans. Whenever this happens, we won’t forget to tell you. So, stay tuned and do tell us how would you like new Apple smart home devices in the comments below.

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  • Dave Xubbs says:

    I would love for Apple to come out with a home music speaker system that works. I used to use my Bose Sound Dock with my iPod It worked great. Then I changed over to HomePods in the family room and HomePod mini’s throughout the rest of the house. Since them, I have spent too much time trying to get it to work seamlessly all the time. Sometimes a speaker drops out. Some time they could not connect to the WiFi. I just put in a new refi and am trying to get the system to work again. Oh well, I’ll have it up an running in two to three days I hope. I’m old enough to remember when you bought Apple product because you didn’t want to be a programmer.

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