Apple Planning to Make Spotlight Search Powerful Using AI: Report

In Short
  • Bloomberg reports that Apple is considering powering Spotlight Search with LLMs.
  • Using AI, Spotlight Search will be able to access features from third-party apps.
  • Xcode is also expected to get Copilot-like features to help coders.

New day, a new report on Apple’s AI development. It is known by now that Apple is working hard to turn the AI knob and the next iteration of iOS could be the biggest upgrade in the history of Apple, all thanks to artificial intelligence. Now, the latest report has detailed how Spotlight Search on iPhones will get a major revamp with the introduction of AI features.

Bloomberg reports that Apple is considering the idea of integrating large language models in the Spotlight Search. The fusion of AI will help make the search more powerful and users will be able to perform complex tasks using Spotlight Search.

iPhone Spotlight AI features
Image Courtesy: Beebom

According to the report, Spotlight Search could tie in with third-party apps and allow users to access features within the apps. Powered by LLM, Spotlight Search could turn out to be a ChatGPT-like tool and answer questions.

“The new version would be able to toggle between specific features within apps and answer complex questions based on data trained from large language models. LLMs, the technology that powers AI tools, is developed by bombarding software with a torrent of data.” – Bloomberg

Currently, Spotlight Search can search on the web and launch apps. The idea of Spotlight Search that could help users toggle between different features of third-party apps looks like an interesting prospect. Imagine using Spotlight Search to ask your iPhone to summarize an article on the internet.

Additionally, it is also believed that Apple has plans to bring Microsoft’s Copilot-like features to Xcode. This will help developers in coding and testing. Apple’s AI push seems aggressive and we’re in for a treat.

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