Early Apple M4 Geekbench Scores Show Unprecedented Performance Gains

apple m4 chipset geekbench
Image Courtesy: Apple
In Short
  • The leaked Geekbench scores of Apple M4 reveal that its CPU is unbelievably powerful.
  • The M4 runs at 4.4GHz and outranks competitors like Snapdragon X Elite, and x86 chips from Intel and AMD.
  • The new Apple M4 chipset is fabricated on TSMC's 2nd-gen 3nm process node (N3E).

Apple introduced the M4 chipset just recently with the OLED iPad Pro, and said the new chip is “outrageously powerful“. And that seems to be true. Early Geekbench scores of Apple M4 has just surfaced and it seems Apple has really crushed the competition. In the Geekbench single-core test, the Apple M4 scored a massive 3,810 points, breaking all records.

apple m4 geekbench score
Image Courtesy: Geekbench

In the Geekbench multi-core test with 10 CPU cores (4 performance + 6 efficiency cores), the Apple M4 scored 14,541 points. Apple has managed to achieve this monumental score by running the M4 chipset at a mighty 4.4GHz frequency. Do not forget that Apple M4 is running on a thin iPad Pro (2024) in a fanless form-factor. It means that its efficiency figure is off the charts.

It must be noted that Apple moved to TSMC’s 2nd-gen 3nm process node (N3E) with the M4 family. Apple M3 was developed on TSMC’s 1st-gen 3nm process node (N3B) which had a low yield, as is the case with a new process node. However, the N3E process node has drastically improved the yield, enhancing the performance while drawing less power.

apple m4 geekbench score single-core and multi-core
Image Courtesy: Geekbench

With this score, the base Apple M4 beats the M3 Pro (11-core CPU) handily. And with respect to the Snapdragon X Elite, the M4 chipset is 37% faster than the X Elite in single-core performance. In multi-core performance, the 10-core M4 performs better than the 12-core X Elite despite Apple packing half of the performance cores (4P vs 8P).

Overall, the Apple M4 has become the fastest and most power-efficient consumer chipset, outranking Qualcomm and x86 players like Intel and AMD with a huge margin. In terms of performance-per-watt, there is nothing that comes close to Apple M4, not even the upcoming Oryon-based PC chipset by Qualcomm.

VIA Geekbench
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