Apple AirPower alternatives

AirPower Reimagined? Apple Might Soon Make its Multi-Device Charger A Reality

Apple AirPower alternatives

Even though Apple scrapped AirPower, its multi-device charging mat without even launching it in the market, it seems like it still intends to launch one in the near future. While we have heard similar rumors in the past, the latest information appears different. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman today suggests that the company is still working on the launch of a charger and this might not be like your regular inductive wireless charging solutions.

Apple’s Dead AirPower Might Be Revived Soon

As part of Gurman’s latest iteration of the Power On newsletter, there’s mention of a new multi-device charger, which will be different from the current MagSafe Duo charging solution. For those who don’t know, MagSafe Duo includes 2 separated chargers hitched together to charge two Apple devices (iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods) together. The future device might be more like AirPower, allowing you to charge three devices together.

But, how will it be different from the now-dead AirPower? Gurman suggests that the device will use wireless technology that won’t require the device to be close to each other. It is expected to work in both short and long distances. This would be unlike the current Qi or MagSafe wireless charging solutions.

One thing worth noting is that smartphone makers such as Oppo and Xiaomi recently introduced their Air wireless charging solutions that don’t require the devices to be specifically placed on the charging pads to juice up.

In addition to this, Apple plans to introduce a reverse wireless charging system, which will let major Apple devices charge each other. For instance, the iPhone would be able to charge an Apple Watch, or the AirPods or an iPad will be able to charge an iPhone. Again, this is something we have seen before. Samsung’s reverse wireless charging feature on the current-gen Galaxy S21 series allows the phone to charge the Galaxy Buds and even the Galaxy Watch.

To recall, Apple was rumored to introduce its wireless charging mat back in June too. Moreover, it also filed a patent for its reverse wireless charging technology, which will allow a MacBook to charge multiple Apple devices at the same time.

That said, we are not sure if Apple is really serious about the aforementioned plans, and if it is, a launch timeline isn’t known. We will keep you posted as and when we get more details, so stay tuned for more information.

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