This App Enables Double Tap to Wake the Ambient Display on OnePlus Phones

This App Lets You Double Tap to Wake the Ambient Display on OnePlus Phones

Coming from a smartphone that had a dedicated notification LED, I found the functionality of OnePlus’ Ambient Display on my 7T quite limited. Well, enter AOD DoubleTap Mod, an app that offers some extra features to use your OnePlus phone’s Ambient Display to the fullest.

The app comes packed with two features – double tap on the ambient display to gain access to the lock screen and notification reminders. The best part, the app does not require root access to make this possible and relies on accessibility settings.

AOD DoubleTap Mod fixed one of the major annoyances I had with my OnePlus 7T. By default, OnePlus does not allow you to dismiss the Ambient Display and enter the lock screen. It simply doesn’t respond to taps or double taps and users were forced to press the power button to access the lock screen. With AOD DoubleTap Mod, I was able to go to the lock screen with a double-tap from the Ambient Display.

Thanks to the notification reminders functionality, you can set time intervals to get reminded of your pending notifications. You can finetune this feature by choosing categories of notifications you would like to be reminded of.

As I said earlier, the app requires accessibility permissions and notification access to enable these features. You will be prompted to grant the aforesaid permissions once you install and open the app. If you’re interested to know how the app works behind the scenes, you may check the source code of the app from here.

The developer mentions that the app should work on every OnePlus device that got launched after the OnePlus 6. I personally tested the app on OnePlus 7T and it works flawlessly. It could also work on other phones with AMOLED screens.

Check out the app from the link below and let us know if it works on your smartphone in the comments.

Download Oxygen AOD Mod

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