This Instagram Filter Will Turn You Into Apex’s New Legend

Revenent feat.

After Apex Legends launched back on February 4th 2019, it went on to gain above 70 million players in just a year. With each passing Battle Pass seasons, the game has launched new legends (characters). The fourth season of Apex Legends, named “Assimilation” just dropped a few days ago and with this season, the developers introduced Revenant, the new legend for the season.

Adopting a new promotional strategy, Respawn added a new face filter on Instagram that will turn you into their new legend – Revenant. The filter works like all the other face filters on Instagram’s story feature. You just have to select the filter and place a face in front of the camera. Move your face closer to the camera and watch the video animate automatically with Revenant’s eyes glaring red and the scary voice effect. The voice effect includes the Legend’s dialogues from the game. As you move the camera closer to the face, you can hear dialogues like “I am the master, the master of death” or “Look into my eyes, you will remember these”.

How to Add The Filter To Your Library

You can add the filter to your filter library on Instagram by following these steps below:

  • Just go to the search tab of Instagram and type “playapex“.
  • In their account, just slide right two times to access the “face filter” tab.
  • Here you can find only one video of the legend. Tap to open the video and you will get the options: “Try it” and “add to camera”.
  • Just tap the “add to camera” button to add it to your list.

Now, whenever you slide left from your home to record a story you will find the filter right in your effects library.

The promotional strategy of Respawn has developed with each passing season. First, they drop hints inside the game for players to decode. Then they make some awesome videos showcasing the new weapon and legend skins, map changes and in-game cosmetic items. All their characters have backstories which they present in the form of animated videos. So when they finally arrive in the game, players can relate to the legends more.

So go on and try out the “Revenant” filter on Instagram and make some cool stories to share. Also, let us know down in the comments about your thoughts on the filter.

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