An Unprecedented Journey Inside BitTorrent HQ

Since the release of first version of BitTorrent in July 2001, it’s been the fastest and most used peer to peer file sharing medium all over the world.

Before taking you on the Journey, here are some facts about BitTorrent that will blow your mind,

  • Approximately half of the Internet traffic comes from Torrents.
  • At any instant, BitTorrent has more active users than Facebook and YouTube combined.

Most people think that BitTorrent is illegal and it is best known for piracy only but it is not true.

  • Many music companies, broadcasters and educational universities use BitTorrent for legal distribution purposes.
  • Facebook & Twitter use BitTorrent to distribute updates to their servers.
  • Even Government of UK once used BitTorrent to distribute details about how the tax money of the citizens of the country was spent.

For the people who have misconceptions about the legality of the company BitTorrent, here’s a small documentary revealing the work ethics of the company, featuring the creator of this service  Bram Cohen, CEO Eric Klinker and VP of Marketing Matt Mason inside BitTorrent HQ.

The credit for this video goes to, A Total Disruption.

Here’s the video, enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed the post.

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