This is How Facebook Should Look [Design Concept]

When you have more than 1 billion users using your service, It is never easy to please everyone with the design changes and this is why, when Facebook Timeline was launched, noticeable percentage of people showed the hatred against it, but with time everyone settled and got used to it.

The darn truth about Facebook changes is that , first you hate them and with time you get used to them. Funny, isn’t it?

Today’s post is about an amazing re-design concept of Facebook, created by Art director and designer from Australia, Fred Nerby Who is not a part of team Facebook.

His concept behind this amazing design project,

A conceptional and systematic design approach for a new responsive desktop and iPad concept for Facebook. I’ve wanted to create a better understanding and relation between user and content and how such data can be displayed.

Here are the pics and video depicting the new design,

Facebook new design concept 1

Here’s the video, Watch it!

Facebook Prototype – Conceptional Approach from Fred Nerby on Vimeo.

After going through the pictures and video, the first thought came in my mind was, This is how Facebook should look.

There is so much of creativity, hard work and understanding of how people would like to use Facebook, involved in this project.  I hope, Facebook team notice it and try to incorporate some of the suggestions made in this new concept.

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