Airtel Announces new missed call alert feature

Airtel Announces New Smart Missed Call Alert in India; Here’s How It Will Work!

Airtel Announces new missed call alert feature

Airtel has announced a new feature for its customers that will allow them to check whether they missed a call from someone when their device is turned off or they are out of network coverage area. While Jio already offers a similar feature and sends SMS alerts for missed calls, Airtel’s Smart Missed Call feature works in a different way. Check out the details below to know more about it!

Airtel Smart Missed Call Alert Feature Announced

Airtel’s Smart Missed Call Alert feature is for all its customers, be it prepaid or postpaid, who have an active voice-calling plan. Unlike Jio’s system, Airtel’s feature works via its Airtel Thanks app on iOS and Android.

The feature shows a list of calls that a user has missed when their device was turned off or when they were out of the network coverage area for a brief period of time. Furthermore, the service will be available to every Airtel customer with an active voice plan at no additional cost. It will also apply to national and international roaming plans.

So, if you are an Airtel customer, you can go to the Airtel Thanks app and enable the “Smart Missed Call Alerts” feature from the “Curated by You” tab. Once enabled, you can go to the Airtel Thanks app to check your missed calls.


  1. Absurd feature this. A simple text message saying s a better option anyday, why complicate features.

  2. Vi offers the sms alert service too, but at a cost to the customer
    Any idea if they’ll be making it free?

    Also, airtel does offer the sms alert for missed calls already, not sure why that is being changed

  3. I believe airtel should concentrate on giving good signals to its customers where we get at least 30Mbps DL & 5Mbps UL. Blore, The so called fastest network gives me 3Mbps DL & 1Mbps sometimes 0.63Mbps UL on 4G+ which is a 2G speed. The phone I use has SD845 chipset which is pretty good. In Davangere I got 79Mbps DL & 46Mbps UL on same mobile & the battery also lasts very long compared to bring in blore. It was supposed to be the other way round.

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