Telegram Group Admins Can Now Control How Often Members Can Message on Groups

telegram slowmode

Popular instant messaging app Telegram has no plans of slowing down when it comes to adding new features. The app recently added animated stickers which got some great feedback. Now, Telegram has brought a new features that lets group admins control how often members can send messages on Telegram groups.

Starting from version 5.10, Telegram will let group admins set a time duration for group members. The group members will have to wait until the timer runs out to send another message in the group. As of now, Telegram offers six time durations – 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, and 1 hour.

telegram slow mode

The timer will be visible on the chat screen as you can see on the image below. Telegram suggests admins to keep slow mode turned on permanently and toggle the timer as necessary. This feature can efficiently control disputes or unwanted arguments in group chats.

Telegram Group Admins Can Now Control How Often Members Can Message on Groups

As an attempt to control rapid notifications, Telegram has also added a new feature that it calls “silent notifications” that sends messages without making a sound on the recipient’s end. This is a boon for people who prefer not to permanently mute their groups since a lot of essential messages could get missed. Also, nobody wants to get disturbed in sleep, right?

The update also adds a lot of other features like setting custom titles for admins, thumbnail previews for videos, a timestamp for videos, option to send images and videos without compression straight from media selection area and animated emojis (why not).

With all these new features, it is evident that Telegram alternatives will have a hard time catching up. So, what do you think of Telegram’s new update? Tell us in the comments.

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