5G Speeds in India Reach 500Mbps on 5G Test Networks: Ookla

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India officially got 5G at this year’s IMC event on October 1, following which Jio and Airtel announced the rollout of their 5G services. A recent Speedtest Intelligence report by Ookla gives an insight into the early 5G speed performance, which reached 500Mbps. Here are the details to know.

5G Expected to Be Much Faster than 4G LTE

Ookla’s latest report considers the 5G download speeds before the official launch of 5G on October 1. The 5G download speeds reached 500Mbps and ranged from low double-digit (16.27Mbps) to 809.94Mbps.

It is said that the telecom operators are still gauging their networks and speeds are expected to become more stable. 5G is expected to be much faster than 4G LTE. The report says that this can happen easily under conditions like no network congestion and ideal network coverage. Although, reaching a conclusion right now isn’t the best idea.

Jio was able to achieve a median download speed of around 600Mbps (598.58Mbps) in June 2022 in Delhi, while Airtel reached a median download speed of 197.98Mbps. In Kolkata, the median speed for Airtel was 33.83Mbps and for Jio went up to 482.02Mbps. Mumbai saw a speed of 515.38Mbps (Jio) and 271.07Mbps (Airtel). While Jio led the speed test in three cities, its speed matched that of Airtel in Varanasi; Airtel achieved a median speed of 516.57Mbps and Jio got 485.22Mbps.

Image: Ookla

The report also talks about the 5G readiness amongst users in India. Around 89% of people in India are ready to upgrade to 5G. Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme, and more are top smartphone makers in the market but iPhones are said to be more 5G capable with the iPhone 12 being the most popular 5G device in India.

Additionally, Hyderabad saw significant growth in terms of 5G-capable devices. So, what are your thoughts on 5G in India? Do you think it will prove to be a major upgrade over 4G? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned for more such updates on 5G in India.

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