16 Tips and Tricks for Android Jellybean

16 Tips and Tricks for Android Jellybean 2013

Google has refined its android user interface a lot in the past couple of years making it a more capable operating system for phones and tablets. Many new features are added with each update and users have appreciated a lot. Now android jellybean is spreading across the android platform with each day, more and more devices are being launched with android jellybean 4.1 or more, there are a few tricks that are very useful and enhance the over all user experience and usability in android devices.

Here are 16 tips and tricks for android devices running  jellybean.

1.  Access Google Now quickly

Quick way to access Google Now  is by long pressing home button. Google now offers Siri like features in android and users can quickly access the whole web and selected applications along with some cards like birthday or flights.

Access Google Now quickly

2.  Boot in Safe Mode

If you want to disable 3rd party apps after boot then you can boot android in safe mode just by pressing  power button, and then long pressing the power off option from the dialog.

 Boot in Safe Mode

3.  Offline Text to Speech and Voice Recognition

You can download offline speech data by going to settings-> language and keyboard-> Google voice typing->download offline speech recognition. This will allow you to use Google Now and dictate long messages just with the voice even without data connection.

Offline Text to Speech and Voice Recognition

4.  Expand Notifications and Swipe

You can now expand notifications by just sliding down notification by two finger to peek that notification or reply to message, call or share.  Swiping the notification will close that notification.

Expand Notifications and Swipe

5.  Quick Access to Rotation Lock and Settings from Notifications

Now, notification or the status bar has settings and rotation lock in stock android jellybean which can be used to access settings and set screen rotation lock

Quick Access to Rotation Lock and Settings from Notifications

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6.  Re-Sizing the Widgets

Jellybean allows users to re-size widgets just by long pressing the widget and then using the rectangle to set the widget size.

Re-Sizing the Widgets

7.  Flying the Home Screen Apps

Now, the app can be removed from home screen using finger to flying it up.

Fling the Home Screen Apps

8.  No lock Screen

Some users would prefer to unlock the device quickly just by pressing the power button  without going through any lock screen. This can be done by selecting none in lock screen option under security in settings.

No lock Screen

9.  Disable/Enable Notification for Specific App

User can disable the notifications by a particular app by going to apps in settings and Un-checking the show notification in app information.

Disable/Enable Notification for Specific App

10.  Quickly Adjust Volume and Settings for that

User can adjust volume quickly by just sliding seek-bar shown on screen when volume up and down are pressed in stock android.

Quickly Adjust Volume and Settings for that

11.  Blink to Unlock

Now, face unlock has become intelligent to identify between photo and real person by just enabling the blink feature under settings.

Blink to Unlock

12.  Multiple Faces for Face Unlock

You can improve face unlock just by using improved feature under lock screens in security tab. It will improve face matching.

Improve face unlock

13.  Developer Options for More Customization

You can customize the window animation delays from the developer options to make your android look more fluid. You can force GPU to deliver more by enabling force GPU option. You can put limit on background processes using developer options.

Developer Options for More Customization

14.  Browser Tweaks

  • Long pressing the image in browser  and selecting set wallpaper allows you to set it as wallpaper.
  • You can enable invert rendering option if you like using device for surfing in dark to save power and protect eye strain by going to options and then accessibility, enable invert rendering.
  • You can enable quick thumb controls by enabling it from the options ->labs.

Browser Tweakstweak

15.  Access Notification bar from Lock Screen

This works in stock android, press power button and pull notification bar to access notifications.

16.  Take Screenshots

In stock and other android devices press the volume down key and power button simultaneously to take screenshot even able to take snap of the lock screen.

Also screenshot can be taken in some devices like HTC by just pressing power and home key together but that doesn’t work for lock screen.

Take Screenshots

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