Zomato Will Soon Start Delivering Food in Just 10 Minutes; Find out All the Details Here!

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If you have recently been acquainted with Blinkit’s (formerly, Grofers) 10-minute instant grocery delivery concept, you know how easy and addictive it can get. Trying to bring this concept to the food delivery sector, Zomato (who by the way, is also in the final stages of acquiring Blinkit), has come up with Zomato Instant to deliver food in just 10 minutes in India. This comes after the company tested a 10-minute delivery system previously, but couldn’t get it out the door. Let’s see what Zomato Instant is all about.

Zomato Instant for 10-Minute Food Delivery Announced

Zomato’s Chief Executive Deepinder Goyal announced that Zomato Instant will be live as a pilot from next month to deliver “hot and fresh” food in just 10 minutes. And this is a first for any food delivery service across the world. The service will be piloted in Gurugram and is expected to reach other places in India soon.

The announcement tweet deems Zomato’s 30-minute delivery time slow and aims to fasten the process. To achieve this, Zomato will deploy cloud kitchens in high-demand places that will consist of best-selling food items. The concept will be based on three As and a Q (AAAQ), which are affordability, accessibility, assortment, and quality.

It is said to be of utmost quality while being affordable for users. As for the delivery partners, they won’t know of the 10-minute limit, and hence, won’t be penalized if they fail to deliver the items under the limited time period.

While this sounds like an intriguing concept, it does raise many questions and has ended up attracting criticism. People have pointed out this model isn’t needed for food and how it can severely impact delivery people negatively.

As a reply to this, Goyal came up with another tweet, clarifying a few details. It is revealed that Zomato Instant will only involve the items than can be easily sent out for delivery in 2 minutes, and yes, it includes everyone’s favorite Maggi! Moreover, it will be for nearby locations and delivery partners will be educated about road safety so that no harm is caused.

And those worried about the Zomato luring delivery partners with incentives and the no-penalty rule, the company will neither get any incentive for timely deliveries nor will have to pay if they fail to do so. You can have a look at Goyal’s tweet for better clarity:

So, maybe this food delivery system isn’t as bad as it might sound. But, we can’t comment on how feasible this model is until we are able to test it out. Additionally, it has to benefit all in order to be successful. Hence, it’s best to wait for it to go live.

While I like short-time grocery delivery, considering those products don’t need preparation, I can easily wait for a half-hour for my food. Do let us know your thoughts on Zomato Instant in the comments below!

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