You can Now Print Your Very Own Elon-Musk Mask

You can Now Print Your Very Own Elon Musk Masks

You can Now Print Your Very Own Elon-Musk Mask

Elon Musk has gotten as close to Tony Stark in popularity as a real person can get. In fact, many people around the world call him the real-life Tony Stark just because of his habits of making absurd ideas a reality. People also go crazy over his little side products whether it be the new Boring company hat or the Boring Flamethrower. Well, if you are also a die-hard fan of Elon Musk, you will find one website extremely interesting.

elon masks

The website which has been aptly named as, allows users to download printable cutouts of Elon Musk’s face. Currently, the masks offer four different expressions including neutral, badass, happy, and meh. You can download all the cutouts for free and the only thing that you will need to turn them into a real mask is a printer.

Sadly, Elon Musk has no involvement in this quirky project. It has been created by two Tesla and SpaceX employees, both of whom assure that the masks definitely work. If you do decide to wear this mask, share your picture on Twitter with hashtag #ElonMask, just like the gentlemen did in the tweet attached above.

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