Xiaomi Warm Cup Can Wirelessly Charge Your Smartphone


Xiaomi has developed a new warm cup that equips a feature no one saw coming – wireless charging. Yes, Xiaomi’s latest warm cup’s coaster can wirelessly charge your smartphone.

The Warm cup maintains a steady temperature of 55 degrees Celsius on liquids you fill it with. The warmup process is being done by the coaster which is responsible for wireless charging too. Xiaomi claims that the wireless heating mechanism is safer than traditional wire-based heating methodologies.

Xiaomi’s Warm cup is made of ceramic and hence, you can expect it to be as durable as other ceramic cups out there in the market. To reduce power usage, the cup automatically enters sleep mode and stops heating if it is left idle for 4 hours.

Speaking of wireless charging, the charging pad supports up to 10W wireless charging and it is compatible with popular smartphone brands that support wireless charging. This could be quite handy for getting a quick boost while you’re enjoying your drink of choice.

As per a recent Gizmochina report, the Chinese smartphone giant has priced the warm cup at 189 Yuan which roughly translates to Rs.1,900. However, it will be interesting to know if Xiaomi has any plans to bring this warm cup to other markets.

Xiaomi is gradually expanding its line of smart home accessories in India. The brand is constantly bringing in newer products for crowdfunding in India, as we saw with the smart bedside lamp. One could expect Xiaomi to launch more of its smart and innovative products in India as well, considering that they are getting usually well received.

So, will you consider buying this warm cup if it launches in India? Let us know in the comments.

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