Xiaomi’s New Video Tells You If Your Mi Earphones Are Original

Xiaomi's New Video Tells You If Your Mi Earphones Are Original
Credits: Mi India

Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi sells a variety of products in India. This popularity and wide catalog of products has unfortunately backfired as people easily fall for counterfeit Xiaomi products, mainly sold offline.

In fact, Police seized about 2000 fake Xiaomi products worth over Rs. 13 lakh in Delhi last year. Taking all these concerns into consideration, Xiaomi took to Twitter to share an awareness video educating customers to identify fake Mi Earphones.

One of the easiest ways to identify a fake Xiaomi earphone is by looking at the headphone jack. If the 3.5mm audio jack of your Xiaomi earphone is steel plated instead of having a copper-plated finish, your earphone is probably fake.

Another major distinguishing aspect is the positioning of hole near the Left and Right indicator on the earphone. The hole lies below the L&R sign on original Xiaomi earphones while it is usually present above the L&R sign on counterfeit ones.

The video also mentions that the color of the product image in the box would look lighter than what you would typically find in original Xiaomi product boxes. You should also note the SKU ID, EAN and the font style on the box of fake Xiaomi earphones.

To be on the safer side, I would recommend you purchase Xiaomi gadgets from the official website, Mi Home, and authorized sellers on Amazon, Flipkart, and Xiaomi partner stores.

In case you’re interested to learn more about identifying counterfeit Xiaomi gadgets, our video on the same linked below would certainly come in handy.

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Featured Image Courtesy: Mi India

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